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Your best jump assault loadout.

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Water_Snake, May 22, 2017.

  1. Saphirone Water_Snake Steam Early Access

    In your opinion, what is the best loadout possible in the current meta for the jump assault marine ? I'm actually trying to kit it out, and some basic things like a 3rd bar of fuel, those kind of things seems highly useful for me, but I was wondering how I could maximize this optimisation.
    Any advices about the Jump assault ?
  2. Posting mine. Went with +2 fuel for the longest possible jumps, +1 and 25% regen seem to do about the same (either way, I have a 4th bar of fuel half way through duels) but I can make extended jumps or have another evade right there ready to burn.

    Vet has a sword configured for anti-armour (130pen coming at ya) and with lifesteal in case I take a hit during these high-risk manoeuvrers. Both have a medkit and a pineapple as they are always invaluable, but I see the case for swapping any of these out for a plasma pistol.

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  3. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    Current JPA meta (any faction apart from eldar)..Dive in kill one guy...maybe two then die.You can get 1:1 kd which means 30 kills give or take.Loadout? since most balconies seem to take more then one jump to even get up to for some strange reason go fuel..lots and lots of lovely fuel.....Forget about jumping back out after you're first kill its rare.
  4. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    These are the one's I currently have in use.
    a CBOF loadout for your average day of purging folk and a regular power sword with extra pen and clanging mod loadout for fighting orkses and marks of nurgle guy's
    I like to have fuel regen over a nade. i dunno why . prob because i'm used to having a MoS raptor that has its fuel regen with the charges in the same wargear and can afford a nade while having Necrotic sword with all that as well. and i tend to use a lot of Evade Attacks and jumping around bolt pistoling folk.
    and yes smart pistol .. because .. cheeze.. and it's the only class actually worth using it on.

    20170523020512_1.jpg 20170523020442_1.jpg
  5. Brosephelon Recruit

    I generally make my jet classes (for all factions) very one directional, aka they are going in they are going to die but hopefully they take a few people with them.

    For LSM I run power sword + damage mod, plasma pistol, medium armor (artificer armor, red armor, whatever), +1 fuel, and a frag grenade.

    I generally try to get a good flank, then jump up toss a grenade and dive into it. Get a few swings or pistol shots off to finish off a person or two. Perhaps jump a few more times if your initial dive failed.
    For single targets 3 fuel is plenty to get the job done and live. Power Sword + Damage will kill people just as good if not better than things like Burny Choppa and Necrotic Chainsword from Orks and CSM. Plasma pistols are a nice addition because no reloads means you can shoot a few shots, move, swing, whatever shoot a few more shots and not be crippled by a reload.
    Generally speaking my CSM and Ork loadouts a bit more tank focused but they don't have the same damage potential as the LSM build.

    My CSM build tends to focus more around harassment and less around getting that 1-2 kills. Spreading poison, and turning heads. The CSM style build tends to be better for supremacy but weaker on maps with limited defender lives. That said you can setup a CSM Raptor very similar to the above mentioned JPA build and get similar results.
    So like Mark of Khorne, Necrotic Chainsword, +1 fuel, Raptor armor (they don't have access to heavy armor on raptors) and a bolt pistol. Move around slice and poison get people looking at you instead of watching doorways and hope for the best.

    Stormboyz are a different beast entirely, just stack on the tankiness... fuck fuel and all that shit. Just get in there and be annoying as shit.
    Heavy Armor, Iron Gob, Burny Choppa, and a stick bomb. Whatever cheap pistol you prefer (I go slab slugga) you can finish it off with a trinket, I'd suggest health. 150 toughness, 352 combined armor/health... thats pretty durable for a JPA. You are mostly just using that jet pack to simply get onto a balcony, get through a window, whatever then just be that annoying tanky douche with a flaming sword getting the campers to stop camping the doorway.
    Better on fortresses than the others, worse on maps that are more spread out where the mobility of LSM/CSM mean more.

    Overall you should have a pretty consistent idea between the factions for what you are wanting to do. You want to get heavy weapons that are camping doorways to stop camping doorways so allies can get through. Killing them would be great and ideal but more so you need to be able to get them to stop for as long as possible and sometimes that just means living a bit longer as opposed to doing more damage. Killing in general is more effective vs CSM and Eldar because their resses are slower (from their healers) and less potent. Where as LSM and Orks can have decently strong and fast resses alongside passive healing beacon resses. So with LSM builds focusing on more killy weapons like power swords, plasma pistols, and grenades and less on defense can be more rewarding. Conversely doing the same as CSM will get you less results as even if you kill that heavy bolter he will just get ressed back up in a few seconds by the legion of Apothecaries you need to focus more on durability and distractions and less straight kills.

    Atleast thats been my general take on it. I think some people really overvalue +2 fuel and fuel regen in general. JPAs are as a whole more about a one way ticket where as the regen and extra fuel comes with the concept of living to fight another day which I don't really think should be the JPA focus. I think going from 3 fuel to 4 fuel is NOT worth 200 lp when it can be put to into durability stuff like upgraded armor for that extra toughness. Often enough even with 3 fuel you can and will due with a bar of fuel left.
  6. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    These are my Chaos jumpers.


    getting down and dirty.

    and my basic MoS jumper.
  7. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    For orks i tend to use them more as if they are regular assaults. just with a jump ability.
    So i actually don't use alot of + fuel but instead use a Gob and no smart weaponry.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    getting Stuck in!!

    Torpedo Axe ( for the lols )
  8. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    Since discovering i could reliably escape Dbash stuns, I've returned to seeing the value in extremely high fuel builds. I was using 4 fuel and t2 armor for this particular video, and it worked really well despite me literally doing nothing other than spamming fast attacks to force Dbashes out of people:

    Ignore clips 1 and 3. The other clips show how you can easily slip away from Dbash stuns. The more fuel you have, the more times you can do this in a row and the harder it is for a tactical to catch you in the long stun.

    I haven't tried a high fuel regen build lately but I'm tempted in light of this new information. 3 fuel is probably my minimum, though. Since it usually costs 1 fuel to engage a ranged class, that only leaves us with 2 to escape bashes from the start.

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