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Code of Conduct


Our goal is to promote a constructive conversation among the Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade community in order to create the best game possible! Following this vision and in order to limit the rise of chaos, the development team has established the guidelines below for all our social media and forums.

Posts and comments falling under the following categories will systematically be deleted by the community manager:

  • Offensive, hateful, threatening, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, disgraceful and abusive comments including false and unsubstantiated allegations, personal attacks and harassment;
  • Advertisement and commercial messages, direct or disguised, including comments promoting a product, service or other social platform (Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest account, Instagram, YouTube and others);
  • Off-topic and repetitive messages
  • Comments with content protected under the laws on intellectual property protection;
  • Pornographic and offensive content or content transgressing the platform’s rules (ex. Facebook rules)
  • Messages containing confidential information such as personal email, address, phone number and other personal information;
  • Comments promoting disobedience and illegal actions or linking to illegal content;
  • Comments violating the laws and regulations of Quebec and Canada or explain how to transgress the laws.
  • Any publication which does not respect the right to confidentiality and authorship, as well as any comment whether offensive, seditious, blasphematory or giving rise to prosecution will be removed.

Crusaders who repeatedly choose not to comply with this policy can also be banned from our platforms.

We invite you to contact the moderator to report a non-compliant publication or to ask for precisions on an action performed.