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Yet another lag thread: has it gotten worse for you?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Forj, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    First off, let me say I'm not complaining about lag in general - it's a fact of life for Oceanic gaming that you won't notice getting shot for the first few hits, and shooting moving targets is more challenging because they're not always where you think they are.

    Secondly, I've waited for so long since the last patch dropped to make sure that what I was noticing was consistent. So anyways...

    Does the effects of lag feel greater now for anyone else, compared to before the last patch? The latency numbers are mostly the same, but I've noticed the following differences:

    • Strong Attacks getting stunned by dbash; best example was stunning one dbash with a SA and following up with a second SA only for the stun to be reversed. It's not an issue of landing the SA late on my end, it's mismatch on the server end. I've never had this occur prior to patch it was always a mis-time on my end.
    • Fast Attacks not clanging; My opponent and I can both spam FA, but roughly every third one of his will pass through and deal damage. Before the patch, I could clang every FA so long as my FA actually went out.
    • Melee attacks not dealing damage; Prior to the patch, Strong Attacks would not deal damage about half the time, but this was obscured by latency just delaying the visual. Now, I can hit someone with low health and armour in the back with three fast attacks from a knife and be the one who loses the duel.
    • Dying to basic weapons before I can react in any way. Prior to the patch, autocannons and heavy bolters could do this, but now it works for bolters too. In fact, my LSM tactical was killed by a Hawks Talon (Swooping Hawk non-unique upgraded rifle) before I had the chance to dodge, and I always take Gold Armour and any armour/toughness I can lay my hands on.
    • It feels like I take more damage from melee attacks. My full health Mark of Nurgle Havoc was downed in a single hit to the back with a chainsword (not a Chainblade of Fury either) - I could be wrong but I wouldn't have thought that possible.
    • In the last week, was the first time I had consistent in-game latency numbers of more than 400ms, and I started to notice rubber-banding, teleporting, and freezes that I never noticed at 380ms.
    Basically, it feels like the game experience is now much more affected by lag, in ways that fundamentally break down the way the game is expected to function. Is anyone else experiencing the same things, or even just a worsening of the effects?
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  2. The game to me seems to run better but the weirdness is more pronounced.

    I frequently get one hit killed by assaults with chainswords, but im betting im probably receiving bolter rounds from somewhere that arent registering my side.

    melee is frequently infuriating, feels like im having to repeatedly do double the hits than normal and they then step to the side and im air swiping at the opposite angle. heavy attack when i try is so slow and telegraphed with any weapon that i rarely try now so its basically fast attacks ad finum unfortunately . against eldar its ridiculous due to they're speed.

    I press my mouse button to attack and nothing happens and the model drops his hands and stands still waiting for the inevitable easy kill for my opponent. this happens a lot.

    I cant catch mark of nurgle marines when i chase them in melee :( i was playing eldar
    Even when playing assault i jump i come crashing in swipe and the feckers moved out of range :oops:

    Turning to shoot i aim fire and the tracer shoots at an 30 degrees angle away from the crosshairs, takes a second to correct.This happens very frequently especially on euro server. especially using grav cannon/gun/pistol.

    Grenades are next to useless and are better team killers than anything else. i chuck the land they sit and sit and sit.

    but yeah im actually enjoying the gameplay more than i have before

    PS: tanks of all factions hover a lot more now
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  3. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    On EU server I'm getting latency pings between 380 ms on a good match to the low 500 ms

    On NA server its never below 240ms, as far as I'm concerned 240's as good as it gets, so in terms of a "good match" with responsiveness its all I've ever known so for me that's a good ping rate. Though it does get up to the low 300's.

    Anything above 280ms isn't worth playing which sadly is more and more these days so when I see 300 to 500ms +? I don't even bother. I just exit game and go play
    The Darkest Dungeon
    (because its awesome).

    This is unacceptable:
    the lag.png

    And this is REALLY unacceptable:

    Noo a happy bunny ^
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  4. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    I notice my fist dealing 0 damage on hits regularly,happened 4 times in a row once 4 times.All the rest is the same weirdness you are getting.

    My latency is 50ms EU and 120ms US.120ms works very differently to 50 and I have to change the whole way I play to compensate.

    Nades aren't useless if you shoot them to make them explode faster and to make heavies jump so you can get a few hits in or move up.
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  5. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    Personally I found 380ms fine to play on prior to the most recent patch. But as much as the numbers you post are an entirely valid complaint, I'm talking more about the increase in warp-fuckery I've noticed without the numbers changing. The numbers you quote haven't changed from the other times you've complained about them, that I can recall.
  6. Baelugor Bugz First Blood!

    An Aussie that is playing almost every chance I get (mostly at night).... It feels as though I'm training in a Hyperbolic Time Chamber, especially if I'm on a EU server. :CSMAlpha:
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  7. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    I think I know what you mean,

    When you land a "successful" attack countering your targets attack but it slides off them as if it never landed and either one of two things happens:
    • Their attack cuts through your "successful" counter, rendering your attack void
    • They evade out of your "successful" counter as if they where a greased pea and retaliate with their own parry while your left there waiting for your characters glacial turn animation.
    My technical skills are restricted to screenshots and animated gifs I'm afraid, I wish I had the tools to be able to record what I'm talking about and provide specific examples so we can tear it apart down to its base elements to find out what may be causing it or if its working as intended.

    The best way to describe it is indeed 'warp fuckery' though. or "stuff that should have worked based on the circumstances played out doesn't work as it should have or had done in the past" - the lack of consistency is infuriating.

    I partly blame lag but mostly blame net coding or said 'warp fuckery'.
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  8. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    omg i know that feel bro, fuck I thought it was just me (New Zealand here)

    I have used this phrase may times in the past, or something to this affect:

    A bit like this:

    Unless I'm desperate for a match I opt out of all EU matches, NA is so much better.
  9. ghoul mondragon Recruit

    The best is a lasscannon pointing on you.. You see the red laser means you already dead. The dodge animation pops on screen and the laser hit your face.. I took some advantage and kill loads of heavy defences without almost a chance to scape... but the reverse happens too.. you shot the dude and the laser ignore the target and pass right trough the body doing nothing..

    Heavybolter is another mess with lag.. the aim says you hit and the health says you don't.
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  10. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    Yes it has gotten bad. Also, random game crashes have been more frequent. 3 last night in a 1 hour span, I got so frustrated I just went to bed. Don't know why, but it's been noticeable for sure.
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