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Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Hazard, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Venareus Hazard Member

    I was recently on this website ( and i was wondering if anyone here has ever bought anything from it and if the quality of the products was good.
  2. Warlord683 Active Member

    I can't tell you if the models are of a decent quality or not. I just don't know... but... chances are they made reverse molds of an assembled model & are simply reproducing copies in Resin -which ultimately leads to less detail then the original. The pictures they post of the models that are available aren't even the product they sell, just 'borrowed' right off the games workshop website, forgeworld, ebay, or right out of White Dwarf magazine. That alone makes me suspect.

    Also the pricing they have on the website doesn't even make sense half the time. 165$ for a Coven Throne, then 2 lines down sell the same coven throne for less then 30$ and yet they are selling limited edition 1 shot minis from select gamesday events for less then 10$? Too good to be true I say...
  3. I looked this up in the past, and most of the feedback on the quality of their models has been surprisingly good. Terminators, Eldar Titans and Imperial Knights have all seemed solid and the worst aspects seem to be an over-abundance of flash on them. There's a review of one up on here but you can find others.

    Personally though, i'd be against buying most things from them. Even taking into account Games Workshop's insane price hikes and downright anti-consumer attitudes it's still theft at the end of the day and really there's no way around that. On the other hand there are quite a few models they have on there which Games Workshop itself has discontinued, refused to support or even gone out of its way to get rid of. A friend managed to find a few Battlefleet Gothic Light Cruisers and Inquisitor models on there several months after the company shot Specialist Games twice in the head and shoved its body into the gutter. This is not to mention stuff like the Space Hulk terminators as well.
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  4. KillSlim KillSlim Prefectus

    From what I've seen, yoymart models have (not all at once I'm told):
    • Bigger mould lines
    • Lower quality material (Brittle, flash, lots of mould release)
    • Less detail on smaller casts
    • Parts missing
    If you're really tight on money and you want to order stuff from there, no one can stop you. However, I have to agree with Killbo Fraggins and protest purchasing most of their models. It's understandable that you may want to buy discontinued products, and things GW doesn't sell for some bizarre reason (Like merchandise).
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  5. Jericho Jericho Forum Beta Tester

    You are better off buying the model direct from the recasters than Yoymart as they will be cheaper.

    Lots of advice and reviews are here

    I bought a Greater Demon of Nurgle as I couldn't afford £105, it cost about £23 and the quality was fine. The trade off for the saving is a longer delivery time as it takes about a month from start to finish.




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