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Discussion in 'Table Top' started by The-Mad-Magos, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. I've looked but I can't find any thread for TT WIPs. So I thought I'd start one.

    I have a Dark Eldar army (as well as a PH/HH SM army) which has some unique forces amongst its Haemonculi and other sub-sets within its army.

    Here, take a look:
    Mandragora, Mandrake counts-as -

    Talos counts-as -

    Grotesque counts-as plus Finecast Grotesque -
    More Grotesque counts-as -

    So here's the WIP I've started to fit with these, which will count as a Haemonculus (sorry for the pic quality, took them on my phone):



    Opinions? (Please remember it is a WIP.)

    And if anyone else wishes to post their TT WIPs, please feel free!
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  2. Im planning on starting a pre heresy Ultramarine army when tempest comes out. Will buy:
    1x Mk 2 crusade armor squad
    1xUltramarine upgrade squad
    1xCataphractii squad(or may wait to see if the ultras get there own terminator variant)
    1xRoboute Guilliman
    1xRemus Ventanus
    1xContemptor Dreadnought
  3. Are you going to get Mk IV Legs and Arms to use with that upgrade set?
    Or are you going to use the Mk II set?
  4. Likely will go with mk 4 legs and arms. The upgrade set will be Praetor plate, so im thinking mk 4 will be what i need

    Should have clarified that better. I want i squad of mk 2 marines for a few reasons:
    1-Mk 2 was still the most common ml amoung the ultramarines.
    2-It is my favourite looking mk of armor
  5. Plus, except for the helmet and arms, the Captain Sicarius model wears Mk II.

  6. wish i could get that model....
  7. This model:

    The Captain helmet from this set:

    Alternatively, you could remove the comb from Sicarius' helmet and attach to a spare Mk II helmet.

    Volkite Serpenta and Power Sword from this set:

    You might be able to buy the bits off a Bitz site.
  8. Do they still sell that model in stores?
  9. They used to, and you might even find it in an indie store still.
    But you can order through your local GW store, and have it delivered there which negates the delivery charge.
  10. Ah ok thanks. For now I must save every dollar if I wish to get my full list.

    Now the real question: do I equip my praetor marines with Phobos or Tigrus bolters.....

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