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Jan 14, 2021
Oct 18, 2013
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England, Lincolnshire
I work in a bar

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dx144 (dx144)

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When people try to defend Meltaguns and Furious Charge... It is almost impossible for them not to sound like cunts... Oct 22, 2015

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Jan 14, 2021
    1. volimnir0
      FUCK the character limit and also FUCK the no pm option of this forum. Sad. :(
    2. volimnir0
      What does these things are not used by many people has to do with they are being a bit disorientating for some to fight in melee?
    3. volimnir0
      I know that. I also use that trick to any kind of weapon and also if they roll out my kick I roll out too just to don't get caught into the roll-attack or even when I see that they are charging a heavy attack(I don't remember if I would have enough time to roll out a chainaxe's heavy attack.)
    4. volimnir0
      I think axes are not fast enough to match to speed to hit twice to a Powa Fister. You would hit once then the next one will just be parried. But if it's knife or Chainsword you would. I think Chainsword and knife have same attack speeds.
    5. volimnir0
      since I never had an opportunity to play against couple of times to figure out how to counter. Then in Garrison I did! Hooray! \m/ That is how I figured out melee on my own. I learnt from my mistakes! But I've been rustied now!
    6. volimnir0
      Yeah, he tried to Heavy my ass but guess what I did to him? I FUCKING KICK HIM AND LIGHT ATTACK HIM XD(or it was heavy don't remember actually.) Well I was ignorant with fists because I wasn't encountered with fists so many times and when I do I had no idea how to counter them
    7. volimnir0
      Well, forgive my ignorance brother. I was just using Chainsword against a Power Fist scrub today. And I owned him most of the times until I figure out how it works. He gets my ass where I had a problem with range. XD
    8. volimnir0
      It is effective, yes. Even while I was suck at it I get melted by it from different people over and over. I was just fucking desperate. How to use is effectively though? Nope, it is not like MoT except if you prove it to me.
    9. volimnir0
      fuck Slaanesh it's too long to even consider but with normal status if you even have 17.5% it's just good and with Daemonforged armor it is enough. Then you won't even need MoT to have a decend armor regeneration ratio. No need to MoT to waste your health and LP and give away others benefits from other gods.
    10. volimnir0
      Well you just said something is not possible, it doesn't count. And I can pretty use MoT as it supposed to be but I have no fucking patience. So you have innate armor regeneration so that eventually your armor will be regenerated,
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    England, Lincolnshire
    I work in a bar
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    I kill shit on Space Marine with a Daemon Eye Bolter wishing I could have a Blissgiver to put all those little Jumpswing glitching fuckers and their Meltagun cunt buddy into an eternity of pain and pleasure.

    Other than that I read Horus Heresy stuff and paint Chaos Marines while occasionally dabbling in other stuff such as Fallout, Mount and Blade, random shooter on Xbox One and laughing at some silly shit.