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Oct 2, 2016
Oct 17, 2013
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Kaelin (Kaelin)


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Oct 2, 2016
    1. Vaellyn
      My name is Darathir Highbrook. I am a fellow Eldar from the Craftworld Biel-Tan.

      Even though our Craftworlds have had their differences, we might be able to fight alongside on the battlefield of Arkhona. Many years ago, I was saved by one of Iyanden's Wraith Units on the barren planet of Dioshia. I owe a great deal to your Craftworld and would love to stand with your forces here on this world to repay my debt.
    2. Hliey
      Swooping Hawk ready to cast death down upon the enemies of the Eldar
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    3. CaiusCain
      ranger alorion here, trained in the art of the scorpion, let those who dare stand against the warhost fear the darkness, for khaine dwells in the shadows of a flickering flame as well as the light
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      2. Estera
        Ah, even the wayfaring rangers stand with us. What fortune!
        Aug 18, 2014
      3. CaiusCain
        we always return, be it from death or distance. we will always return to the service of the craftworld
        Aug 18, 2014
    4. Massinissa
      Another Dire Avenger here.
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    5. Leois
      Hello mate I don't have a character concept yet but some ideas for my character. I do know that he'll be an Avenger or a Swooping Hawk. ;)
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      2. Kaelin
        I'm curious - what are your ideas?
        Jul 23, 2014
      3. Leois
        I need some serious brainstorming for my Eldar character, my idea was that he might have been in the path of warrior before, which could have lead to him choosing the path of the artist in order to cope with what he saw? We'll see, anyway when EC begins he taking the path of the warrior again.
        Aug 2, 2014
      4. Kaelin
        I've been thinking of a portion of the story for my own character that fits similarly to this, in fact - so I think you are certainly on the right track.
        Aug 3, 2014
    6. Aka
      The game is ~2 years away. Still, would you be interested in joining a known multi-gaming community that will support this game?
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