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[XIII] vs [POLB] :: 2017 Feb 25 :: 1900 UTC

Discussion in 'Match requests' started by Algernon, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. I've spoken with Space Marine representatives SloughMonster & ShoulderMount and I was notified that we will be playing a match on the 25th. I have not had a chance to speak with Chaos representatives or the guild leader of POLB. (I could not find them on the guild recruitment thread).

    I have scheduled the event on my guilds website calendar and am prepared to deploy 15-20 Ultramarines on this date and time. If POLB is unable to attend im perfectly fine with facing off against another guild or warparty. Mainly I just want to reach out to whatever people I need to in order to make this event happen on time with as little confusion as possible.

    Thank you for your time faction reps and developers!

    -Strike Force Ultra
  2. Monsix Monsix Cipher

    According to Kuche, it's 15vs15 (now he tells me 20vs20 XD)

    How can we contact you??? Discord? TS3? Forum's messages? This thread?
  3. Dont worry about the numbers, bring whatever you can (no higher than 20 please) and I will match it evenly. You can contact me via this thread, PM, the Eternal Battle discord i go by the same username. If you want to chat on voice contact me via the discord and well setup a call.

    I dont want to do multiple warparties yet as this is our first event. I want to be able to see how things go and then in the future I may do multiple warparties.
  4. Neni Neni Steam Early Access

    will there be a video´s to watch from the upcomming match ?

    damm there is no spectator mode for EC
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  5. I hear DJ Penguin will be in spectator mode for the match and will be recording.
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  6. nice to see you boys taking initiative with this, hopefully this will break the ice for this mode of battle.
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  7. DJPenguin DJPenguin Cardinal

    The spectator camera isn't ready to go yet. When it is (and given my moving situation when I'm available to do so..) I plan on live streaming some of the matches along with Z Bear.
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  8. any info regarding the narrative side of the project in relation to particular matches? How will they fill into the plot that is going to be prepared?
  9. phantagor phantagor Eternal Battles Moderator

    For this match, i have written a introduction to the event from the Eyes of the LSM, while the conclussion of the Event will be from the eyes of CSM.

    If and how the lore will get affected by those matches is up to see
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  10. I just can't wait to see that already done. This is very promising progress in development of this community.

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