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Yo ho and a Bottle o' Amasec

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, May 25, 2017.

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    The space station Revelation. Situated on the outer edge of the Maelstrom it is home to pirates and mercenaries of all kinds, waiting for the next job or opportunity to come along. All kinds of races could be found: Humans, abhumans, Eldar of all paths (a majority of corsairs, mind you), everything. Even perhaps the spare Necron. If you wanted something, there was probably someone who could get it for you - but always at a price.

    And among the crowds walking through the hallways of Revelation stood a tall Eldar with a determined gaze and smirk. Behind her flowed her long bronze hair and cloak, with a human-like captain's hat topping her head and contrasting her crystal-blue eyes. At her side was a shuriken pistol and what looked like a cutlass, her hands not straying far from them as they moved along. Behind her would be some of her crew as they seek out a tavern, looking to find a few extra specialized crew members to finish crewing her ship.

    They would eventually come to the Revelation Bar, in the center of the station and one of the main attractions of the place. It's where most of the all kinds of mercs would be found as they waited, drinking down Amasec or their drinks of choice. The door slammed opened as the Eldarine captain walked in and looked around.

    "Name's Aeris. Captain Aeris Ariina of the-" she effortlessly ducked past a flying bottle from a drunk human stormtrooper "-Hanatari, and I'm looking for some able-bodied crew to fill a few vacancies. Any takers? I offer loot, adventure, excitement and asylum for anyone seeking it." she said, glancing around with a confident smile as she assessed her options.

    [You may be either a part of Aeris' crew already (in which case you're with her in the tavern), or in the tavern. Either way, post accordingly. Once everyone posts once, we'll move on]​
  2. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Already in and avoiding kinetic projectiles. A bio-weapon judging by its quality too! - though Ananius as he sniffed the amasec smear on the wall, the only remnant of the bottle. What a waste, but then again this place is a waste of talent and life. Unless they joined them! Oh...the lucrative prospect! Customers!

    With a scowl on his face from the stench of what passed at this place as amasec, Vex removed his cowl entirely, gas-mask dangling by threads from its neck-sealants. None would guess there is some actual sophsitication to the otherwise ragged and tattered look. Appearing as a lowlife had its upsides too! Less chances to be shived in the back for scrip!

    With his employer, mamzel Aeris, having her work cut out for her, Ananius departed from her company and blended in with the general hubhub of tavern rabble.

    With pointed elbows, shoves and stares of death he reached the bar in one piece and with most of his property still in check.

    "Oi, mate!" hollering above the din of the general noise he summoned a bartender with a wave of hand. Gloved fingers soothing unshaven, gruff skin on his face he cupped his hand and motioned toward his mouth.
    "Got any more? heard the lady - anyone looking for a few credits to earn?"
  3. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Goramor slowly came forward with a faint smile on his face from one of the corner tables where he had been busy arm wrestling two at a time and winning. He stopped in front of the captain and straightened himself to tower over the woman.
    "Think you can cover excitement and loot enough to satisfy the great Goramor?"
    He inched his face a bit closer, still high enough to force the captain to crane her neck when addressing him.
    "I have expensive tastes." He hissed in a playful manner.
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  4. Malrak sat at a table with a bird cage placed on the middle of it. His cloak and hood on him conceding most of his form besides his hands which were around a cup. He didn't drink alcohol, a substance that dulled the mind was dangerous for someone of his power. As such he was drinking tea, though the bar didn't serve any they did have hot water and he knew how to grow the appropriate plants. His force staff was leaning on the table its Aquila having been corrupted to resemble a twin headed raven.

    The sudden entry of the Eldar captain and the resulting bottle being thrown made the bird in the cage stir. In shape it resembled a raven from Terra's ancient days though its color was extraordinary. It's feathers were far more than just the simple black expected of its kind. Blues, pinks, yellows, purples, and everything inbetween it was a living work of art in his opinion and the result of his and Felana's toil in a lab.

    Speaking of that woman she was seated on the other side of the table. The Eldar captain's offer intrigued him but he couldn't just leave without his companion. She was the only living thing he could trust besides his birds. "What do you think Felana? Have we stooped so low as to join pirates?" He asked as he reached into the cage with a blue clawed hand to stroke the bird in an attempt to calm it.
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  5. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Lachesis took her seat somewhat away from her captain and fellow crew, electing to sit down in as quiet a corner as the bar provided, eventually finding herself with a glass of amasec in hand to which she vigorously added water from her own canteen. This odd practice served to extend her pleasure: one drink wouldn't do - but two drinks were already straining the "safe warp travel" limit. The navigating rogue sighed, envying the less fortunate for the opportunity to lay waste to their livers.

