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Your Favourite Eldar Weapon

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Joram, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Orkman D Orkman Curator

    Hur hur hur dese panzie wont even notice wen I'z take all der dakka.

    "Oi uh... Praise da Emp WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHH and 'oly Tera! We'z gots ta krump all da spiky boyz and ignore all da Orks!
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  2. I would definitely want a staff, Dawn of War 2 style. Then I could zap yet another thread invader. :p
    I've wanted zappy staffs for a long time with Eldar, and they never seem to happen. :(
  3. So'Kiel So-Kiel Well-Known Member

    Let's hope you'll be able to zap people with your bare hands as a warlock.. At least at times =D
  4. mindblade70 mindblade70 Subordinate

    Reaper launcher, so i can make marine chowder. I like the prizm rifle equally. Wouldn't it dope if on a falcon you could replace the shurikens with reaper cannons?
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  5. if you can't we could just climb on top and let loose. a simular plan has been made for war walkers, if they are in the game
  6. ThisHermityGuy Andy251 Well-Known Member

    Im not a Huge Eldar smarty... but IF I was an Eldar... for ranged Dark reaper cannon dohicky...or the Fire Dragons orange orb launcher (last played them in Dark Crusade...) feel free to correct the weapon names lol
  7. I know Harlequins will most likely not be playable but.... Creidann backpack and mirror sword
  8. Sunrifle. I've always been partial to Swooping Hawks, and the sunrifle sounds (to me at least) like a laser shotgun. What's not to love?
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  9. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    If you talk about the DOW 2 Retribution sun rifle it works more like a fire dragon fusion gun than a lasgun...
  10. r3dman Member

    For range the Deathspinner, for melee the Harlequin's Kiss.

    Monofilament wire ftw!

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