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Your Favourite Eldar Weapon

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Joram, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Quothe Quothe Subordinate

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  2. I love the Long-rifle used by Rangers, but I also really like fusion guns and any variation of monofilament weaponry. It's easier to pick a melee weapon I like, Scorpion's Claw, hands down.
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  3. Lead. original eldar or space elf pirates were lead. actually so were the first eldar as we know them. og 5 aspect warriors for 10 bucks... them were the days.
  4. digital3lf13 digital3lf13 Arkhona Vanguard

    Any/all things distortion weapon. Something so deadly that even living Eldar fear to wield it is my kinda weapon! Love the lore for them wraithguard melee weapons as well (powered by soulstones so tortured that they will not be placed back into the infinity circuit as they cause too much unrest among the dead!!), but for melee I'd actually go with the Avenger exarch's dire sword. Because severing souls. >:)
  5. Feanor Feanor Preacher

    The Scorpions claw, because it's dead choppy but also , has dakka attached to it so it's also quite shooty.
  6. E-50_Panzer E-50_Panzer Well-Known Member

    Avenger Shuriken Catapult.
  7. Mandiblasters, needless to say I was overjoyed to learn that Striking Scorpions are going to be a class in the game. I remember playing DoW2 and being like ''really? Banshees again?''.

    Other great weapons are the Harlequins kiss, Deathspinner, and Wraithcannon. I still have my old 2nd Edition Eldar Codex. How many times did the phrase ''The target is killed regardless of saves or how many wounds it has'' appear in that book. Anyone remember shrieker ammunition for the Death Jester?
  8. Waizah Waizah Member

    d-scythes, love the idea of an invisible flamer that rips away the targets soul
  9. Zavalus Zavalus Well-Known Member

    I really love the aesthetics of Eldar power weapons. The swords and spears are simply beautiful. As for ranged weaponry I would say my favourites are the Firepike and the Sunrifle.
  10. Well, personally I-

    -...Don't need to reply, as you've already mentioned them.

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