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Yo ho and a Bottle o' Amasec

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, May 25, 2017.

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    Felena listened in on the plan silently. "Sounds like my expertise better be used on the team that isn't doing the infiltrating. Besides i am not one for dresses or gran shin digs or balls, my works better with my medical expertise or research. or with a good rifle." Felena said adding her thoughts to this.

    "Don't we have a spryer with us that would likely be better at handling Nobles?" @Maleth Felena said her head looking for there spryer to see if she came.
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    Searus cocked to her to the side as she asked the captin.
    "Could you provide a list of those going with you? Also may i hack into their systems to see if they are hideing any good information or omnisheia forbid archeoteh?"
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    Aeris' eyes had narrowed on Malrak and Goramor, wanting to make sure that she wasn't going to have to break up a fight. Soon enough, though, they calmed down and she looked around at her crew. "Malrak, Kairiel, Searus and Varl will be with me - we should be able to pass as human, given some of us are, and we will be wearing masks. Undoubtedly they will be drinking too. The rest of you will wait in the wings, once Kairel knows where you are to go, Serus will transmit the data to you - Searus if you get a chance to hack some data from them, do it. Any questions?"​
  4. Malrak listened and was glad he was to be put on the team that did not include the serpent. However being in the party ran it's own problems. He wasn't exactly a normal looking human by this point of his life he was white aware of that. A mask could quite easily hide his scar but his father's and claws would complicate things if he wished to look like a normal human. "Will we be given different clothing for the infiltration? I may like my robes but I'm afraid they won't allow me to pass as an aristocrat, perhaps not even a servant."
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    Felana, just turned from Saven as she decided not to response to her likely ignoring her as a highborn did a peasant. Shrugging as she did she listen to the captain's plan. "Anything needed for us on the wings and do you suggest anything we need to bring along?" Felana asked wondering now what her own role would be in this. Felena began to wonder if they were to come in if and possibly when things went wrong with the big guns.
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    "I rather suggest you would go with the raiding team, ma'am." Kairiel said, showing off his 'noble tone', still speaking low gothic however - along with giving a theatrical bow.

    "In the name of all that matters to your vessel and beloved crew." The Tau added, smiling softly but being extremely serious. "I trust that the trinity of Malrak, Searus and Varl have enough intelligence, tact and experience to follow my lead in imperial politics. However, I do honestly not expect the same cohersion of our rather colorful raiding team." The Water Caste Tau never broke eye contact with the captain, referring to the other crew members blindly based on memory with his hand gestures.

    "I'm as serious as the stare of the double-headed Aquilla would gladly have my soul and body incinerated." Only after he finished his addressing of the captain now, he did turn to Malrak.

    "Fret not, my extra-ordinary friend. I have many outfits and accessories. And even if we do not, there is a man with a thousand faces on this vessel who does." He referred indirectly to his more-than-friend Yurikas, the Lacrymole.
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    Goramor was midway in throwing his axe at the warp witch, arm already raised above shoulder level, when the captain gave her glare and continued. Instead his angry face turned into a friendly sort of sneer, he put the ax at rest to his waist again.

    "Whatever gets the job done, I'm in your employ after all." He said to Aeris and slithered away, not forgetting the dent Malrak put on his pride.
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    Aeris looked at the Tau in a bit of surprise, but smiled in slight amusement and nodded some with a small smirk. "You think you can keep them reined in?" she chuckled some. "If that is what you most believe then yes, I put you in charge of the information party. The rest shall stay the same, and yes - go to Yurikas so he can take what measurements he needs from all of you."

    She chuckled a little as she thought of her first mate. He was rather fond of his sewing to make such life-like costumes for his skins, so she was to no doubt he had the capability to help here.
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    "Well Malark, Seems we will be on different teams on this, Got to say good luck before we go, make sure to make it back, heck you might score some nice loot at the ball from someone down there." Felena said to Malrak deciding to wish him and his team some luck for next mission.

    After this Felena decided to look to those who would be on the raiding team with her wondering how much she could depend on them and how they would all work together and what there chances of survival would be with her Felena silently wondered this deciding it maybe good to see what skills they had later on when gathering together.
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