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Yo ho and a Bottle o' Amasec

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, May 25, 2017.

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    The kitchen serf blushed more and shook her head to try to rid of it while her tail flicked back and forth. She scooted over, thinking that was what was requested of her, and then smiled a little. "It's looking.. m-majestic, milord." she offered him with a nod, hoping the food and answer was satisfactory.

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    Yurikas looked over to Kairiel and smirked a bit more. "Now you're speaking my language. Should I gather up the guys? Maybe invite your newcomers?" he asked, prepared for either a full blown movie night or something more intimate, just them two.

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    The captain looked over to Searus first and took the datachip, nodding her head a little. "I have no questions for you as of yet, Searus. Please, go make yourself comfortable.. now, as for you, Malrak.." came the response, ooking to the colorful raven with a curious look and unanswered question. "What kind of research are we talking about?"
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    "No, no, no, no." Kairiel said eagerly, but with a smile as he got up from the table. "Just you and me. I need close company, someone I can forget myself around, you know?" The Tau explained further, trying to get the point across that he needs some solitude in a very good friend. "I got everything we need already in my room as I was prepared for just watching all day, all night the vids alone. But I suppose some company might be what I really need."
  3. "Felana has data on creating Replicae, we are in the process of decoding and making sense of it. My experiments are of a more sorcerous nature, we once combined our knowledge and created Montesquieu from but a few cells." The colorful bird cawed at the saying of its name with Malrak reaching up with a feather covered clawed hand to scratch its head. "We would require a large enough room for house equipment such as growth vats and possibly cages of various size. I could create a list for you if you so desire."
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    And so would the night wear on, with Kairiel and Yurikas watching some vids, Tuska and Felana working on their projects (after agreeing to some rules from the captain) and everyone else doing as they felt would be best. And as time wore on after that night, Aeris would look over the data given to her from Searus, and eventually there would come a call for her inner crew to meet her on the bridge.

    Once there, she would look over at them and grin. "So, it has come to my attention that a certain noble house is holding an annual masquerade ball." she said with a smirk, playing with her hair. "And this noble seems to have quite the amount of riches in gems and other goods. So I just thought, well, it would be rather nice if we decided to relieve her of some of those burdens. Some of you will need to go undercover in the party with me, while the rest of you 'liberate' our prizes." she said, chuckling while waiting to hear what her crew thought of the idea.​
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    Yurikas had spent the 'night' over at Kairiel's cabin as they kind of just fell asleep together watching vids, talking and having generally a good time amidst very close friends. So in the morning, the Tau left the sleeping Lacrymole to rest up. Dressed in his usual diplomat robes he made it over to the bridge, where he preferred to stand.

    "Sounds simple enough, capt'n." Kairiel mused, one hand on his chin, the other on his opposite elbow. "Makes me naturally think of having the team split up in a certain way, but of course I do not wish to impose myself on anyone. However, I have a strong suggestion that I myself may infiltrate the party. I would have more luck tickling security details out of the nobles there, than be of any help on the raiding team. Especially since we have to assume there will be conflict. I still suggest the raiding party to use masks and dresses to make it seem like guests of the party went wild, which on the long-term could cause tension between the noble houses and in the long run make for good mercenary contracts or more potential for raids."

    The diplomat mused, more thinking out loud than anything else. Though it was unusual for him to ramble that much on.
  6. Malrak furrowed his brow at the concept of a heist of this nature, he had read novels about such things in his spare time in the past. He wouldn't exactly call them riveting but he could appreciate the amount of careful planning and coordination the crime requires. The Tau's thoughts on the matter intrigued him as well, it was a sound idea though not a proper plan quite yet. It as more like an outline right now as more details would need to be added in but it was a good outline. "We would need to create separate teams of course, assign each of us to one according to our skills. Perhaps an initial team to figure out what groups we could pin against each other with the second being held back until we get a proper grasp on the situation. I think infiltrating the party is a pertinent move on the account of needing more information for us to use. Perhaps the more charismatic and social members should be on that team while the rest are on the more direct team which will be taking the valuables."
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    Goramor was slowly enjoying a glass of wine. Relishing the taste and texture, appreciating the fine beverage as one should.
    "Ah! And as our warp witch says it, I agree!" He spread his four arms and smiled wide. "Someone of my stature and glory would most likely cause a ruckus there. How do you even disguise something this magnificent? I am more than happy to wait until "it" hits the fan or take a more indirect approach all together."
    Goramor slithered forwards to the spotlight.
    "Then again, I've always wanted to crash a fancy party and paint the walls red." His smile turned into a more wicked sneer.
  8. Malrak's eye twitched when the Snake man called him a warp witch. "Creature, I am a Sorcerer not these other moronic titles you keep creating from the empty bowl that is your mind." He looked at the Sslyth with an annoyed look on his face. @Wata
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    "Yes, yes. Nothing but chaff in front of your sorcery magnificence." Goramor answered with a chuckle and sarcastic tone, waving a dismissive hand.
    "Let us have slaves roll out a red carpet for us both wherever we go!" He was quiet a moment, pondering what he just said finger on his chin. He leaned his head closer to Aeris. "Can we get a red carpet wherever we go?"
  10. Malrak grumbled at Goramor's sarcasm and waved his own hand, sending a small flick of psychic force towards the serpentine creature's snout. It would feel like being flicked on the nose and that was all Malrak intended it to do. "That sounds like a horrible waste of time and fabric."
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