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You can't balance based on win rating

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Trooper909, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    eh bE is just gonna do what bE is just gonna do and it's basically our choice whether or not we stick with it.

    Sure you can point out that even after everyone eats the nerf it takes Eldar 3 MBs to take out a rhino while it's 2 to take out a WS

    Sure you can point out that the MB-bundle takes 4 bombs, and more LP to take out a rhino while again, just 2 bombs to destroy a WS.

    Sure you can point out the WS has 4800 hp vs 8000 hp on the rhino while suffering dual frontal weakzones on the cockpit canopies if you try and shoot it with an AV gun like the lascannon (3 shots btw)

    Sure you can point out the Eldars lack of AV options like a power fist or multimelta, our lack of class versatility (tactical marine is now better at AV than the Fire Dragon and also gets a capture key, ASC is crap compared to the bolter despite the ASC being 50% of a DA's arsenal and a Tactical gets a bunch of weapon options) the fact that the Dire Avenger is a poor mans tactical, a banshee is a poor mans JPA, the Dark Reaper is a poor mans Devastator and that now the Fire Dragon is a poor mans AV spec'd Tactical marine.

    But hey.. we still got scorpions, hawks and warlocks? and evidently we have win rate. As others have asked I to would like to see what the average experience level and ingame time is of people playing Eldar currently vs other factions..
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  2. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    This was one of my points..Eldar have 3 classes that are actually solid in the role they perform and most importantly fun.Even FD in its current state isn't fun,The only reason it is picked is because you have to,just like dire avenger.
    Nobody would take FD if we had scorpion claw or effective dark reapers nobody.Running in spamming E than dying isn't fun.
    Funny I was playing LSM a few hours ago and we beat Eldar 6 times in a row.In.A.Row.Pub v pub obviously .So bloody OP.

    I can see why they want to buff vehicles though since they are imo way to weak but the balance is delicate while one faction isn't complete.

    To be blunt I don't think they give a shit how it effects Eldar,this is a balance patch for LSM vs CSM like all other across the board changes have been.
  3. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Never say nobody, even if I have such an option I would still take the metal over the claw because I dislike using of and claws for AV due to how clunky and slow it is (made worst by rebounding vehicles or hiring team mates with the vehicles)

    Honestly it's just easier to make the ws less manovoerable like the rhinos, take away the damage/stun from side to side motion unless it's ramming speed and have it have the same or like 100/200 less ho then rhino and it makes it a bit easier to balance the metal bomb issue by allowing negating some of the complaints about vehicles. This opens up more oppurnuties for balance and no one can shine ohh but xyz vehicles blah blah

    Problem it people then whine ws should be more manouverable, ws should be less tanku, thus leads to FD losing xyz, leads to loss of uniqueness. No matter what option they go with people will complain that it dose not gut xyz or that Devs didn't listen to xyz. It's bloody pointless no matter what changes people leave
  4. Its been stated that the reason the WS is so maneuverable is because that is what makes up for the fact its less tanky, and as I have said in previous posts Eldar dont have tracked vehicles only anti grav ones. However the WS has three weak spots compared to the Rhinos one/Predators two, which puts it at a disadvantage on the battlefield and why its rare to see one just abandoned by any decent team. Upping the tank on the WS, to reflect the fact its covered in Shimmer Shields, would be a step in the right direction, but it needs to stay as maneuverable.

    The Rhino takes 6 shots from a Reaper Launcher, 4 if double teaming it, compared to the 3 shots from a Las Cannon to take down a WS. If you asked where I got that stat from its first hand experience as I play Reaper most of the time.

    But to address the problem at hand, there two viable solutions that most of us Eldar could live with, but thats only if the Devs are going to, or willing to, listen to us and not go "well this is what we're doing and no matter what you say you have to live with it."
    1. Nerf the Melta bundle to 3750 per bomb, that way a plant of two Melta bombs isnt going to kill a Rhino without a decent blast from the Fusion Gun to finish it off.
    2. Make the Melta bundle a Revered class loadout option only, like the fire rounds the LSM have.
    The other "Elephant in the room" is this 75% win rate issue that suddenly been stated by the Devs that Eldar have over other factions. Now our reply to that, and I'm being adult abut this, is show us the stats. Show us these things and we'll tell you from our perspective.
    • Is it against all factions or just one?
    • Is it Eldar pugs versus [insert faction here]?
    • Is it Eldar guild stacks versus [insert faction here] pugs?
    • Whats the average rank of the Eldar?
    • Whats the average rank of the [insert faction here] players?
    I could probably answer most of those questions with well judged guesses, but I want to hear it from the Devs themselves. As much as I like the guy, jbregg shouldn't be the Dev to answer these questions as his affiliation to BLOP is well known, so there is bias there no matter what he says. This is also why Devs should NEVER affiliate themselves with an actual ingame guild, the Devs in other games have their own guild, who you see on tests etc, and they stay out of the way of other players unless they want to give them a challenge.
  5. Really? No. Imagine TTK of firedragon if he runs only single mobs. Bomb-resupply-bomb-huge fusion blast. it will take ages and ruin TTK with LSM beeing needed only 1 bomb and some blast to finish
  6. It will be one rank extra, effectively, theres no way the twin mobs are unlocked before rank 3 anyway. However, the other upside to this, at least from the other factions point of view, is that it means no more solo FD's running around killing every tank in sight which should at least put pay to their constant moaning that FD's are OP.
  7. What I'm thinking we are going to see is 2 FD per tank now with a single MB and max survival build. I do think the fusion gun might need a bit of love as a way to compensate the FD so they aren't utterly only used for AV when they do worse than a common tactal running AV.
  8. Something needs to get some love. Fusion gun is one way to go, then while they are at it they can bring the fusion pistol back up as well as its now the most useless weapon in game, and thats saying something considering we have a glorified hatstand in the TL
  9. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    nope, just get ready for another Eldar aspect warrior class to become the poor mans version of the LSM equivalent. Can't wait for the Hawk, Scorpion and Warlock nerfs that are bound to come with how bE has been knocking down any asymmetrical advantage that we have
  10. I think your wrong and being a Negative Nancy just to try and bitch and moan for the hell of it at this point Lucian. Eldar players will change with the changes and adapt to a new play style those who don't well there is always the option of playing LSM or CSM I am sure they would love someone who is unwilling to change and get used to what these changes bring.

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