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Your Hopes And Dreams Shall Be Shattered, For We Are Returned...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Kanthric, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Having been a forum member for well over a year now, I suppose its about time I got around to introducing myself.

    I'm a long-term fan of 40k, and fearlessly jumped on board the hype train for EC as soon as news of it sprung from the ashes of the old Dark Millenium MMO. I've been a fairly regular poster on the forums ever since they opened, and you'll often find me gently teasing the loyalists and making the odd joke at Rogal Dorn's expense.

    Games Workshop and the various incarnations of the Warhammer world have been part of my life from the beginning - perhaps unsurprising, given that the first Warhammer Fantasy Battle codex was published in the same week that I was born. ;)

    I grew up with the Fighting Fantasy series, dived headlong into the Warhammer world slightly later and extended that to 40k soon afterwards. Like many kids entering the series, I took an immediate liking to the awesomeness of the Space Marines, and my first 40k army was a devotedly loyal, crusading Ultramarines spin-off chapter. Blood Bowl and Battlefleet Gothic also featured in the mix.

    As time passed, outside of the tabletop game I started making the transition from player to gamesmaster in WFRP, the sadly now deceased RP rules for the Warhammer world. This rather naturally brought me into contact with the darker side of the Warhammer world, as fielding obvious antagonists such as the Orks and Dark Elves was backed up by more insidious trickery from the Skaven and Chaos, or just plain and simple manipulative, misguided or malevolent members of the Empire.

    Having embraced Chaos (figuratively speaking) as a storytelling force in Warhammer, it was inevitable the same would happen in 40k. Something I swiftly loved about the 40k Chaos is how its intrinsically tied to the stories of the loyalist Space Marines, particularly that there are such deeply personal reasons for the former brothers to hate each other. Now that I wasn't labelling Chaos in a box marked "misguided enemies" and was really exploring their lore in depth, I discovered just how much more potential (and just plain fun) they have from a storytelling perspective than their loyalist counterparts.

    My MMO past has been somewhat varied, but notables include Warhammer Online, Rift, GW2, PS2, SWTOR and WoT. I was (back in the day) part of a fairly good UT guild, so although my shooter skills are somewhat rusty, I'm hoping to be able to hold my own in EC.

    Which broadly leads us to here, where I'm part of a Chaos RP guild called the Forgotten Sons that will be hitting Arkhona with a vengeance come launch day.

    As a slightly random aside, I'm also the twisted mind behind the Army of Gnoblars, an amateur parody band that started life taking the pi making light-hearted fun out of Warhammer Online, but went on to make tongue-in-cheek songs about various games and the people who play them.

    The most infamous song was a scathing put-down of Dragon Age 2, which became the top-rated comment on PC Gamer's infamous gushing 94% review of a game which had bitterly divided the Dragon Age least, it was until PC Gamer changed websites and deleted all the past comments. Hmm.

    We produced a song about Eternal Crusade, which ended up going round the Behaviour studio and causing a few laughs. If you missed it at the time, and are interested in hearing it, you can find it here: Endless War

    That's about it from me. I look forward to seeing you on the forums, and on the killing fields of Arkhona.

    Death to the False Emperor!

    Arkdawn - no need for an info greet on this one. ;)
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  3. Arkdawn Arkdawn Curator


    Welcome fallow Crusader, Glad to meet a Vet of the "Thread Crusade" and looking forward to seeing you on the field of battle!
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  4. Welcome! Your forum name seems familiar. Any chance you had a Chosen by the same name in Warhammer Online? I rolled on several servers due to consolidations and finally found a home with DROW on my Choppa. It's a damn shame what EA did to WAR but nothing new from EA I suppose.
  5. Welcome to the forms!
  6. Draethar Draethar Prefectus

    Welcome to the Community fellow Chaos.
  7. I did indeed. Initially on Burlok, then on Karak Norn after the Great Server Merge of summer 2009.

    Its always nice to be remembered. ;)

    Often its for the parody songs. Sometimes its for being one Destro's irregular alliance warband leaders. Occasionally its for organising the bitterly chaotic PVP/RP campaigns...

    The Harbinger
    Tier 4 - Empire v Chaos contested zone - Friday 10th July
    20:00 - 21:00 BST
    (21:00 - 22:00 CEST)

    When the Raven Host was forced to fall back to the Inevitable City in the face of a victorious Imperial army, Pherix - Master of Change, and the right hand of Tchar'zanek, issued a strange request to the warhost of the Firstborn.

    They were ordered to abandon the defensive line in the city and instead seek out a strange place in the Chaos Wastes, where the hand of Tzeentch was strong and time was revealed for the thin illusion it truly is.

    In a catastrophic ritual, they caused time itself to warp and sundered the armies of order and chaos. The survivors awoke to find themselves in a different place, where the war was turning in favour of the Raven Host...where their friends and foes who had survived found themselves fighting alongside warriors and leaders that had never existed before...

    Although the Firstborn have so far lingered on the edges of the conflict, their dark schemes are far from over. Karl Franz' scouts have spotted the outriders of the Firstborn warhost, and those who recall their name with suspicion and horror are rumoured to be mobilising their forces to the front line.

    Something terrible is whispered in the madness of the winds of chaos...and if the forces of Order fail to prevent it in time, the consequences for the Empire and her allies could be terrible indeed...


    Tired of the sudden abandonment of RVR every time the Land of the Dead is unlocked? Do you wish the other side would bed down and fight tooth and nail for once rather than rush to the most likely place to see a zone lock?

    Burlok was the only WAR server to have player-run realm vs realm "live events" that didn't just centre on duelling or 6v6 combat - and Karak Norn has inherited the three guilds that ran them.

    So this event is just the first taste of things to come. One of our full-scale T1-T4 campaigns will follow in mid-late July.

    This thread outlines details of how the event can be won (or lost) and the RP story that will lead up to the launch.


    At the halfway mark and end of the event, points are scored according to which side holds the most BOs and/or Keeps in the zone(s) being fought over.

    Points awarded:

    2 pts per Battlefield Objective
    3 pts per Keep

    Victory conditions:

    0-6 pts = Decisive Defeat
    7-13 pts = Marginal Defeat
    14 pts = Stalemate
    15-21 pts = Marginal Victory
    22-28 pts = Decisive Victory


    And some people remember me as the lunatic who organised a mass chicken vs chicken fight in Tier 1 on April Fools' Day. ;)
  8. Phillip Phillip Subordinate

    The hordes of Chaos are upon us! :eek:

    Welcome, welcome.
  9. well i know i have seen you a ton on hear but soon i hope to see you across the field of battle.

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