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Zentmeister here

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by zentmeister1015, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. zentmeister1015 Recruit

    Yo, Zentmeister here! I just recently picked up the game and am trying to play it (on spring break with only my craptop.)

    I play as Orks, specifically Bad Moons, been playing an 8k tabletop Bad Moons army since 09 when I first got into 40k. I also play death Korps of Kreig, which am sad that they're not in the game, but oh well!

    I like the Orks because they're basically a primitive barbaric race that normally wouldn't fit in the sci-fi universe, but somehow manage to fit perfectly! Their violent, and warlike nature reminds me of my ancestors (German) who conquered Rome. On top of that they have this dim-witted mentality that is just simply hilarious making them my favorite faction to play as. Been wanting a 40k MMO for a while. Was really sad when Dark Millennium got cancelled, but imo this looks better!
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  2. Hey brotherman and welcome to the community! Ork development is well underway and they will be the last faction to go live. I'm personally looking forward to playing my Ork Storm Boy. See you on the battlefield my friend!

    Again, welcome!

  3. Haldur Haldur Curator

    Damn, how come I did not notice your thread before...

    Well, better later than never (is this even something you say in english? ^^):

    Hello there and welcome to the community! :)
  4. Cloud TheCloud Steam Early Access

    Welcome my friend! Another body in the never ending WAAAAAAAGH!? Will us loyalist marines ever stop the tide?

    (of course we will! =P)

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