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Another Wail Joins The Chorus.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Andraina, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. Andraina Andraina Curator

    Hail, Brothers, Sisters, and all you savage upstarts.

    I hear the Farseer's call to the Planet Arkona and I am honored to join the song of war. I am a proud Howling Banshee and my wails will be a comfort to my Brothers and Sisters and a requiem for my enemies.
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  2. Feyaden Feyaden Master

    Welcome Andraina!

    Honor and fortune to your shrine!
  3. Welcome Despicable Eldar. I look forward to meeting you upon the field of battle!
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  4. So kind of you to sing yourself a requiem during Chaos' Eternal victory, there's no reason we can't find beauty in this time of extinction.

    Good on ya, you classy xeno you.
  5. Ignore those who would sway you from your path sister. Welcome to the forums I look forward to fighting along your side and showing these Mon'Keigh the error of their ways.
  6. Arkdawn Arkdawn Curator

    I shall meet you on the field of battle with Bolter and Chainsword in-hand and many enemies of the Emperor at my feet:mad: (Welcome :))

    Welcome to a great Community, If you have questions just ask and we will do are best to help out are find someone that can, I leave you with a info greet :)


    Welcome fellow Crusader!:)

    Glad to have you join the fray!

    I'm sure you will like it here, since the dev team members are hardcore 40k fans!

    Here is some basic info on the game to help you get started so you land on your feet and hit the ground running!

    Here is the F.A.Q. link.
    You can also find it on the right side of the tab bar.
    hope you will have fun here!

    If you would like to read up on the background/lore of Arkhona click on "THE GAME" tab and then click on "Stories" tab (Drop down) to see them, Made by none other then Graham McNeill.

    "Crusaders, War calls.
    Will you answer the call to arms and join the Crusade?"

    Chaos Space Marine 5th sub-Faction vote open to to founders here is the link:

    Factions at war

    For launch (Around 2016) it is planned to have four Factions that can be played and a further one that will be NPC controlled, the Tyranids, used as a balancing mechanic.... Note there are plans in time to have all of the different factions from the Warhammer 40k lore in-game as add-ons later. If you get a founder pack you will be able to vote on the 5th sub-faction sometime.

    Here is a link to the Factions at war on this world.(Click the tabs on the left side to look at the different factions and go to the bottom to see the sub-factions per each one)

    Here is the link for the list of classes.

    Game Type

    Eternal Crusade is going to be a 3rd person view action combat game mmo (With RPG/Shooter elements, call it a hybrid) much like the game Space Marine, but imagine it on a bigger scale.

    There is no normal levelup, no getting to level 90 and having 200k health points while a level one would have's more like the game Space Marine, where a noob level one has the chance to kill a player that has been playing for years.

    There is a skill tree that will let you work on being really good at an aspect of one particular class and, in time, you can max them all out. From what was mentioned so far, you can max one aspect out fast or spread the XP across them all, taking longer to max them out but being somewhat ok at all of them in the mean time. Basically your progression in the skill tree will depend on your own play style.

    Most MMOs need players to spend so much time to stay caught up with all the other players like Levels, gear and so on. If you don't you fall behind and are no longer allowed to sit at the big boy table:( left out of the Dungeons and raids and i'm sure more then a few gamers have felt that left behind feeling:(

    Crusaders playing Eternal Crusade will be able to drop in and play hours or 10-15-30 mins a day if only to drop on the front line for 15-30 mins helping to take a base or hold one or knock out a Underworld (A Eternal Crusade Dungeon). even so, he will still be needed and contributing for his faction and still able to kill the Crusader that has put in hours per day. This should help to bring in new players well after launch knowing that it will be a even fight for all:D And would fit well for those that have limited time.

    The available controllers will be mouse and key board, and Gamepad controller, you can swap easily between the two systems, so that you can use your mouse and keyboard for ranged and a gamepad controller for melee, for example.

    Chain Command / Economy / Objectives

    The faction NPC leaders form the High Command, which will provide the players with different campaign objectives, which should put at least 2 factions against each other in order to achieve a common goal. Some players will be elected to be part of the War Council, where they will be able to issue orders for each squad.

    After watching the livestream "Into the Warp" Ep. 20 at time 38:06 there was some talk about a different system in the works! We will update this as soon as we get a better idea of the new system so we can better inform you.

    (This was the last idea on the in-game currency!)
    use faction RPs (Resource points that have been gathered by the controlled bases and/or a modifier where a faction/guild/chapter will get so much RPs per active member per-hour) to call in orbital strikes, air strikes and other supports to aid their faction or gift FRPs to players in an area, so they can get a tank to fight off a large attack by another faction.
    As soon as campaign missions are accomplished, the High command will choose new objectives, with the previous campaigns affecting the current war effort.

    Note the players will get RPs for killing other players, vehicles, taking bases, killing enemy NPCs like the Tyranids and completing factions/War Council objectives. those RPs are owned by the players, the War Council will not be able to take a player's RPs.

    Eternal Crusade's PvP and PvE

    The planned PvP content will have players from the four Factions fighting it out for control of the planet, capturing bases to expand their faction's control (Think Planetside 2).
    the control of most territory won't be the only objective, as each faction will have its own unique goals to achieve.
    Each base is supposed to provide the faction that controls it with different bonus and in-game RPs (Resource points) for the faction's leaders to use in dire times (Give these resources to players so they can get tanks/hero's/elites to fight off a large enemy attack). there is also a discussion about supply line mechanics that might be in-game so if the bases in the rear get taken, the front line gets cut off from resupply (no more ammo), requiring the bases in the rear to be guarded from sneaky attacks.

