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World of Gods (God roleplay)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Wincent, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. "The World Of Legend. A place where life blossom and spread, before dissapating. A place of wonder, unstablility and elemental forces. During the ancient times, when man was barely understanding the element of fire, the world was struck. A meteor crashing down in the island in the middle sea, burning all life from the island, and creating a large crater in the middle.

    The meteorite was in fact a hollow shell... a weird citadel of sort. It was made out of what seemed like bone, but it was hard as steel, and fused in ways bone shouldn't be able to, forming passages, halls, and even tables. A grand, mysterious structure, on the bottom of the waterfilled crater in the middle of this ruined island. Under millenia, the strange citadel, slowly began rising from the deeps, seemingly growing on a mountain from the bottom of the crater, untill it broke the waves, spiring up into the air, the mountain underneath it, slowly fusing to the citadel, also becomming hollow and forming a even larger citadel itself... as humankind learned to wield metal and steel, the citadel had grown into a place unlike any other. Surrounded by storms and hellish waves, no mortal man ever saw the citadel.

    Then... the day came. Just hundreds of years ago, the citadel itself pulsed outwards... during a day of violent bloodshed in the middle of a war. The war was gruesome, located on the closest shore on the continent to the east. The ground litterally bathed in blood. The pulse from the citadel covered the earth... and the blood soaked ground boiled... the blood gathered together, forming a large monsterous beast, which roared into the sky. The God of Blood was born.

    Only a mere 80 years later, the citadel pulsed again... The oceans boiling as the god of the sea rose. This continued, with almost a hundred years between each, one god after the other rose from the elements. The god of fire, The god of earth, The goddess of Life, The god of Death, The god of Storms, The goddess of insects, the God of dreams, The God of Metal, The God of Havens, The Goddess of Winter, The God of chaos and The God of Darkness... all rose, one after the other, to lay claim to the earth... Where they rose, followers constructed temple cities, to please and worship the gods... and spread their eternal domain."

    The 14 gods, both siblings but also not, often had a very fragile peace.
    They were gods. The superiour species in this world, so they had only eachother to contend with. While there so far had been no official wars, had there been fighting and absolutely no end to the arguing. But this day was diffrent... An aura almost hung in the air. An aura of Rage.

    The Gods was gathered in the Citadel of gods, in the top spires great hall. All of them in their Paragon form, around a large table, with a crystal in the middle. The crystal emitting a magical image of the lands. The God of flame not at the table, but his anger and heat could be felt even here. They all knew he was coming up there... and he certainly had something on his mind.
  2. Azerak sat in his seat in an uncaring manner, the God of Darkness had little interest in these meetings ordinarily but the heat he felt as the God of Flame approached brought him to sit up in his seat. He wore an inhumanly wide smile hidden by the darkness underneath his hood. Aside from him seeing a man somewhere in the rest of the world being stabbed by the one he loved most in a dark alley another god being this angry made many fun possibilities. Certainty more entertaining than the last mortal war he instigated, such petty creatures that end a war simply because their opponent offered them gold. It would have been far more interesting if they had simply taken the gold and continued the war anyways. He grumbled at the uselessness of some mortals before snickering at more visions of the kind of mortals he truly enjoys. His dominance over darkness and shadow allowed him to see anything that happened within it.

    Though he enjoyed watching acts of treachery the most but he also loved instigating the treachery himself as well. Every mortal have their secrets and all it took was whispering them to the right person at the right time for something interesting to happen. He had started century long wars this way and even tore apart families on the side. It all brought him much enjoyment, far more than these boring and tired meetings his siblings called him to attend. Then again the pettiness of his siblings can also bring much enjoyment too granted it was more dangerous than manipulating mortals. He had many small wars with the neighboring god of metal, they never amounted to anything serious but annoying a the stoic God of Metallurgy had its own rewards. Namely the look on their bearded face, the memory making him snicker again.

    Returning to the matter at hand Azerak had no idea why the God of Flame is so angry at the moment. This was one of the very few times he wasn't responsible for anything like this. Which made him all the more interested in what was going on. So he sat up in his chair and stopped spying on the world so he can can a good listen to what the Flame God was so angry about.
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  3. Gendogar sat back in his allmost dominating throne, it wasent that large because he was greater than other present gods, or more powerfull, it was just that where most of the other gods paragon from was more human sized, his was around 10 feet tall, needing everything to be scaled up.
    His hammer was resting head first on the floor, though his right hand still gripping it, as he calmly looked over his present siblings, even Azerak had shown up, he must really be bored to be here, though then again, the last dozen of Azeraks attempt to gain his or his peoples ire had not worked, so there where reasons for the god of shadows boredom.

