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World of Gods (God roleplay)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Wincent, Jul 16, 2017.

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    You're right, Gendogar, it doesn't really sound like some thing Azerak would do.” Her eyes glanced over the assembled room, judging each of the assembled gods and their likeliness to do something like this. It was only when she saw the God of Chaos did her gaze settle on someone.

    What about you brother? What do you think of this tragedy?” A tone of accusation entered her voice. The God of Chaos was the most likely of the Gods to do cause something to crumble.
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    When the god of flame finally burst into the room Venetor watched his outburst calmly. So that's the reason for the sudden influx of souls from his realm.
    Before things would go out of control even more, he spoke up himself.
    He for one hadn't pointed at Azerak immediatly.
    "Now now dear siblings, let us not throw around baseless accusations. How about we instead take a bit of a closer look at or only evidence." He pointed at the destroyed city, which then closed in and expanded.
    "By what does it seem to have been destroyed? An explosion, maybe?"
    Venetor slowly turned his head towards Gazorn.
    "The eternal flame, you said? Forgive my question, but was this golem.....stable? What would it ceasing to exist cause to the environment? You know, with that core and all this power embedded within?"
  3. @Grall_Stonefist @Nurianis @BlackNecron @TuskatheDaemonKilla

    Gazorn glares at Venetor.
    "It was very much stable! It would require intentional action by someone like a god to set such a core off to explode!"
    The god of flames eyes glide over all the gods that are defending Azerak, his flames reaching new heights.
    "Why are you protecting him? It is obvious he got something to do with it!"
    Gazorn's fist slams into the table again. Furious and hot headed as usual. Clearly demanding someone to be picked as the guilty one.

    Nageezam, The god of Chaos... Who had been half sleeping in his chair looks up at Aione. He is one of the gods that stand out the most... mostly due to him first and foremost having the shape of a 14 year old child. His eyes are glowing pits of energy, shifting from red, to purple, to green, to blue and then back to red again, seemingly at random. His body is slightly chubby, and dressed in a weird robe, that constantly shifts shape and decorations, as if they had their own life. His hands are weirdly large and seemingly made out of stone, gleaming softly with magical energies.

    He sits up properly in his throne seemingly made out of crystal and twisted metal. He clears his throat
    "Star sister... I don't know where you would have gotten that from. My domain is quite far from his and I am not one to put my foot where others belong."
    He twirls a bit of magical energy between his fingers.
    "Besides, if I Were to do it, I would have turned his whole city into glass. Instantly and without warning. Would be quite interesting sight to see all of the people as statues, frozen in the middle of what they were doing"
  4. Azerak was no longer amused by the flame god's anger and leaned back in his chair. "I'm afraid I still haven't done anything. Screaming that I did won't change anything." He said as he put his hands behind his head and put his feet up on the table. The other chatter going on in the room escaped his mind as he didn't entirely care. His siblings were for the most part droll and lacked his sort of personality. Though he did find the god of chaos to be similar to him in some ways but too much like how his name would suggest in others. While Azerak enjoyed the occasional trick and random act of violence long winded schemes, espionage, betrayal, and political intrigue is where he truly has fun. Secrets and how they are kept but eventually revealed and what happens when they are revealed is what he reveled in the most. Which is how he got to be called the god of secrets by some.
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  5. "hmmm, i dont think i can be of any help here, secrets are not my dealing" Gendogar said, stroking his beard, though he then turned to Gazoen, "But brother, if you need to calm you mind, my forge will be open for you in this time of mourning, i am sure the truth will be found, things like this never go unsanswered," Gendogar said rising from his throne, "And i must also return to my land, my people must be aware of the danger, our bastions must be more secure" he picked up his hammer, as if making a point of him not wanting to stay much longer.
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    Venetor sighed at Gazorn's display. It may not have been unexpected, but talking to him was still irritating. As he steeled himself, his eyes disappeared, only leaving dark holes, and when he spoke this time, the overall presence of his power felt more focused. His voice had changed, the feigned warmth and humanity leaving it for his natural, deadly tone.
    "Dear brother, in the end, most of us care little," he swirled his staff,"about your little, well, accidents. But since you made the effort to call us all here, when we," and Venetor gestured including all present gods,"certainly have other things we could spend the afternoon on, I might as well share some wisdom with you." As his presence changed back, he put a smile on his wrinkly face.
    "Azerak is most probably not the one who destroyed your golem, just look at how he acts. I'm suprised even, you should know him and his schemes well enough by now. So," he looked around,"any other accusations to be made?"
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    Nageezam's reaction was a confusing one for Aione, the idea that the God of Chaos would have a single reaction, rather than a plethora of every-changing possibilities and permutations confused her. Her silence drew longer than would be considered social.

    And then Venetor displayed his true face, drawing the attention of the assembled crowd. His words rung true and Aione nodded in support and spoke with none of her brothers showmanship.

    "Venetor is right, show something concrete that implicates one of us or let us about our business."
  8. @Grall_Stonefist @Nurianis @BlackNecron @TuskatheDaemonKilla
    Gazorn, his flaming head bursting for a moment before he sighes, frowning deeply as he stands. The flames dying down to a soft pyre
    "Fine... You can go. I have nothing else to say."
    He turns around, still angry, but more in control. He wanders towards a side door, leading to a balcony out into the free air. He opens it and walks out and with a loud roar bursts off into the sky, traveling back to his domain. Leaving the rest of the gods alone to do as they please.

    Uma'ue, The Goddess of Life stands up, sighing. She is a tall woman, rivalling Gendogar in height. She looks rather human, except two large horns sticking out from her head, aiming forwards like a bulls, both incredibly thick. She has a mane of red wild hair hanging down her back. She is also quite broadly built. While not insanely muscular is she a quite intimidating woman. One of the directly physically strongest gods. She is dressed in a long natural brown robe, itself decorated with feathers, but over her shoulders hangs a large black and red fur, her amber eyes scan over the other gods with a light frown.

    "While I find our brothers anger childish... do I find his finding worrying. Someone... or something broke down his city. And it can't be one of the Demons either. Otherwise it wouldn't be so... "Clean". This is worrying, don't you agree?"

    She looks over the crowd, eyeing each of them with a bit of a weird look, a mix between worried, annoyed and unsettled.
  9. Azerak stood up shortly after Gazorn did, he had no reason to sit at a table and listen to boring gods talk with each other. "I'm sure this is all very fascinating for those blessed with the attention span of an oak tree but those of us have schemes to put into place and deception and murder to observe from afar so I bid you, my siblings adieu." He said with a courtesy before he walked through a shadow on the wall. He headed back to his fortress within his territory to do exactly what he had just said.
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    She nodded gently at the Goddesses gaze. Aione's soft voice caressing the air with tones of worry as she said “Of course I agree, sister, and I suspect our siblings do as well.”

    Her calm tone of voice and measured body language beautifully highlighted her words of worry and concern. “Something or someone is capable of attacking Gazorn in the centre of his domain. If they are capable of striking our brothers lands, then they are capable of striking at Gendogar's great forgefires, or slaughtering the citizens of Lamrani, or even in your bountiful domain Uma'ue!” She rose from her chair to properly address the room.

    “We should at least see this disaster with our own eyes, not only will the tragedy be less impersonal, but then would could at least see who might have perpetrated this crime.” She glanced at the divinities lounging around the room with steely starlight in her eyes. “Who will come with me to aid our hot-headed brother, even if he doesn't have the courage to ask for it?”

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