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World of Steam and Steel (IC Thread )

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by bossaroo, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    The streets of london were alive with the clacking of shoes on cobblestone and the loud clomping sound of walking carraiges as their legs carry their passengers over pedestrians with hissing boilers. Work whistles chimed as noon break had ended and workers began marching back into the factories smoke stacks belching black acrid smoke higher into the air mingling with the Airships overhead.

    The Airship engines adding a light whir to cacaphonous chorus of the city. Passenger airships from as far as the distant americas, massive dual ballooned cargo ships pulling into dock to relive themselves of their cargo , Warships their guns unloaded and stowed all pulling in to the massive tower at the heart of the city. At its base Walking carriage depot and a train station beneath it.

    One train is the focus of this ( @TuskatheDaemonKilla , @Wata , @Vulpas , @Maleth ,@Wincent , @Vlayden ) unmarked and sitting idily in the station it was particularly conspicuous making it the ideal meeting place. Letters sent served as tickets to board. The courteous assitants took not only coats but arms as well placing them safely away. The passengers were brought to a luxurious train car when its whistle rang out and began with a start "make yourself at ease we wil be making our way soon" and soon enough they were left to be the only facet in common being a letter they all bore, An invitation and a job offer marked with a coat of arms unfamilair to most as the terrain outside began speeding by.

    ( OOC: feel free to emote getting through the City to the train with a <London> tag )
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  2. Karl Aberhart lugged his rather heavy suit case through the streets of London. He had arrived across the channel only a day ago and here he was in probably the busiest city in the world trying to find the train station. The general hustle and bustle of this city was distracting as well as it's sheer scale of industrialization. The noise was probably the most distracting with all of the vehicles going by on the street and the ones in the air. He swallowed dryly as the sounds reminded him of something for a moment but he quickly shook his head as he saw the sign for the train station.

    Walking through the usual crowds his eyes fell upon the unmarked train and then his invitation. Putting two and two together the approached it and showed the men hid invitation and allowed them to take his luggage. The contents of which he would rather not speak of and simply gave them his coat and headed further into the train. On his way through he saw his reflection in the glass of the windows. A tired looking man in a grey suit and matching grey hat. He had nightmares the night before and stayed up looking at the ceiling.

    He rubbed his eyes with his right hand for a moment before finding a seat. Maybe it was because he had come to this city of all places the nightmares came back. Of course that would imply the nightmares had actually gone away. Over the last few decades that had only become more irregular and rare. He shook his head again, no this wasn't the time to be lamenting his mental condition. He had been called here for work that he needed and he shall act professionally. After all, who would want a doctor who brakes down by simply thinking about the past?
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  3. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Izzy walked amoungst the train station for quite some time carrying two bags and having a large crate of parts and work tools with they making his way to the train,They made sure to watch as it was loaded on correctly, And finally they made sure to reach there train wearing long brown pants and a white shirt and grey vest with tie and a Straw hat with green scheme upon it.

    Carrying a type of business look in there eyes they looked like they were going to carry on for a business meeting ready to discuss regular things of daily stock broker, Though the only business Izzy was in was the weapons and researche business. Checking his watch he made sure he was on time as he was ready to board the train. "another day another dollar." Izzy said silently to himself.
  4. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Lucia stomped through the streets of London, tricorn pulled low. She was wearing her luxurious dark purple longcoat and because she had a brisk pace in her step the coat looked like a grand cape trailing behind her.
    She would have been a very pleasing sight to the eye if it wasn't for her angry mood and scarred face.

    In her hand she held a crumpled letter and in the other she carried a duffel bag. Searching for the train, she shoved people aside to make way for herself.
    At last, when she found the train in question, she spat on the ground muttering curses frustrated and walked to it.

    Lucia was about to step through, ignoring the guards. Then she was stopped.
    "You got a problem, wanker?!" and "You ain't touching my stuff, whoreson!" were her contributions to the debate of going inside armed with a heated cutlass and several revolvers. After a moment of insisting she eventually relented.
    "FINE! But I'll bash your balls to Hell and back if I don't get these back!"

    Lucia grabbed a bottle of whiskey from her bag before stepping inside.
    Two others had already arrived. Lady of Scars only scowled at them as she looked for a good place to sit.
    She took a whole area to herself, kicking back to relax proper and drank liquor like her life depended on it.
    She pulled the tricorn over her eyes and tried to nap.
  5. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    As his longcoat offered to be taken the officer did little more than give a polite shakeof his head and take his cap off, but did offer his weapons as a sign of cooperation. He did like his coat.
    His own luggage was already being taken care of, leaving him free to enter the train station and cast his gaze around. The prosthetic left arm held his own smoking pipe - having been lit a bit under an hour ago - whilst the right still carried his walking stick.
    The stick was taken under his armpit now as he reached into his coat, making sure his belongings were there. Even a nice little pocketwatch was there, hanging by a chain!

    A few moments passed as he made his way through the train, before hearing the... Oh bugger me. He saw the pirate woman and his shoulders slumped ever so slightly. He did at least give an oh so polite smile ( @Wata ), a mixture of a condescending and sweet look; it was easy to mistake the two. He seemed to be the master of this visage; if she said anything rude, it could seem as though she was simply harsh. Yet if she returned it, the smarter and more deceitful individuals may simply see her as incompetent for not noticing it.
    A perfect 'insult' as it were.

    "...What a barmy way to treat the staff of such a fine establishment, Ma'am." He said, his accent making the last word almost sound as though he said 'mum'. He did at least give a polite nod of his head. "To whom am I so lucky to meet the acquaintance of, might I ask?"
  6. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Lucia poked her tricorn with a finger higher to get a better view of the sod who was bothering her. Running her eyes in an appraising manner over him, she just scowled. That filthy smug smile was familiar to her, her father practiced it often as did her other occasional employers in the past.

