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Jun 5, 2017
Oct 17, 2013
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Studio Head Behaviour Online

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Miguel Caron (MiguelCaron)

CECO (Chief Eternal Crusade Officer), from Europe

Missing my brother Devs and Brother Crusaders!!! :-( Oct 10, 2016

MiguelCaron was last seen:
Jun 5, 2017
    1. MiguelCaron
      Missing my brother Devs and Brother Crusaders!!! :-(
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      2. Savij
        Hey Miguel
        Nice to see you are still around sometimes :)
        Oct 10, 2016
      3. Maelgwyn
        The joys of pissing off nerds, eh? You can come by, spam smileys and act like nothing's happened without repercussions. :) :D :^) ;3 -m- :V
        Oct 16, 2016
    2. frankdog180
      Hi Miguel, I remember purchasing the founder pack quite a long time ago with my email Is there anyway you can look at previous founders lists or anything like that because It doesnt seem to be around as an account for myself anymore and I needed to re-create for this email.
      1. Carnage
        Mate, he's not been in charge for like 2 years...
        Sep 27, 2016
    3. DJPenguin
      Stop being a rookie and say hi once in a while!
    4. Bladerunner777
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wherever You are Miguel, hope to see You in the Alpha :)
    5. Njord-Halfhand
      Miss you brother! Hope to see you on the field of battle!
      1. MiguelCaron likes this.
    6. BikerTroll
      I see you stalkin EC forums still!
      1. MiguelCaron likes this.
    7. Baronskuff
      Hey Miguel, content de te revoir sur le forum, mon compte Fb a sauté, nous gardons le contact ici ;)

      a+ et bon week-end
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    8. MiguelCaron
      Missing my brother Devs and Brother Crusaders!!! :-(
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      3. Golokopitenko
        You are not alone
        Mar 7, 2015
      4. Djemo-SRB
        All the more reason to join us in the fall Founders Access.
        Mar 15, 2015
      5. DJPenguin
        Miss you too big guy.
        Apr 15, 2015
    9. Dimitrius_Kirrolov
      Welp. Now I began to worry.
      Seeing a good guy like you leaving the position?
      NOW it's a gamble.

      Your replacement seems experienced, but not nearly as enthusiastic as you. He sounds like one of those guys who, if a game went bad, would say "Oh well" and move on without much problem or plans of improvement.

      I don't like this.

      Still, best of luck, Miguel.
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      3. EvilDevil
        im aware of date u deserve it anyway
        Dec 20, 2015
      4. Dimitrius_Kirrolov
        You must be considered very intelligent in your family, right?
        Dec 21, 2015
      5. EvilDevil
        no not really , u could have some dignity and admit you made mistake and made your self look stupid as all trolls are
        Dec 21, 2015
    10. Phelan_Stonewolf
      For me, and my friends, you were the reason we became excited about Eternal Crusade and why we're so excited about it. That isn't a slight against the other hard working people at bE, but you helped present it in a such an amazing and enthusiastic way while encouraging other developers to do the was just so refreshing and wonderful.

      Keep us informed of your future endeavors, we all wish you the best!
      1. MiguelCaron likes this.
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    Studio Head Behaviour Online
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    Miguel Caron
    As Head of Studio at Behaviour Interactive, Migüel Caron oversees the performance and growth of the Online studio and spearheads the production of original and well known online games such as Star Citizen and Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade in order drive scalable growth for Behaviour.
    Miguel is Results-driven sales, marketing, financial and operations executive with over 15 years of organizational leadership experience. As CEO, he consistently drove profitable double digit growth for companies like Lyrtech, NoWire Telecom and BCM International. More recently, he was the CEO at Funcom Games Canada where he founded the studio and grew it to 250 employees in less than 2 years while launching 3 MMOs.

    Migüel as studied at the Royal Military College of Canada in Polemology with specialization of Social Studies of War and Military strategy. Migüel’s result awarded him Best young Québec CEO of the year and finalist for best Québec Tech CEO of the year.


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