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Yo ho and a Bottle o' Amasec

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, May 25, 2017.

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    After the Haemonculus had given a bow to the Captain - doubtless she had to do such things as conduct a debriefing for her crew, shower away the dirt of the fight, and so on - he was approached by Shriek.

    "We didn't finish our... ehm, discussion, onboard that station. I wanted to ask you for a favor. As a Haemoncolus, you work with molding and improving on flesh and the like, correct?"
    She watches him calmly with her one, not covered eye, her metallic claw clicking against her leg
    "Do you still do those practices?" she asked.

    "I do indeed," Varl replied, professional mode still very much in place. The businesslike Haemonculus added, "Though, I must say, I have not done much work with those who possess metallic attachments. The scxience of it seems plain enough, and I am familiar with the smaller, more delicate items of surgery such as the nervous system. What do you have in mind?"
  2. Shriek sighed gently behind her helmet.
    "I want increased efficency. Faster reflexes, stronger... I was to simply be a stronger warrior for the captain."
    She moves her metallic claw in a slightly annoyed fashion, perhaps not a fan of discussing her flaws.
    "I am just a copy anyway. An attempt to try and combine the works of your people and that of the mechanicus. I want to rise above my weak and poorly designed self and become something more... more effective simply."
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    Searus looked over the data she had found and made a quick complied summary. Once that was done made notes from the phsykers journal boiling down his experiences into advisory warnings and categories. When all was done and she was satisfied with the presentation of her work she headed off to the captain to give her the information chip.
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    Felana heard Malrak Causing her to look up to him as he asked her a question about experimentation. "That I am unsure about, Think we may need to ask her to find out, Maybe see what kind of Experiments she would allow before beginning them, Though likely she might for smaller ones and likely if we show her some of there uses some bigger ones later on." Felana suggested looking to Malrak. "So you want to ask her about that now?" Felana asked Malrak
  5. Malrak thought for a moment before he closed his book in one hand and put away his pen with the other. "Yes I feel that would be prudent." He said as he wrapped the chain around his waist once more and began to leave the room. But as he did he heard Montesquieu caw and thought for a moment, perhaps he could seem more charismatic with the colorful raven with him. Seeing no harm in the concept he went into his half of the room to fetch Montesquieu from his cage before heading out in earnest to find the captain and ask his questions. Plural as even though he just wanted to ask on there would likely follow several others.
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    The Lacrymole - in his native form for now at least - leaned back as well and chuckled at the Tau's words. "I wouldn't worry. You know her almost as well as I do - after something like this I'm sure she'll go for something far more simple." he said, glancing over at the diplomat.

    < @TuskatheDaemonKilla @Tamu >

    Aeris had just reached her quarters when she was waylaid by two of her crewmembers. She rose an eyebrow and smirked a little, though bowed her head. "Searus, Malrak. A pleasure to meet you." she said with a nod. "And to what do I owe this honor?" she asked with the slightest of joviality in her voice, trying to lighten her own mood.
  7. Malrak nodded to the captain with the colorful raven on his should. "I wished to ask you a question regarding the research Felana and I conduct. That being if you would allow us to do so and provide the appropriate space for it." He said was the raven on his shoulder groomed itself quietly.
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    'As for me i found some nice locations to conduct business for the crew weather it is the business of trading or the business end of a sword is up to you." the teach priestess replied cheerfully to the captain as she handed her the data chip.

    "Do you have any questions or need anything? If not then i am going to explore the ship"
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    "Simple doesn't always mean easy. Look at Orks. Very simple minded. Very dangerous, as well." Kairiel responded, looking around the mess just out of curiosity who else was around. Seeing nobody of particular interest, the Tau rose from his chair.

    "Want to watch some vids together or so? Could need some company winding down from everything and forgetting about the fighting and just have some good old fashioned camaraderie time." He smiled softly towards his friend.
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    Goramor laughed warmly and leaned forward in the tub so the girl could do her work.
    "Relax, morsel, I don't bite unless you want me to." He grabbed the drink he was brought and took a swig. "How's the scar looking?" Goramor tried to see the slash on his back, worried it might ruin his glorious, majestic figure.
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