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Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Thurservorr, Mar 23, 2016.


Choose region that best suits your actual location

  1. East Coast Northern America

  2. West Cost Northern America

  3. Eurozone

  4. Russia

  5. Australia

  6. Africa and middle east

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hey guys

    It is just a typical poll, thread.

    Choose the region that best defines your location. I am trying to establish and estimate where most Chaos players reside.

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  2. Rhynok Vosh Vosh Arkhona Vanguard

    Eurozone reporting in!
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  3. *sneaks in*

    Respectfully nabbing this idea for the Eldar sub forum, hope you don't mind, it's a good way to see when we will be able to rally the troops. :)

    *sneaks out again*
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  4. no problem go ahead mate
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  5. Roopevil roopevil Arkhona Vanguard

    India i dont know where will i reside soo
  6. i wanted to add more poll options for Asia and Latino America but the polls on this forum are limited to 5 options so i had to cut some people out, sorry for that.
  7. Roopevil roopevil Arkhona Vanguard

    anyway i voted Russia as it is nearest to me
  8. Warsmith Warsmith_Dantioch Active Member

    The Europeans always win. The Yanks and the others can't compete.

    Don't forget, we Brits used to own you all ;)
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  9. I would love to see more Australian players since Lords of Arkhona guild need like 2-3 of those to create a dedicated squad full of Australian people.

    top kek mate
  10. Founders of games workshop are both brit so yeah I'd say you win by default giving the world something to dork about. You brits have a long way to go if you think you know how to raid better than aussie's mate.
    *Primitive chest beating followed by smokey howling exhalation* HoDoOOOOR!! I'm sure Harry would be a wizard at gaming if it was a subject at Hogwarts. Please ask the queen to show some patriotism and invest some royal jewels into the game because it's 40k cheers Governor.
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