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Your Ork Fluff!

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Crackersmasher, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Zo, Crackersmasher be tinkin' o' 'ere be 'avin da fluff fer der character.

    (So who here has stories and fluff based on the characters they plan on using? Orks only, please.)
  2. One Kommando and a lot of shootaz with big shootaz and Nob leader. This is my favourite play stile and units. So I'll play as kommando or shoota boy. I like sneaky and shooty armies.
  3. Bu'losh 'Eadcraka Bulosh Active Member

  4. Well i iz Ghazghkull da Prophet of the Waaagh! so yeah iz got alota backstory az it is. Dat being said i suppoz iz could write sometin on Gorgutz him being a right 'an proper basha un all. ur maybi sometin bout da old dayz on Urk.
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  5. Bu'losh 'Eadcraka Bulosh Active Member

    I plan to create my own story in the game starting from a Goff Ork who really likes crushing heads to.. Who know's what?

    That's the point of Roleplaying. You make your story! :D
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  6. JuSpE Active Member

    All I know is: Buuuuuurn, buuuuurn, stab, kiiiiiill, Waaaaaagh!
  7. I em onna mission ta get all da dakka in da world, too bad it'll neva be enuff dakka. 'Cause there'z NEVA enuff dakka!
  8. Well now, it ain't often some uv ya gits can get ya minds outta ya gutta, so I'll tell ya who I is!

    So, Kommando Razruk's da name, an' I'z un' uv da Warbosses of a smalla Warband, alongside dat git Boss Gogangash (Also called Renato8881), but 'es just a big lad uv da Goffs, an' I'Z a PROPPA Boss an' I'z real cunnin'! So 'es krumpin' 'eads an' takin' names, an' I'z da Boss 'hind da scene!
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  9. Wot? uze da Boss? Wy did I not now tis? But I like Kommando Boss better. Héhéhéhéhé
  10. Dat's da point ya haffwit! I'z da PROPPA Boss, an' Gogangash is da "face" o' da operatiun. Cuz I'm smarta, an' more sneaky-like.
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