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Your Choice For 5th Astartes Chapter, Better Choices.

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Soviatus, Oct 31, 2013.


Which chapter would you like to see added?

  1. Grey Knights, duh.

  2. Flesh Tearers

  3. Howling Griffins

  4. Iron Snakes

  5. Salamanders

  6. Crimson Fists

  1. I vote for the Salamanders. It seems a lot like Chapter Space Wolves in terms of respect for human lives. Grey Knights would leave as a future option for veteran players :cool:.
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  2. Thresh Phelan_Stonewolf Well-Known Member

    I don't support Soviatus's comments, but...

    This poll has options that the other poll does not. Therefore it as just as valid as the other as it helps give visibility to other Chapters and their popularity or lack-thereof.

    We all know "better" is subjective and that polls aren't always the most accurate way of gathering information (especially since all of these can't be in the same poll at the same time,) but it can possibly help the developers make decisions on which Chapters to include if they want to get a pulse from the community.

    So basically, both have the same value as each other.

    On topic.....Salamanders!!
  3. bobbobbett New Member

    It has to be a First Founding chapter. Otherwise it makes no sense. Salamanders.
  4. Azurose Azurose Member

    I will agree with salamanders.
  5. If we could somehow retrieve the gene-seed from the soul drinkers, then them if the GK's aren't an option.
  6. Inquisitor Soviatus Soviatus Arkhona Vanguard

    Somewhere in the hands of the Inquisition or lost on board the scuttled fleet. Maybe even some on the Brokenback.
  7. They ended so tragically...So sad for such a bau5 chapter
  8. Inquisitor Soviatus Soviatus Arkhona Vanguard

    I think it was a decent close. I was really hoping they'd get their redemption and be able to rebuild though.
  9. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    I really want Raven Guard but I don't see that happening. Salamanders would be a good addition.
  10. Inquisitor Soviatus Soviatus Arkhona Vanguard

    Raven Guard would work. Heavy with use of assault marines and lightning strikes. Lots of melee.

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