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Wraithlord/guard Lore Question

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Kilgar, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. Kilgar Kilgar Cipher

    I've been always wondering...
    Do the eldar know who resides in the spiritstones?
    And if so, how much of it can percive of its past? Can they feel any emotion, feeling?
    I'm asking since just recently I got an idea for a piece and would be nice to know how eldar and those bound inside a spiritstone could interact if any at all. Or if they have any feelings left, so they "function" as a living being, just bount to a cold schell of a chrystal.

    Actually, it would be interesting to read a novel with the perspecive of a Wraithlord or wraithguard :) Just thinking ^^
  2. in "fulgrim" from the HH series there is a wraithlord and he seems to have some personality^^
  3. Kilgar Kilgar Cipher

    Just started reading the Horus Heresy :) I've read 3x books so far (damn, poor 1000 sons :/ thats one rude twist of fate they had there...), havent read the Fulgrim one ^^
    But will do :3
    Too bad there are quite a few books written from eldar perspective ^^;
  4. ya its like there are just spacemarines, IG and chaos
    never saw an ork book yet ^^
  5. Kilgar Kilgar Cipher

    Oks have a few great comics/stories, but no book :/
    I really loved the Gaunt series but it would be nice to have some love for the other factions other then the almighty IG/Commissars/SM/CSM ^^; Ok, I know its hard to grasp how an alien lifeform would think, especially an eldar or necron (plus they're partially machine xD).

    But lol... tau or ork should not be that hard to grasp oO
    Or dark eldar... just sit in a few sessions for a bondage, S&M party and throw in a few inmates of a psyho ward and you should get the overall picture :p
  6. Arvina Arvina Subordinate

    Someone does. The spirits that inhabit the wraith-constructs have to be vigorous to be of any use in war, so as a seer or spirit-seer if you wanted to know a'd just ask the spirit inside.
    It varies. Some heroic spirits act as advisors with their memories and judgements. They would probably remember more or less everything. Emotions wise, there's anger and battle-lust or something similar when in battle. The spirits aren't machines, while operating the constructs they are definitely driven by something. Duty at least.
    If you can get your hands on the Eldar 6th edition codex you'll find the stuff on pages 49/50.
  7. Kilgar Kilgar Cipher

    Hm, thank you :3
    Just got the Eldar 6th ED the other day so I'll definitely check it ty ^^
    Was asking since I got an idea for a drawing and was curious how I could portray some things about the Wraith walkers and their relation to other eldar :)
  8. Pm713 Pm713 Subordinate

    Yes they sense who it is as they put the Stone in I think. As I recall they do keep their personality but it's reduced as without a Spiritseer they see the world and the afterlife at the same time.
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