    Lucia hates her father.

    She only sighed with straining patience and pulled her tricorn low again.
    "Not that it's any of your business but it's Candelaria."
    Taking another gulp of whiskey she glanced up. He was still standing there.
    "You can go now."

    I've stabbed people for less...
    Still she didn't know who was going to be employing her, so Lucia put on a patient manner.
  7. Wincent Thule whistled as he headed for the train, his shining boots clamping against the floor as he looks around curiously. He is in a good mood, as he always is when he gets to do new things. He is holding his bag over his shoulder, nothing too big but big enough to contain enough clothes and neccecities for his travel, but also a larger "crate" under his arm, containing his "working materiel" aswell as his rifle over his back.

    As he enters the train he hands over his rifle and his bags, but keeps his revolver under his coat, he isn't one to give away the revolver his father gave to him. He then calmly walked in and sank down on a seat, breathing out as he strokes his short brown hair back, curious what will happen.
  8. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Cornelia Blackthorn wasn't exactly the average sight on London's roadways when she headed out for the train station with her luggage stowed towards the rear end of her personal single-seat walker, a machine of her own creation.

    The walker itself was a fairly small machine (compared to others of the same type) but at least as big as a large horse, if not larger. Its legs bore a closer anatomical resemblance to that of a chicken than to that of a human, being positioned towards the centre of the vehicle, just behind the seat that Cornelia would be sitting on.

    Beside the seat of the machine there was what at first seems to be purely decorative pistons and gears connected to the legs. They were in an oddly shaped arrangement that could fit a boot inside, if it could come out into a three dimensional shape.

    Behind the walker's seat laid the machine's engine that kept it running with an exhaust putting any fumes of the machine safely away from her, with a few storages spaces that currently held her luggage. In front of the Engineer's seat was a small section of bodywork which bore a slight resemble to a long extinct species given the scaled decoration she had given it and the somewhat angular form.

    The forward section jutted far enough forwards that the woman could lie down flat on, with two horizontal sticks with various buttons and triggers on them (mostly of them decorative, until she could make them function) and a panel of buttons, leavers and other tools of control as one of the means of controlling her vehicle in comfortable gripping distance, and in use as the current method of control.

    Naturally, the woman herself had some interesting attire, with a brown jacket that came down to her thighs with clasps and chains keeping the ensemble from coming apart, with a turquoises shirt underneath. (In fact, her outfit in general had a theme of turquoise as her favoured colour, such as being the lining of the jacket.)

    A pair of goggles was currently resting on Blackthorn's forehead, bearing the same colour lenses as her shirt, with black boots with some brass parts attached onto them, with skinny, reddish hued trousers of a similar colour to her hair being the final pieces of her outfit along side the various pouches that stored her tools, the letter she had been given and sundry items. Not forgetting her scarf, also a rather muted brown to contrast the colour of the turquois.

    Course, when Cornelia arrived at the station she didn't need to trouble herself with crowds given that no-one wanted to be caught underfoot (the consequences would have a high chance of turning out fatal). Likewise, the look of the assistants said it all, given that she had a vehicle.

    So the woman was directed to a cargo car attached to the train to deposit her vehicle inside, with the doors opening up. But instead of waiting around for the machine to be loaded on manually or try using the conventions, she pushed two buttons on the control sticks just by her thumb and the arrangement of parts that were connected to the legs sprang out.

    Blackthorn then thrust her feet into the second method of control for her creation, with the brass on her boots connecting onto the apparatus with ease. She then moved her legs as if she was walking normally into the cargo car. And in doing so, the machine mimicked her motions exactly (or as close as exact, given anatomical differences), solving the issue of getting her walker aboard.

    With that done, Cornelia headed aboard the carriage letting the assistants take away her rifle, machine pistol (one she'd admit was rather inaccurate, an issue she wanted to fix) and her other pistol, but shook her head at having her coat taken off: She liked to wear that, thank you very much. Still, once she was inside the carriage Blackthorn took a seat, looking to see who else had likely gotten the same letter as her.
  9. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The man merely gave a brief exhale - as close to chuckling as he'd gotten - before nodding. "I do believe I should be saying such a thing to you, however; I'll be taking my leave anyway. See to finding a seat before 'm stuck standing."

    And with that, he waltzed off, going to do exactly that! Once he'd sat himself down he'd be sure to relax, resting the walking stick against his outer leg. One of which was stretched outwards, whilst the other curled underneath it. If anything, he looked like the epitome of comfort at the moment. One hand holding a smoking smoke pipe, the other resting on an armrest.
  10. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    (@Vlayden , @Maleth , @Wata ,@Wincent , @TuskatheDaemonKilla , @Vulpas )
    Once they were all in the car the train began moving ,the cityscape of london racing by breif glimbpses on crowds , motor velocipedes , and bobby walkers starting to blur and vanish as the train raced and chugged ahead. As the rail switched and the train took an elevated track a small wall gramophone in the car began to play a rather delightful musical tune it doing little to ease the tension in the room. It was not long until one of the pneumatic pipes in the room hissed and opened a message cotainer lying inside a slight rattling being heard as it jolted to a stop. The outside of the canister bearing the same Emblem as the letters.

    The train shuddered lightly as it took a turn the view outside switching to houses and shops their second stories lying visible and exposed to the Team as it raced by. In the bar there was a slight hissing noise as the empty place in the bar descended before returning with another bottle of the liqour
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