    With moderate interest, she watched Cap'n Aeris do her thing, and spin her recruitment ad to the unfortunate souls that sought to join void pirates like them. While her fleshy grey eyes were so occupied, her warp gaze rested firmly on the Sorcerer that was also lounging in this establishment, with some other lady. Kirsten Lach was, for now, content with empyrean voyeurism as she nursed her watered-down not-quite-rum, but she was, spiritually, quite brazen and impolite with her sixth sense staring, even if the gateway to hell was hidden behind a folded red cloth, and a few streaks of her own blond.
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    Aeris took a step back as the large Sslyth slithered up to her, eyes roaming him up and down. Hm, large and imposing, muscled arms.. she could always use a few more bruisers. And yet, he did carry as a male used to some lavishness in his lifestyle. She glanced over at two of her compatriots as they left to get themselves drunk, and then smirked back at this 'Goramor'. "If you didn't think I could, you wouldn't be asking." she winked, before glancing around at the rest of the room. "Piles of loot to sleep on if that's what you want. Money enough to buy the finest black market clothier to make you a bed set." she weaved her words with a graceful tongue while yet standing in her confident poise. "And if you so desire, I'm sure I could find a few diversions for you."
  7. Shriek, stands behind her mistress as usual. Wearing a black hood over her head, while her eye study the Sslyth. She had been in the crew for a while now, about a year. Working as a enforcer, protector and guard, aswell as "silencing" anyone that her captain needed her to. She watches the Sslyth, prepared to at any moment step forwards to protect her captain.

    She wasn't a fan of new recruits, since they had a tendency to either not be obedient or assume things they shouldn't. She had caught more than one attempting to sneak into the captain's personal cabin without the captain's concent. Her metallic hands click and cling as she flexes them. Always ready, always alert.
  8. Malrak's attention was switched from Felana as he felt something gaze at him in the warp. Immediately annoyed he determined the gaze was coming from someone within the bar and it was not the Eldar captain. He used his mind to find the source and found the navigator's soul. With the taping of his finger on his cup a small message was carved into the table she was sitting at. "It is rather rude to stare." @Casavay
  9. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Diveersionss you say?" Goramor hissed and stroked his chin in consideration with one hand. He eventually extended one of his lower arms to shake on the deal. "We will have a formal contract and there will be a clause mentioning 'piles of loot to sleep on'. Just so you don't forget what you promised."
    He smiled wide, revealing his grand fangs.
  10. Keidivh Keidivh Well-Known Member

    Boredom. That was perhaps the word that best described the Spyrer's state currently. Pure, unadulterated boredom. Really, she had thought a space station designed for renegades and the like in the fracking maelstrom would provide her with the rush she needs, yet as of now all she got was a few decent scraps, and a few trinkets she pick pocketed off of some interesting passerby's. Wasn't really the most valuable items, but she had to do something to pass the time!

    Unable to contain er angst any longer, she simply flopped over onto her sister who sat in the booth beside her. "Sis! Siiiiiiiiiiiiis. I'm bored. I'm so bored. I need to be entertained. Why is this place so dull!? You'd think with a renegade station named Revelation there'd be more fun stuff to do, ya know!?" She pleaded towards her more stable sister, Saven. She always thought of fun stuff to do, she was smart like that!

    Before she had a chance to respond however Arissa's attention was ripped away towards something that really piqued her interest. An apparent Eldar Corsair captain and her crew were looking for new hires. And even better bottles were being thrown. Perhaps it was a sign from.... Well, something. Besides she always wanted to work alongside Eldar. They were an attractive race for one, and better than that, they had some wonderful jewelry she could lift.

    "Oh oh oh oh oh! Saven, Saven look!" She cried out as she scrambled on top of her Spyrer sister and pointed at the newcomers. "And they have a snake man! Oh what fun, can we join them sister? Please? It'll be exciting!" She really hoped that her sister would say yes, cause in the end she wouldn't leave without her. They were blood, and wherever Saven was is where she would be.

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