    He also felt the fury of the good of flame, even in his lacking presence, the lord of fire was as tempestuous as his element.
    "Where is the lord of fire, i care not to stay here and dillydally longer than needed, my work is never done and my forge shall never be cold. " he said, his voice like that of grinding boulders, as he turned his gaze to Azerak, "What of you, have your in your eternal boredom tried to find a new target for your childish tricks?"
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  4. "If you're implying that I'm responsible for the tantrum we're about to sit through I'm afraid you'd be wrong my rock headed neighbor. Though you do flatter me." Azerak said before standing and taking a bow to Gendogar in way that made it clear he was mocking him. Azerak's voice was more of a whisper that somehow carried through the air clearly no matter the distance between him and the being he was speaking to.
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  5. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    Venetor could only smile in the face of the god of metal's straightforward attitude. He sat upon his throne, a replication of the original he used back in his throne room, made of obsidian and decorated with skulls and boneframed houreglasses. As a neat sideeffect, when he sat upon it, the aura of ether that surrounded him caused the empty eyeholes in these skulls to lighten up and the hourglasses to flow with the same grey light that the "stuff of souls" emitted. While he had brought his ethereal court with him, only one servant was allowed to accompany him to the table, residing inside his staff. When he spoke, his voice had an unreal hall, that silenced everything else, with the voices of the dead slightly echoing his words.

    "This must be quite embarrassing for you, Azerak." his voice emitted a sense of elderly amusement.
    "It seems someone is better at riling up our flaming compatriot than you ever were."
  6. Nurianis Nurianis Subordinate

    In the split second that the gods turned their attentions to Venetor. A luxurious chair composed of woven starlight appeared in it's assigned space around the table. Its colours muted by the voluminous void coloured robes flowing from Aione across most of its frame.

    As she gracefully reclining into her deep backed chair Aione watched the assembled gods while also idly played politics back in Lamrani. Distance was no challenge for her and a slight nudge here, or a fortuitous moment there, and the mortals praised her name and her silent blessings. In a quiet tone she addressed the table.

    Dearest siblings. What a pleasure it is to be reunited once more.” Her voice, though it sounded distant and hushed did sounded genuinely pleased to be at the table once more.

    Has anyone been told what it is that is annoying him this time? Or did he lose his favourite mortal to a shipwreck again?” Her eyes gazed with practised disinterest at each of the gods in turn.

    Though....” She mused out loud. “It must be of importance, for he rarely summons us like this.
  7. "Oh please he's too easy to anger and not nearly as fun as making our Stoic brother's temper boil over. Besides it's still fun to watch when its someone else's handy work." Azerak replied to the God of Death sitting in his grandiose throne. Azerak had no use for such things as his own seat was but a simple but comfortable chair, some could consider him humble in this. He would consider such descriptions useless but people believe what they want.
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  8. @Nurianis @Grall_Stonefist @BlackNecron @TuskatheDaemonKilla

    The other gods seem to either be bored, confused or simply annoyed. Especially Crimzak, the god of Blood, Violence, War and Murder
    The first of the gods, with an ego to boot, he was a quite frightening figure. A man as thin as a skeleton, with a long mosquito like nose and a large fanged mouth. His hair thin and red, hanging all the way to his behind. He is dressed in what looks to be a mixture of a robe and a suit of armor, which metal almost looks like dried blood. His eyes are large and black, like the ones of a mosquito and he even made his siblings uncomfortable with his mere precence. Sitting ontop of a throne made from what looks to be twisted flesh and bone. He glares at Azerak

    "Hopefully that is the case, coward. You always have a tendency to place your hand where you don't belong"

    His voice a strange mixture of a high pitched man voice and a buzzing. He really don't like being called to the citadel, as he much prefers relaxing in his temple, drinking the blood sacrifices of his followers, a savage, black eyed people.

    It seems as if he is about to complain some more... when the doors explodes open, almost jumping of the hinges but stays strong. The god of fire storming in. A large man, on about 9 feet. His body as black as coal and muscular. His head being shaped of pure fire, without skull or bones to speak of, sitting ontop of his torso, without neck or anything. With every footstep he takes sparks and fire bursts up from the ground and he carries his sword in his hand. Not aiming it at anyone but he is clearly furious. He slams his hand down on the table, not even glancing at his throne of cinder as he looks out over the gods.

    Gazorn, the god of flame begins to roar.
    He motions his hand, the floating image of the land changing focusing on a city in his domain, or... what was a temple city anyhow, as all that is left is rubble. Gazorn inhales, his "head" burning brighter
    "That City contained the ETERNAL FLAME! A golem of PURE FLAME, with a core brighter than the solar itself!"
    While it wasn't really something many had known about, was it quite the insult for anyone to interfere with another gods project.

    Atleast 7 of the current 14 gods... turned their heads towards Azerak... Gazorn's eyes digging into the God of Shadow and Darkness.
  9. "Oh yes of course please stare at me like a bunch of confused puppies." Azerak said to the gods that looked to him when the god of fire decided to burst into the room. "Honestly the one time I don't do anything everyone is quick to blame me anyways. Really why would I bother to destroy a city in such a manner, simply blowing it up is far too bland for my style. Perhaps an uprising or civil war that over the course of time would result in the city's destruction but never simply causing it to explode out of nowhere. That's just boring!" The god of shadow put his arms up to exaggerate his point.
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  10. Gendogar stroked his beard with one hand as he heard the crimes and acusations that Gazorn brought to light, and it was a terrible crime indeed, and though his thoughts too turned to Azerak it was only a short moment. "I understand your fury brother" Gendogar started out, still calm and leveled, " But this is a time to remain calm, though the perpetrator must be found, i do not belive it to be Azeraks work, far too unsubtle and far too effecient to be his work, i have little love for our shady brother, but that does not allow sudden brashness."

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