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Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Norm, Sep 24, 2015.

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  1. BeHavior has every intention of releasing Orks and Eldar and are devoting sections of their development crew to designing them. This is the issue when allowing customers into closed alpha, some people want all the content at their fingertips immediately, there is a huge amount of development time involved. It makes perfect sense to focus on two full factions before moving on. We are getting to the point where Space Marines and Chaos have most of their primary content and Eldar should be next. If you cant handle the suspense I'd recommend refunding and waiting till the game officially releases, then youll get all your content.
  2. Ix12 Ix12 New Member

    I completely agree.

    I think some need a little more patience for features, if you can't wait you shouldn't get involved at this stage.

    They are working on getting the combat to work and feel good which let's be honest is the biggest part of the game. The reason they are focusing on SM and chaos is because they are similar they share assets make it easier to concentrate on functionality and mechanics.
  3. Gruk'Lok Blakk Klaw Blakklaw Arkhona Vanguard

    I do see a point in that there's a huge lack (Imo) in showing something Xeno'ish. Though we've been told that they're both focusing all their energies on Alpha (That was awhile ago though.) and that they're working on Xenos' in the background. I'm sure I speak for alot of ambitious Xenos fans when I say at this point, anything related to them that could be shown would atleast spark a little fire again, because that fire has died out.
    Perhaps something like the different Armor Marks for Space Marines that was shown. Just anything like that would be amazing to see. They were given alot (if not all) assets from Dark Millenium, including the Orks we see in the Trailer. Though modified abit, they're definitely so close to being identical. So perhaps just something like that, would be amazing.

    There was a showcase of updated models since that 360 view in one of the Twitches. That was back before the Twitch Episodes had a name I believe, so that's far, far back. Quite sure it's newer than the 360 ones though.

    I sorta see OP's point, though I'm not too worried about it. That we've all gotten access and we can't refund now and we've seen close to nothing remotely resembling Xenos at all. (Well, there was the trailer?)
    So I guess the money has been made and then the Xenos can be cut without us refunding?
    Pretty sure that wouldn't happen, but I get the point though. But yes, as said - Pretty damn sure it wouldn't happen, but you never know? It could end like "The Stomping Land"

    I think it's important to discuss though, not just "shhh, it's coming just wait and don't complain." It's an important point and worth discussing, though it's not always that nice.

    All I can kinda think of is What happened to the Xenos Twitch? Wasn't that supposed to happen like a month or two ago? If my memory serves me right though. It was the Eldar first and then Orks, but seems to me like Xenos Twitch just got a colossal delay.

    I just want Orks really. They said Eldar would be worked on first (I think? I'm a man of no-sources right now..) and then Orks afterwards. Save the best for last I guess?

    So No, I don't think this is"Fear-mongering and panic" It's pretty much a valid point, imo.

    I can wait though, I think. As said, anything Xenos would do right now. It's obvious why, but even our(Orks) class roster is so far off from anything we can trust to somewhat resemble anything closer in development.
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  4. PapaBear PapaBear Subordinate

    I am willing to risk 40$, don't disappoint me assholes.
  5. Diasaffected member Norm Well-Known Member

    This thread is a little necro'd, and misinterpreted. Check the dates. The info available now is not the same as the info available at thread creation. It was created to highlight the refund cut off situation. Something that was little understood at the time.
  6. Mikey 4tonmantis Menial

    What exactly is the refund situation? I'm not happy at all with what we've seen in alpha and the general direction and would rather put the money towards SW Battlefront.
  7. So you rather just throw money in the garbage then throw it in space and burn it in then wait for EC to hopefully get better ?
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  8. Mikey 4tonmantis Menial

    Uh.. no.. I'd rather get a refund for a game that isn't shaping up into something that I enjoy and put that on another game I have tried and DO enjoy. Either way, since you're not offering anything helpful I'm going to report this and hope for an official response.
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  9. PhilosAzel Philos Ordinate

    I would wait 2 weeks and buy a used copy of Starwars: Battlefront, and keep your alpha.

    Could you enlighten to me what that is. If you mean: larger maps, more in depth, more customization, better engine, more complex fighting system, more violent, bigger battles, more gear, and eventually open world and not DISNEY (low blow) sure.

    Watch the IGN review of SW:BF.
  10. PhilosAzel Philos Ordinate

    If discussing core game play mechanics between the two games, which I have both, and making a comparison and stating the differences constitute me as a:
    *no permitted on these forums.

    I checked the FAQ area and didn't see anything listed.

    The best option I would just go to:

    You should be less hostile / defensive and not take things personally. As a general life tip, someone disagree with you and trying to help to point of differences to save you money, maybe don't call them a name. Wish you the best of luck and hopefully see you in game soon. Enjoy the day !


    The Disney line was a joke... its kinda a running joke with the SW fan base...
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