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Discussion in 'Table Top' started by The-Mad-Magos, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. If the rumours are true, I'm thinking that GW's HH stuff will be released around Warhammer Fest.
    Can you wait that long?
  2. Ahh damn. That's a long ass wait
  3. Fenrir Fenrir22 Cipher

    Wait,,, whats warhammer fest? ive been a fan for 10 years so why havent i heard of this!
  4. It's something the Brits only get to enjoy
  5. Fenrir Fenrir22 Cipher

    Then i gues its time for me to go back to my roots and go raiding in britain,,, Vonder how it would look to show up there dressed as a viking (or a fenrisian clansman):p
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  6. It is close to raiding season....

    I will join you in the pillage of England.
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  7. Crit Crit Subordinate

    just got farsight through the mail today going to give him 2 separate bases 1 40mm(box standard) and a 60mm one for some custom base fun
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  8. Last year GW decided to do away with GD UK, partially because of all the problems they've had with the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre recently.

    Instead they had a two-day version called Warhammer Fest. But didn't book any store coaches (damn-you GW!).
  9. Crit Crit Subordinate

    So far so good with farsight drilled little too far but nothing green stuff can't fix, the magnets are holding him fairly well actual upside to resin it is lighter than the usual plastic gw use though that 40mm base is rather tiny for his model that holds a lot of girth.

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  10. anyone know of any mk 3 of mk 4 bits in any space marine boxsets?(not including armor through the ages)

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