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May 15, 2017
Oct 19, 2015
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Christine (Vlordak_The_Mighty)

Former Lead UI Designer

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May 15, 2017
    1. Inter
      welcome back! :>
    2. Henji
      I find your avatar extremely Heretical (also cute) are you the one responsible for the guild system or is someone's work ? Eiter way could you give us/send to the person responsible, if we getting any updates for it soon ? The current system is quite difficult to use and its frankly quite annoying.
      1. Vlordak_The_Mighty
        If you have comments/questions about any of the UI (or anything else for that matter), I invite you to create a forum post in the Ask a Dev section and tag any of the game designers (BrentEllison or NoahWard) or the Senior Producer (oveur). Thanks.
        Nov 30, 2016
    3. Noromiz
      Have you looked at all the fancy images in the UI Files of the live client?
      You can find stuff like "Ork with a Cigar" or "Eldar Founder Standard", I even linked you the pictures of them on Discord :D
    4. cw911
      Lead UI Dev? Camera shake needs to go, unnecessarily disorienting. Friendly Melee hit indicators need to be shut off, there's no friendly melee dmg anyway, makes seeing what you're doing difficult.
    5. Skullcrow
      Sorry to send you a private message. I cannot play the game right now. The guild tab has a bug preventing me from playing more then 3 mins. I believe the bug to have something to do with the pending invites searching and timing out and causing me to crash shortly after the search fails. We have been recruiting like crazy and using the tools available to us. Can you help me??? thanks
      1. Skullcrow
        here are ticket numbers from the last few days.
        Sep 25, 2016
      2. Vlordak_The_Mighty
        The Guild Screen tab bug is a known issue. It crashes/freezes when you try to view a long list. We are currently working on a fix, hopefully to come in the next hotfix. In the meantime, I'd suggest avoiding that tab for now.
        Sep 25, 2016
      3. Skullcrow
        ok, thanks. Issue is so big for us right now that regardless of that tab I still time out and get the error as a guild leader because I think it searches nonstop for invites. So I cant even play my toon right now. thanks
        Sep 25, 2016
    6. Davian_Thule
      Hey Christine,

      After re-watching the latest Twitch stream.
      Nathan pointed out that the next patch will be due in the next couple days.
      However, he did not specify which one.

      I noticed that there has been a patch update on the Founders today, so was he referring to this? Or the next 'huge' update that is due to release on the vanilla version?

      1. Vlordak_The_Mighty
        There is a live patch coming soon. He was referring to that one.
        Jun 7, 2016
      2. Davian_Thule
        Ah, thank you!
        Jun 7, 2016
    7. Maulr
      Christine- Can you add the squad designator in on the HUD display- ie. Show what squad you are in- alpha, bravo, charlie etc. Currently you have to esc out and look can you add it to the top of the HUD player list Alpha/Bravo/Charlie Squad with the individual underneath?

      The onscreen map or the expanded map should also have some representation of each of the squad leaders locations lowercase a,b,c etc..
      1. Vlordak_The_Mighty
        Displaying the squad name in the hud is already done on the dev branch.. so it will be in the next patch.
        We might add all squad leader icons to the 2D battle map, but that will probably be post launch.
        Jun 3, 2016
      2. Maulr
        Thanks for the Update!
        Jun 3, 2016
    8. Erica_Hartann
      Hey Christine I was wondering if you know when the next update will be out
      1. Vlordak_The_Mighty
        we pushed a hotfix first thing this morning
        May 19, 2016
      2. Erica_Hartann
        i saw there was a update today :) i was wondering what it fixed?
        May 19, 2016
    9. NocturneOfSolace
      Hey I wanted to say thanks so much for actually taking time out of your day to respond to me! I want you to pass onto the rest of the team how cool it is in my opinion, and other players feel the same way, that you guys actually take time out of your day, to listen to our feedback, and respond to us even if you don't agree with what we're saying.

      That's so rare and unusual these days, and it really is great
      1. Vlordak_The_Mighty
        No problem! And I'll pass the message on :)
        Mar 1, 2016
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