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Steven Lumpkin (StevenLumpkin)


(None) Mar 19, 2014

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Sep 28, 2015
    1. Atlas_Fortis
      We'll miss you, Steve! We all wish you luck in your future endeavors!
    2. Kamikazzijoe
      If you had tanks, doctrine was to set them up at relatively safe intersections where their LoS would intersect in enemy territory. This let them keep a piece of the city isolated from the rest of the enemy's reinforcements.
    3. Kamikazzijoe
      I hope you bring destructible walls to the WWII style bombed out ruins. Tactical doctrine in urban warfare was to never use the door or the street. You would always blast your self a new entrance.
    4. Djemo-SRB
    5. Aka
      During halloween, do you turn into Steven Pumpkin? :)
      I couldn't help myself...
    6. RufusUltra
      Hey Steven I haven´t seen you for a while, when we will see you on twitch again? Or is it because there is no beer severed anymore?
      Or even better a big christmasspecial with the Lumpkin opera:)
    7. RJ77
      So, when will we see another Dark Heresy play through or another stream, if ever...?
      1. StevenLumpkin
        It's all in the hands of TotalBiscuit, who is battling cancer at the moment. We all wish him an effective battle and a swift recovery!
        Sep 19, 2014
      2. RJ77
        Really??! Well, that's awful news and the first time I heard of it. And indeed, may the Omnissiah be with him!
        Sep 19, 2014
      3. SlaytonTheSly
        Wish him a quick recovery as well.
        It will be interesting to see you guys reunite and try to remember what happened in last episode of Roll-Play.
        Nov 19, 2014
    8. Mngwa
      I just started following a RollPlay series on itmejp's channel, and looks like I will be listening on to you for a while.

      54 videos, 26 hours... Dark Heresy is going to take up a lot of time then.
      1. Steven Lumpkin likes this.
    9. Rikamar
      I read on a forum thread recently about a brainstorm idea for streamers to promote the game? Brilliant!
      If I may recommend/nominate/hope for Mezmoreyez to be a part of this. He is one of my favorite streamers, charismatic, entertaining. He is also a WH40K fan, a Founder and hyped for Eternal Crusade. Squiiddish is another one. He's friends with Mez and they both have loyal fanbases.
    10. Sleepylion
      How are you guys gonna handle spawn camping in this game, I heard you're gonna have multiple exists but I'm not really sure how that's gonna work. What if the attackers learn of these exists and block them?
      1. Rikamar
        Attackers camping your multiple exits? Then attack the Attackers from elsewhere to divide their attention for Defenders to attack the Attackers and break through! Behold the Pincer attack tactic. It works wonders.
        Also scientific fact that Rub Some Bacon On It solves problems. Rhett & Link even made a song about it.
        Sep 5, 2014
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