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All New Orkz must know this strategy !!

Discussion in 'Orks' started by slightlymad79, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. Ok listen up Grotz - Too many of you are allowing APC`s to keep pumping out troops on to a point , simply following this guide we can eradicate their transports and win matches , premade marine groups use this tactic on you lets repay the favour.

    1. The rokkit guy just driving around and whacking APC`s can expect to earn about 5000 points for a bad match and up to around 10k for a well played match. (quick levelling)
    2. A good kill means the APC is full of spawning marines
    3. Be top of the leader board
    4. Be a team player
    5. If you have a buddy with you 2x orks Vs 1 rhino is instant boom diddy bye bye for the rhino

    Please note if you have not got the super sticky bundles unlocked then use single stick bomb , frags do not damage vehicles.

  2. Saeritan Saeritan Arkhona Vanguard

    Just be careful about spawning too many transports for this strategy on certain maps, as often there are not a lot to go around and they were very vulnerable to being destroyed while you're destroying the enemy transport.

    Some maps like Pegasus have plenty of spare vehicle spawns, go nuts, others like Medusa and Blackbolt are very limited, so it's best to use them as spawn points.
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  3. Yes noted , this was a hastily made video first thing in the morning , normally I roll round with the guildies and it is a mobile spawn. We normally go in twos and zap a rhino then do circles round the point.

    This is for new players to understand the hit and run mechanics
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  4. yur, dis wurks, but if yor on ts with sum udder git, it might be best to man a gun wagun together,i with a partner average out to 5 rhino's a life with a gun wagun with a gunner.
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  5. Warboss Sickytoof Karond Steam Early Access

    There is something that I've been wanting to test, but so far haven't found the opportunity. Namely:

    What does the most damage to vehicles? One super stikky bomb, or the two stikky stikk bombs?
  6. Lootmasta Kaptin_Pokkets Arkhona Vanguard

    The Super Stikkbomb does more damage, but the two Stikky Stikkbombs allow more versatility and better range. I still prefer a rokkit launcha and super stikkbomb (I main as a Tankbusta most of the time), can take a Rhino down pretty quick: rokkit, supa-bomb, rokkit again. Done and done!
  7. Spookums MasterSpookums Well-Known Member

    I- need to get around to joining DLB. And- I've found the Plasma Deffgun to be my favorite (Any mods for it by any chance, if anyone knows?) So i don't bring the Zzap Deffgun much. I like to have my Rokkits do the AV if it's a relatively small (Not one where your defending) Map. Otherwise I prefer the Zzap because of accuracy at long range.

    Also- remember to tankhammer if you can, though it only works on troops. Throw a sstikky bomb then melee. You will punch the 'nade and spite kill the both of you! (Usually!) Though it's only worth doing on Lootas. because dragging the corsshair to the side moves it far slower than they can side step, and firing from the hip takes ages to wind up. (Also applicable for the normal bullet spewing deffgun.) I can't say I've found that lack of response in the Heavy Bolter, though I've still tended to die all the same.
  8. Drox BioFracture Confessor

  9. Yup supastik bomz are da boomiest
  10. Fissiccisst Fissiccisst Active Member

    People should really use Double Sticky Stikkbombs whenever possible instead of the Supa Stikkbomb. 2 Stickies to the rear armor does just as much, but they can also be used in other situations besides tank killing. It makes you more versatile without sacrificing grenade options for only 80LP. If you roll up with a trukk, double sticky, resupply and double sticky again, that's a dead tank.
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