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Mar 5, 2017
Oct 17, 2013
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April 26
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Behaviour Island
Former Lead Game Designer

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Brent Ellison (BrentEllison)

Former Lead Game Designer, from Behaviour Island

@GodKingWashington 3 and 6 eastern every day? Jan 7, 2016

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Mar 5, 2017
    1. YojimboJones
    2. Batpimp
      thanks for answering the questions you did this last twitch. SUPER DUPER informative and it is just nice that you acknowledge when something is broken. ie melee..meltas..pcs and melee priority over ranged in those "boxy" victory point areas.
    3. MCChivers
    4. Daft_Naga
      Hey Brent, I've been loving EC so much, but just an idea for LSM. Chaplains are the closest to being finished I assume since you already made wolf priest. What if for chaplains you made them buff allies. Vaguely like aspiring sorcerers, but instead of spells, he had shouts and chants. One that increases toughness, damage, movement speed, etc. Since the chaplain is supposed to be the inspiring unit in squads.
    5. Bleiz
      Hi Brent, your team need to go over the unstoppable charged Attack choppa axe/blade. From the moment you see them charged on your screen it's already over you can't interrupt the leap and you end up clanging with a fast Attack on their charged and break your weapon. (and it's not a ping issue since It happen only against them at least for me and it's a constant)
    6. SteelFaith
    7. Purgatoriumaeternum
      Hello Brent, could you please answer the question concerning elites and Heroes etc., what they can do and what the differences are, because the speculation and debate is kind of getting out of hand.
      1. GeorgePhillips
        Cant tell if Tracey Shoota is equal to a fully upgraded Big Shoota and not under its power.
        I can not add mod slots to Tracey Shoota.
        There are allot of weapons I cant buy because I dont know how this works. Also if some guns are skinned replicas of others can a skin slot be near a mod slot and just over-wright the visuals?
        Then I can guy some gear with RTC and then some more RTC thank you for your time.
        Sep 29, 2016
    8. Vilrein
      Brent, I am very concerned about the state of the options menu in the game. I know that you guys have a more finite control of the post processing, AA, AO, etc. But, I feel that you will receive a lot of backlash for the launching with a simple slider bar for all the graphical options.

      I sincerely hope that there is a plan to have a fully fleshed out visual options screen for the upcoming launch.
    9. Kamikazzijoe
      Are our characters getting deleted on 23rd?
    10. WingNutTinkerGit
      Hey Brent how does on go about getting a founders pass code resent to there email? i think i deleted mine sadly.also keep up the good work all of you.thx
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    Behaviour Island
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