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Mar 5, 2017
Oct 17, 2013
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April 26
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Behaviour Island
Former Lead Game Designer

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Brent Ellison (BrentEllison)

Former Lead Game Designer, from Behaviour Island

@GodKingWashington 3 and 6 eastern every day? Jan 7, 2016

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Mar 5, 2017
    1. SoldrynTheRed
      can you please comment on the input.ini file forcibly blanking out every time the game starts? It's been happening since patch #8. Please stop telling people they can edit the .ini file ON TWITCH when the game has been changed, and it's no longer possible to rebind anything.
    2. Naduk
      requesting an update on the how to customize your controls thread, intel is out of date as the input.ini is blank and any attempt to fill it with data fails as it is auto blanked upon mission start
    3. ulfhednir
      Hail Inquisitor Ellison I know Nathan said that he wants assault to be more tactical instead of tactical more melee but does that include Grey Hunters? will we have melee options (Orcs and eldar troops will have melee options and on the table top Chaos does as well and other sub-factions have Grav weapons and ect).
      I know us wolves and your inquisition have a rough past but I would like to know your plans.
    4. Vorn
      Brent, is the low player population affecting testing?
      It has been very low.
      Can anything be done to increase the player population?
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    5. EezraddBeetdatfin
      'Ello mi dea friend. Meeb an mi boyz always dinkin' - werr du ya 'ide orks. Meeb kan see onley stoopid uumies on da map. But meeb an mi boyz are rilley powerfull fullmetul waa wepin. Weeb kan smash uumies beet uumies grab their fangs. Brin' us ter da game an i promiz - weeb donz kills ya an may be share sum fangs.
    6. Cegorach
      Hello! Sorry to disturb you but I was wondering if you have plans for Twitch integration and your thoughts for a coms system like in GTA V that they use for Heists?

      Thanks for you and your teams work, enjoying the game even with all the rough edges.
    7. Kralgor
      I have a question. I am planning on making a guild that is K-Berserker based... will that ever be a possibility or do i need to focus on something else for the game? will we ever see a world eaters war band in the game that i need to hold out for?
      1. omarx
        when berserker come to the game you will able to create by name this guild lol
        Oct 26, 2015
      2. ulfhednir
        IF Berzerkers come to the game they said in the twitch today that there will be no sonic weapons as they are Noise Marines specific meaning I doubt they will have Berzerkers sorry :(
        Nov 13, 2015
      3. omarx
        dude berserker , noise marine . plague marine dreadnought , elder . orks in release date and if you want to guess when release date not less than 6 month
        Nov 14, 2015
    8. SvenRichter
      Sorry for screen sniping you during the stream. Buuuuuuut you know, just chaos doing chaosy things. GG mate.
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    9. Djemo-SRB
      Loving the new avatar. Simple yet awesome.
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    10. ulfhednir
      Hail Lord
      You have said before that you are yet to decide on a stealth mechanic. Would removing their user name from above their heads, reducing the range they can be seen and/or camo be helpful?
      It would make them harder to spot but not impossible as to not unbalance the game.
      I know you will figure great something out but ideas dont hurt.
      1. Karrgoot likes this.
      2. ulfhednir
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