    The planned PvE content will be randomly generated Dungeons in the form of Underworlds/Hives (These will be instances) where is required to eliminate the Tyranids to hold them back from your bases or retake a base you lost to them. And in doing so your faction as a whole will earn (Maybe also FRPs) items that will help in the current campaign. Moreover, also the players who completed the Dungeon would get XP/RPs/gear as loot.
    One thing to point out, the PvE content is planned to be used as a balancing mechanic to help hold over pop factions in check (The Tyranids would attack the over pop factions more often) but keep in mind the "Bugs" will attack all the factions.

    One might think that 10%-15% PvE might be to small for the PvE gamers out there, But you need to remember Underworlds/Hives are planned to be randomly generated, so each time you play this mode, it will be different every time. For example, you may find different NPC Tyranid bioforms/bioweapons, other NPC factions mentioned by the devs, new map areas so you wont get burned out doing the same one over and over. This will force all players, newbies and Vets of Eternal Crusade, to stay on their toes!

    "Be True, Be Fair, Be Transparent"

    Also the devs will have weekly live-streams (Each friday at 2:00PM EST), "INTO THE WARP" episodes.
    That shows weekly new gameplay, development update, where the devs keep in touch with the community and make QandA's and giveaways (Often Founder packs).

    If you are online when they do it live you can ask about the game, you can also click on the "Community" tab and then click on the "Twitch shows" tab and then click the Ep. that you want to watch, where you can find game play and Q&A!

    You should really look at the livestreams to get an idea of the grand scale they are going for. Here is a dev team match so you can get an idea of the planned game play (Pre-Alpha-Work in progress December 19, 2014)

    Here is a link to a Q&A answers compilation thread where Founders and forum members alike have asked the devs about the game. Their answers are posted here, and every two weeks a new thread will open up, allowing members to ask new questions.
    It's crunch time for the devs, so it may take days before it shows up on the Q&A thread, but the wait is always worth it!

    Founder Store

    If you like what you see and would like to help Eternal Crusade you can support the title by getting a Founders pack (Also getting founder Alpha/founder Beta and bonus Rogue Trader Points for helping Eternal Crusade while in development).
    Go to the "STORE" tab and click on the "Founder's Store"(Drop down) to look at the different options. There is also an option to upgrade the founder pack (If you can only get the $40 US basic founders pack at the time. then, later on, you can upgrade only up to launch).

    Also of note, they have a referral program where you can convince someone to get the game and then give him your code to get a nice referral bonus for both of you. You can find your referral code by clicking on the "Join the War" tab, then clicking the "Founder Sheet" by just wheeling down a bit. It should be on the right hand side under recruitment level and the code is typed in yellow!

    You can also play the game for free by trying as the ork boys (Free to play race), but you will have limited options that can later be expanded by microtransactions, When you buy 40,ooo RTP's you unlock the full game.

    Note the bonus RTPs (rogue trader points) to be used in the "STORE" "Rogue Trader" are a gift by Dev team for supporting Eternal Crusade, while it's in development.
    So, if you get a founder pack, you get the bonus RTPs as a gift, $1 US=1,000 RTPs, a $40 founders pack gives you 40,000 RTPs as a gift.
    Now if you were to wait till after launch, where the founders program ends, if you get the game for $40 you wont get any of the founder unique items.

    They will keep adding more and more items to the Rogue trader store each month or so until launch.

    Each Founder pack provides 4 character slots, which allow to equip a complete loadout for a warrior from each faction.
    If you want to have a character for every faction and sub-faction, you can buy additional slots to equip.


    After having read the introduction to the game, you may want to know the community that support its development.
    to better dive into the forum, here are the most important threads

    Here's the most important threads about news, updates and releases corcerning the game's development


    If you feel like speacking in general about the game, sharing your thoughts or state which is the most badass faction, this is the right place to start from!

    For the Space Marines out there.

    If you are a Traitor, this is where you are gonna loose your mind!
    (Abaddon the Despoiler)

    Ezluzz've Klub only fer da Meanezt'nd Greenezt!!! Be proppa Orky dere!!!

    Oh yeah, almost forgot, there are also you Eldar with your fancy ways....

    For guys who are searching a bunch of guys to cause havok with!

    Seriously, I have no idea what the Emperor is going on here, but it seems addictive for many people. so have a look! ....if you dare....

    Last but not least, join da Eternal Crusade Map, so that we can get ready for Arkhona by overwhelming this world in the meantime!!!

    P.S. Before creating a thread about how guardsmen could be implemented, orks should be easy to kill or sister of battle as the female choice for loayalists, BEHOLD!!! Here's the mighty power of the Search Button!!!

    Be you a Faithful Loyalist, a Servant of Chaos, a Savage Greenskin, or a Misterious Eldar,
    welcome to the upcoming Crusade!
    See you on the scorched fields of Arkhona
    and may you slaughter by my side our enemies, or die by my own hand!

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  7. Welcome to the reckoning filthy but well spoken Xenos!

    I cannot wait till I can scour your pretty eldar armor with my beautifully master crafted flamer!
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  8. Arkdawn Arkdawn Curator

    Oh Snap!! BURNED Get it?...Burned :D
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  9. .......

    i don't get it..

    But what I do Get are delicious Chaos cookies!

    hey Eldar @Andraina ! Wanna buy one of our delectable Chaos cookies straight from the fires of hell our bakery!

    Four delicious flavors! Blood baked bon bon, Mind melting masterpiece, crack encrusted crumble, and plague poxed pastry! 4.99 a box!
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  10. Arkdawn Arkdawn Curator

    No? I figured that a play thing of the Ruinous Powers would know all too well of getting burned:D Something along the lines of playing with fire...Warp fire!
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