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Your 40k Tabletop Rp Stories

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Bollthorn, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. Bollthorn Bollthorn Subordinate

    Hey guys :)

    This thread is for stories of anything funny or spectacular any of your characters have ever done in a 40K RPG. Or anything you feel is worth of mention.
  2. Stompy New Member

    I had a pretty awesome Dark Heresy session on the weekend. Our GM is going traveling for a few months so we had a big session to wrap up everything on the current mission. Our party consists of two scum, one techpriest, and a psyker which I play. Our aircraft had been shot down over a planet called Dusk and we were attempting to locate our Inquisitor.

    There were a few awesome moments that I'll paraphrase.

    1) While I was on watch while we were camped overnight in a swamp, I was surprise attacked by 4 indigenous hostiles who shot at me with arrows. My psyker is a telekine and caught the projectiles in mid air, Matrix style and we proceeded to flush out the attackers with firebombs and our techpriest's cyber mastiff. It was fun.
    2) We traced our inquisitor's location to an ancient ruin and were blocked by a guardian who basically looked like a Chaos Space Marine. Deciding not to all be killed, maimed and burned, we negotiated to leave one of our accompanying NPC's with him as collateral to let us pass, and came back to find him eating our poor NPC's face. So we ran further into the ruin terrified.
    3) We stumbled upon a daemonic ritual where our Inquisitor was bound, with a bunch of cultists performing summoning rites with chaotic artifacts. Before it could begin another inquisitor arrived, and we were able to find out that her intentions were to allow the summoning to commence in order to bind the daemon into a daemonhost to a psyker that accompanied her. Combat broke out and while we ran to free our inquisitor, the cultists attacked both our groups while a bunch of them ritually committed suicide. A daemon was summoned into reality that cast holocaust and incinerated the rival inquisitor, her retinue, and unfortunately our techpriest who had gone insane and was running around. I got some lucky rolls and we banished the daemon through a mix of force barrage, rites of purification, and good old fashion shotgun hellgun fire. We barely survived the encounter, but our techpriest has been permanently killed, soul and body, due to the nature of holocaust. Poor guy, but that's Dark Heresy.
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  3. Bollthorn Bollthorn Subordinate

    One time in Dark Heresy, we were investigating the circulation of drugs being used to harness latent psyker powers in children. One of our leads worked at the local Mechanicus manufactorum. This was our very first attempt at undercover work.

    My teammate was a Tech Priest, so he had no trouble getting in. I, on the other hand, being a Ratling sniper from the Imperial Guard, needed to try and pass myself off as a Skitarii (I can't remember which one it is, but there is one Skitarii regiment that allows Abhumans into their ranks). It didn't help that on the way in, I smashed into someone's car while attempting to park our vehicle. So we're going about doing what needed to be done, then we get a communique from our Inquisitorial contact, telling us to retrieve something else.

    Now, rather than do the sensible thing and merely walk down the corridor and just ASK for access to the data files we needed, we decided to try and be all sneaky about it. At this point, I have to stress that, once this mission was concluded, we NEVER took any suggestions of ideas from the Techpriest again (or rather the person playing him :p) This involved me going into the air vents. Then, to create a distraction, I dropped a couple of frags into the turbines below me. I nearly get killed by a servo-skull, of all things, and he tries to go hand-to-hand with a Magos. It didn't end well.

    In the end, we had to get in touch with our contact, to verify who we were and what we were after. They handed it to us, and told us to leave very quickly and never come back. And, as if that wasn't bad enough, when pulling away, we crashed into the same vehicle again.
  4. Erobar Erobar Steam Early Access

    You would think some of this Dark Heresy Stuff would be perfect for a Warhammer 40k Novel or something. Though i feel it would be to Comical for a Universe as gruesome and Horrific as Warhammer. :p
  5. Bollthorn Bollthorn Subordinate

    Ever read Ciaphas Cain? :p
  6. >Playing Chapter Master with my buds.
    >One rolls a fleet based ultramarine successor chapter, another a Raven Guard successor chapter based on a feral world, humans of said world are medieval, the last guy runs a white scars successor
    >Thing start pretty normal everyone's having a good time
    >Everyone meets varying degrees of success
    >White scars guy has his primarch return to the material universe and is one of the thirty successors chapters called on to attack a system that is completely dominated by Chaos (and he later discovers led by daemon angron)
    >End result is two successor chapters are completely annihilated as well as the White Scars, his chapter fights alongside the khan in the climatic battle. Then goes to the rest of the worlds and helps free up the other successors from their fighting
    >Khan names his chapter the new white scars and my friend is essentially playing 'primarch the game'. Overall if theirs a definition of 'winning' to chapter master he's doing it.
    >Next friend, does alright; nothing special. Eldar warn him of a daemon invasion on his home planet. He survives with his planet intact and wins some honour for his chapter being daemon slayers. Overall, was decent; he's doing the point of the game, surviving and helping the imperium
    >My Last friend....oh geez....Gets asked by Calgar to go defend one of the 500 worlds attacked by nids
    >World dies, population massacred
    >Gets lectured by Calgar
    >Calls Calgar unsavoury names, insults planet and its population
    >Gets exiled from the 500 worlds
    >He's fleet based, so he doesn't give a crap.
    >Goes fight in a crusade with Yarrick against Necrons, he wins but is at 250 marines, with 800 spare geneseed. So it damaged him, but hey he won and what not. Took the staff of light from their commander. (HERESY)
    >Makes brothels on his ships (HERESY)
    > Has his space marines attend said brothels. (HERESY)
    > All 'members' of the brothel die. (HERESY)
    > Informed of upcoming inquisitorial investigation
    >Doesn't prepare or anything, leaves it all plain to see, staff of light, destroyed brothels, the dead bodies of the 'members' of said brothels are still laying their
    >Inquisitor forces him on a crusade when he has only 250 members
    >Says no
    >Declared traitor

    So yea, mixed bag depending on who you play with.
  7. Loldoom Loldoom Well-Known Member

    Another dark heresey story...

    I was an assassin only level two, mono sword and hunting rifle. Our Gm said we had to find a traitor, who eliminated the inquisition contact on the planet. We snuck into the one of the crime bosses lieutanents rooms and tied him up to interogate him. My brother playing a guardsmen with 50 str from the get go, punched him a couple of times, he wouldnt talk but was getting close to dieing. Soooo i went dark eldar and slipped my knife under his fingernail and lifted it.
    The GM was impressed, digusted and proud at the same time.
    We had to restrain him to prevent him from screaming to loudly. Anyway that got him talking xD, but one of us mentioned the inquisition which made him freak out so we killed him. I'll tell the rest in a bit GTG
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