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Jul 23, 2016
Oct 17, 2013
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Caliban("The Rock")
Honoured Grand Champion of the Dark Angels

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Idaeus III xDAx (Zaphkiel_ElRaziel)

Arkhona Vanguard, from Caliban("The Rock")

(None) Oct 2, 2014

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Jul 23, 2016
    1. Defiance
      Death stalks me wherever I turn but I will not falter as long as I the imperium needs such as I...

      Annnnddd...... I'm back and better than ever!
    2. Rixus
      Hail Brother!

      Could you point me to your High Interrogator so that i might befriend a fellow Reclusiarch?

      I must expand my knowledge of this site and its patrons if i am to have any hope winning glory for the Lion!
      1. Zaphkiel_ElRaziel

        Our High Interrogator/Grand Master Chaplain is Master Angron. However, i'm not sure if he is on the EC forums at the moment. I will check in with our Supreme Grand Master to be sure.
        Jun 13, 2014
    3. Defiance
      May The Enemy's Of the Emperor Quake in Fear At the Sound of our Footsteps
      1. DreadForce83 likes this.
    4. Romulous_xDAx
      Keep up the good work Librarian, I'll be moving on the 4th of next month then I'll buy a pc after im settled in.
    5. Hesos
      Just finished Descent of Angels, saw some of your posts and thought that The Lion would be proud of your contributions to this forum! Your bond to Caliban and mine to Macragge be our shields! and MAY WE SLAY HERETICS TOGETHER ON THE FIELD OF BATTLE BROTHER!
      1. Zaphkiel_ElRaziel
        Agreed, my brother. By the Emperor, let none survive!

        Btw, while I haven't had great run-ins with Ultramarines(some have accused me of treason/heresy in the past. Apart of my character's fan-lore), just thought i'd let you know that your greco Roman theme is working really well for you. Looks good. ^_^ May you make your brethren on Macragge proud on the field of battle.
        Mar 23, 2014
    6. Smaug
      Salted Pork is particularly good.
      1. Corva_the_Beskar_Dala
        Marinated and barbecued pork is good too :D
        Feb 1, 2014
      2. Zaphkiel_ElRaziel
        Any kind of cooked pork is good, really. :3
        Apr 27, 2014
    7. Romulous_xDAx
      Keep up the good work Brother, you honor the Lion with your diligence.
    8. Aka
      How come you are following me? :)
      1. Zaphkiel_ElRaziel
        Because you said something really intelligent, inspiring, and something that all good gamers can agree with. I believe it was in the "Let's talk Aircraft" thread.
        Nov 12, 2013
      2. Aka
        k, thanks :)
        Nov 13, 2013
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    Idaeus III
    Supreme Grand Master of the Remnants of Caliban.


    Caliban("The Rock")
    Honoured Grand Champion of the Dark Angels
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    Idaeus III xDAx
    "I was there when our own brothers betrayed us. I remember the blood that was spilled. I remember that day when our home, my home... Was destroyed in an instant. Our hopes, our faith- All seemed to be lost at that very moment. Even the great teachings of the Lion were not there to guide us, and yet, we survived. We survived because of Him and because of the Emperor. And while the subtle corruption of the Imperium grows ever so slightly, we must be grateful to our Father and his father before Him. They are what saved us from eternal damnation, and while we may still be unforgiven for our traitorous brothers' sins, we are still their proud and loyal sons. We must not forget this, and we must not forget the sacrifices that were made on Caliban."

    ―Zaphkiel El'Raziel, The Lion's Champion - Son of Caliban.