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Apr 3, 2017
Oct 16, 2013
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January 18
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Montreal, at Behaviour Interactive
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Mathieu Fecteau (MathieuFecteau)

Former Associate Producer, from Montreal, at Behaviour Interactive

I'm on it Feb 19, 2014

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Apr 3, 2017
    1. BruvvaThomas
      here is my feedback on the meltagun has a winding up high pitch dynamo sound.
      which feels abit weird, sounds more annoying than it sounds threatening after awhile.
      what do you think of this? this sounds like something you don't want to be on the other end of it and scary aswell. lol ;) #reallifemelta ^^
    2. Robin
      HI Mathieu

      I hoping you would be so good to looking into my request, I have raised two support tickets for a refund as the FPS is terible on my rig with crashes (and inline with refund policy on your website).

      I heard nothing on both for some time.

      Your request (8017)
      request (8120)

      I appriecate the help as it seems to be lost in the ether.


    3. gorgon_locke
      Hey there, question for you: would you be able to give me any info regarding guild reservation? I'm looking to reserve a guild, and I've taken a look at the thread for it in the forums... is that still active, and would that be the best place to go for reservation? Thank you!
    4. Elifas
      dear mathieu, only 1 suggestion
      You need 1-2 secs to switch between the weapons so the enemy can just kill you without any resistance, is it possible to make a buff with meele weapons equiped?Like 25% resistance to ranged combat. i am worried that meele weapon would be useless, and i am panicking) just saw Katie fleming shot this shaos guy in livestream with 2 shots from a bolt gun
    5. Frenchtouch03
      Bien le bonjour !
      Je me présente : Frenchtouch03, Ork Sauvaj' de son état... Miguel Caron m'a (Très aimablement, je le précise.) envoyé vers vous pour vous parler d'une petite chose... Sans vous gêner, puis-je engager/vous inclure dans une Conversation Privée avec Henribar, un Ork qui lui aussi aimerait vous parler ?
      1. Henribar likes this.
    6. Aka
      Hey Matt, nice picture.
      1. MathieuFecteau likes this.
      2. MathieuFecteau
        well...thank you...nice picture you to..hehe!
        Jul 31, 2014
    7. FafnirWolfborn
      Hello Mathieu Will there be a founders program for the xbox or ps4
      1. Aka
        Pretty sure it's been said that they will only look at consoles after launch.
        Jul 30, 2014
    8. MathieuFecteau
      I'm on it
      1. Savij
        may the omnissiah bless you :)
        Feb 19, 2014
    9. Dark-Knight
      What does b0 Xe y2 Za 00 mean?
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      2. Dark-Knight
        The characters in your avatar / User picture.
        Jan 7, 2014
      3. MathieuFecteau
        Oh..hahah ! Nice question. Nicolas Brunoni did that, we should ask him ! He is not in the office yet. I will ask him :)
        Jan 7, 2014
      4. MathieuFecteau
        These are the secret coordinates of new sorry, they mean nothing :)
        Jan 7, 2014
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    Mathieu Fecteau
    Associate Producer
    Warhammer 40 000: Eternal Crusade
    Behaviour Interactive


    January 18
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    Montreal, at Behaviour Interactive
    Associate Producer
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    Mathieu Fecteau