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Yep...another Ork Kannon thread...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Halcyon, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Hal9000 Halcyon Well-Known Member

    I'll be really fair here.

    Let it keep it's OHK ability without the possibility of a revive.
    Let it keep it's lightning speed velocity.

    At the very least....the very least.....let us see the round incoming.

    I just came off a fortress attack where Orks were the defenders. One dude ended with 60 kills, all from the Kannon while his teammates were in the teens and a couple in the low 20's.
    So, you know...there's only so many places you can stand outside the walls (the map had the 3 draw bridges and pipes on either side..all orangish rust colored), and I kept repeatedly getting killed by this guy. And I spun in every damn direction looking for it, and on death #5 I FINALLY saw a very dull and muted greyish thing before it slammed into me.

    How is anyone supposed to see that?

    So...if BE could do the bare minimum here...make it a fiery glowing orange cannon shaped round that I can see so I can figure out where the guy is and avoid it.

    Insta-dying repeatedly even when you switch positions and never knowing where the guy is is not fun, doesn't promote a fun atmosphere, and isn't very sporting in a competitive game like this.

    Everyone can see a plasma shot from miles away, plus it travels at the speed of snail. Just let us see the Kannon shot. It can keep everything else.
    Not really asking a lot here. Even the playing field a bit.
  2. Alb - Alb Alb Steam Early Access

    Well the reason you're not seeing it is because it's traveling so fast. If the projectile was the size of the sun you'll still only see it for less than a second. And due to how networking works, you're already dead.

    The reason why it's so accurate and easy to hit moving targets is mostly because of its velocity. You don't have to predict as much. AOE feels huge and super forgiving (I hear people saying it's the exact same as PC, but I dunno). And it's pinpoint accurate. I often times snipe people peeking over railings like they're safe from me or something.

    IMO, the AOE could be lowered a tad, and the projectile speed dropped a little, as well as some projectile arc. All of this in little bits, don't turbo nerf the thing. Do this and see how it does. AND while we're here, can we make the tap-fire a sticky nade pls?

    The above changes would hopefully bring the weapon closer into battles rather than being a giant sniper rifle. Slow speed would make hitting moving, far targets even harder, bullet drop would make sniping still targets a little harder, and smaller AOE would make misses hurt more.

    I'm speaking as someone who uses the crap out of the kannon, for those of you who don't already know. I'm Dorkk.
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  3. From all the 1HKO Weapons, the Cannon deffgun seems to be the most easiest to use. But as it is with a lot of Overpowered Ork-Weapons, it never got touched, while in fact it was just like the Plasmacannon. The PC got it's well deserved nerf but is still verry viable (at least imho) but compared to the starshot reaperlauncher, that has quite a traveltime, and the plasmacannon, the Cannon deffgun really stands out. I say, give it a travel-time, like the Plasmacannon has, and remove the fact that you are fully killed, without down state, to make it more equal to the PC
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  4. Tarot NeonWeaver Steam Early Access

    Imo, weapons should to choose 2 from this list:

    - Good anti-infantry damage.
    - Good AV damage.
    - Good area of damage.

    The plasma cannon has a good area and some really good anti-infantry tricks with the charged shots, stuns and semiautomatic mode, but it has very bad AV damage.
    The reaper launcher has a good AV damage and can 1 hit infantry, but doesn't has a big AoE (and starswarm... well...)
    The kannon 1 hits, has a good area, an excellent AV damage, and also is invisible, so you can't locate the projectile origin.

    Ii isn't an ultra-broken weapon of spamming doom, but it is top-tier and giving the projectile some visibility could help to "balance" it a bit better.
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  5. Rageageddon Rageageddon Steam Early Access

    Biggest thing I see with the Kannon is the rate of fire you have with the thing. The fact that it can be free fired unlike the zzap/lascannon with zero to no-recoil makes this even scarier. Here's my go on it:

    Keep the 1HKO (It's a kannon, it's a tank gun on an ork's shoulders!!!)

    Keep the Area of Effect though redo the area effect damage so its hits similar to a frag grenade on the edges. Currently the Kannon seems to be all or nothing when it comes to who's hurt from the shot.

    Decrease missile speed slightly (It is fast but most of the firefights are in small enough areas that even a plasma cannon shot cannot be dodged without careful attention. The rather terrible latency at times can really make this worse)

    Add a minor knockback effect to the wielder (like a vindicator's demolisher cannon) when you fire while not braced and add a major suppression effect briefly after each shot regardless if you're braced or not (You're firing a bloody kannon, the recoil and knockback on that thing should be honestly able rip your arms from your shoulders from firing once)

    Remove the ability to launch/lob frag grenades and leave only the charged mortar and direct fire as it's only fire modes. (No more free nade spamming the floor to save yourself, get a buddy to guard you or get screwed over when someone get's close)
  6. Cydonia Cydonia Well-Known Member

    Like what? Kannon and rokkit are (arguably) the only OP weapons we have right now. Two isn't a lot.
  7. Remember the Burning Croxius, that oneshotted people? Same was the burning Choppa.
    Croxius got nerfed, Choppa got... not changed, until 1-2 patches later.

    Autocannon OP! Dev's tweaked the AC, but Ace Dakka... untouched... well...

    Plasmacannon OP! Dev's tweaked it, but the mechanic-wise Cdeffgun was unchanged...

    That's what i meant Orks get overseen quite often when it comes to nerfing a weapon-type ^^
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  8. I guess Cannon got overseen because it was bugged for quite a while so it wasn't used very much.
  9. Madork Gunna DarkGraven Arkhona Vanguard

    Personally leave it as is wanna know how you take out a Kannon Space Marines? Use your over powered Stalker Bolters to take us out or use Jump Assaults to get in close we literally can't do anything in CQC.

    Currently the Kannon is one of the few good things Orks have going for them we have had our Lasguns nerfed to be piss power in accuracy, they made our electro axes crap, now ya'll wanna nerf the Kannon seriously?

    How about some of the other races with their over powered weapons hmm? The Stalker Bolter which can one shot an Ork in the Back? How about the fact your Lasguns have what feels like half the charge time as Orks and are pin point Accurate? Lets not forget Chaos with their Bolter which can shoot through players with no damage fall off what about that? Or the fact the Eldar Warlock is stupidly strong in Melee and is used more then the Banshee which is supposed to be their Melee class.

    Let us have this one fucking thing please? Seriously we got nerfed for melee and are the fucking Tau because thats all we got left.
  10. Brosephelon Recruit

    I like that this is your call for CSM OP weapon... I don't think I've even seen anyone using the Heartpeircer they'd rather just run a normal bolter with addons.

    The bigger issue with your suggested "counter" to the Kannon is that often times when used on maps with limited lives it can be nearly impossible to JPA to the Kannons without wasting lives let alone being successful.
    Beyond that what do you suggest non-LSM do since they don't have Stalkers?

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