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Mar 24, 2021
Mar 3, 2014
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Ardaric Vaanes (Vaanes)


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Mar 24, 2021
    1. Nasher
      The Soon™ train never ends ? ;)
      1. Vaanes likes this.
    2. Maensith
      Brother Ardaric, what about our fabulous fiction? :D
    3. Vaanes
      Boycott bE and Bandai
    4. Maensith
      Brother Ardaric, when will the publishing house see the next piece of your literary genius?
      1. Vaanes likes this.
      2. Vaanes
        Soon... soon. The campaigns have given me a lot of material... EC is the Donald Trump of video games.
        May 20, 2017
      3. Maensith
        Hah :D, dont forget the elites....
        May 20, 2017
    5. Maensith
      Just wanted to thank you so much for your fiction "War on Arkhona", I re-read it sometimes in the evenings and it still makes me smile widely, I sincirely hope you'll produce more of it :D
      1. Vaanes likes this.
    6. Strayed
      I thought Reasonable Marines were a myth?
      1. Vaanes likes this.
    7. Iron
      Hey there! Your post about your PM with Miguel caught my attention, so I'm going to be talking about it on my podcast later today. I thought I should tell you in case you wanted to hear the discussion.
      1. Vaanes likes this.
    8. BikerTroll
      Yo Lyaerus haven't seen you alive in forums lately where iz you
    9. KatieFleming
      Hey! Can you please add me back to our convo about Q&A? Somehow it disappeared from my inbox....strange
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    Nevar Hellvas- lvl 6 Night-lord/Aric Bloodtide- lvl 6 Space Wolf/
    Drax Vendalis- lvl 6 Alpha Legionnaire/Thaddeus Graal- lvl 5 Blood Angel/
    Rashern Felghast- lvl 4 Black Legionnaire/Lyaerus Irae- lvl 5 Dark Angel/
    Althala- lvl 5 OP Eldar/ Shadowstompah- filthy greenskin


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