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Wondering what LSM faction to play as...

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by I-am-alpharius01, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. ZeGit ZeGit Preacher

    Blood Angels have so far the worst subfaction cosmetics, Space Wolves wear fur on them, which might get you killed by PETA employees. Imperial Fists don't have much cosmetics, Ultras have cool company trims and some very nice looking cosmetics, and most armor parts look quite smexy on them. And the Dark Angels so far have the best cosmetic options, and we also get cool veterans with cloaks instead of half arsed talbards and black helmets.

    But I recommend you read some lore about those guys and get to know them atleast a bit, if you learn how cool each one of them is it will probably help you in choosing one of them.
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  2. Eagle 11 Eagle_11 Well-Known Member

    If you like to be confused for an Alpha Legionary then getting teamkilled by noobs, pick Ultramarine,
    If you want to give away your position from 1500m away due to yellow paint, pick Imperial Fist,
    If you want your veteran to look like a hiphopper, get Dark Angel,
    If you like to get priority targeted by Khornate melee, go Blood Angel,
    If you plan to spam taunt to howl around the battlefield and can stand all of their stuff being named "wolf this wolf that", go Space Pups.
  3. After much deliberation I have decided to settle this by a roll of a D6.

    1-3 = Dark angel

    4-6 = Ultramarine

    From the input provided by you guys and some conclusions of my own I have decided to create a summary of each LSM faction:

    Imperial fists : Space autists. Not gonna play them as they have no personality, they do have one cool line of dialogue though: "stoicism brother... learn it!"

    Dark angel : BDSM emo knights in space with a lion fetish. Like the penitent warrior theme.

    Space wolves : Crunch wise the best loyalist subfaction as they have access to the crozius arcanum. But are basically vikings in space (with a wolf fetish). I won't play them as I don't wanna get cyber bullied by everyone and get called a furrie.

    Blood angels : Period pansies, cool colour scheme though.

    Ultramarines : Graeco-Roman Mary Sues. (spiritual liege) I like Guilliman I like blue and I like classical history.

    Emperor's blessing to all.

    +++Thought of the day+++

    Cowards die in shame.

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  4. Well, I got a six, now I just need to come up with a name for the guy now...
  5. Lets be a bit more... Lore-Objective here.

    Imperial Fists :
    * PRO: Marines without fear, stoic against pain, and not overly fond of yelling and screaming about how awesome they are. Are always there when they are needed most. Some of the most iconic and coolest Successor Chapters in the Lore. One huge family of many diverse chapters thanks to the nature of The Last Wall.
    * CONS: Stubborn. Willing to burn themselves down to see an objective met. Most Fist players you meet in EC are ACTUALLY Black Templar, Executioner, Crimson Fist, or Celestial Lion players thanks to the nature of brotherhood shared by the Fists and their Successors (in fact its part of my Fist's internal 'backstory' that he's part of the Dark Secret of the Chapter.)

    Dark Angel :
    * PRO: "The First Legion," with all the arrogance that entails. Probably the best Chapter history of the whole Loyalist faction. The Chapter that is "On Mission" and most focused on its fluff. The coolest looking Veteran Classes and some of the coolest looking armor. The second most popular video-game Chapter.
    * CONS: Due to the nature of their Dark Secret, if you wear green armor you don't ACTUALLY know why your Chapter is so cool. The permanent association with emo wrist-slashers, even though everybody misses the entire point. "We're super serious all the time, you guys!" and it comes off arrogant and douchey.

    Space Wolves :
    * PRO: The most characterful and diverse Chapter, and possessed of a little bit of what makes each other Chapter awesome. Not serious enough to be a DA? Cool. Not Murder-crazy enough to be a BA? Cool. Not self-absorbed enough to be a UM? Cool. Not stubborn enough to die with the ship like an IF? Cool. They get a power weapon-equipped class right from the jump (in addition to all the other awesomeness of an Apo) and SW are the only way to play a Chaplain currently. In my opinion the best armor options. Also? Its easy to put yourself in the shoes of a Wolf by imaging you are living a Saga and then go play the game trying to do epic shit.
    * CONS: Due to the nature of the Internet, if you wear Russ' colors you are immediately labelled a Furry (but as a Space Wolf you don't really give a care.) They have few barks/callouts and only one, VERY ANNOYING Taunt. Despite their diversity and how cool their armor skins look, you can't currently be part of any Great Company other than Ragnar Blackmane's or Erik Morkai's.

    Blood angels :
    * PRO: The most noble backstory. The most visually striking units on the field. The LITERAL poster boys for EC:​
    * CONS: Sadly, the things that make the Blood Angels REALLY COOL are not present in EC (The Death Company, Sanguinary Guard, and OMFG the Death Masks,) so apart from being visually pretty neat they are largely forgettable in EC.​

    Ultramarines :
    * PRO: The Legion that will save the galaxy (and then never let you forget they did it...) Lots of appearance options, lots of "the best of the best of the best with honors" lore. The most popular chapter to represent in video games. Almost every cosmetic in the game is "Chapter Approved" and "Codex Compliant," as as the Codex was based on the Ultramarine structure, that basicly means every cosmetic is an Ultra cosmetic. Strong visual theme and with the return of Guilliman there's a renewed interest and drive to show these guys off. If you want EC to feel like "Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2," these are your Smurfin' Smurfs!
    * CONS: Gargamel keeps trying to find your Smurfin' village and... Oh... Okay well the 40k Community is brutally unkind to the Boys in Blue because most Ultra players come off as insufferable douchecanoes and thanks to Matt Ward the Ultras are the most Mary Sue Chapter outside of the Grey Knights. Their Dark Secret is their Hubris, however, and so just as the Internet hates them for being twinks, they take it in stride as just something else the best of the best have to endure to prove they are better and daddy loves them best, which makes the Internet hate them more....
  6. Definetly an interesting take on the sub factions. After reading this I have decided to setup an ultramarine, a DA and a Sparce dog and leave one slot open prob Eldar. Imma proberbly main my ultramarine for now because blue but I will check out the other factions.
  7. Bah! UM, SW, Eldar, an ORK! We’ze Da most fun ta smash an chop wif!
  8. *Disgusted Eldar noises* ugh primitives.
  9. "The Orks are the pinnacle of creation. For them, the great struggle is won. They have evolved a society which knows no stress or angst. Who are we to judge them? We Eldar who have failed, or the humans, on the road to ruin in their turn? And why? Because we sought answers to questions that an Ork wouldn't even bother to ask! We see a culture that is strong and despise it as crude." — Uthan the Perverse, Eldar Philosopher

    Orks is used to explodin', and if ya accidentily make annover Boy explode, dey don't get all screechy like da 'Umies do: Dey may be jes as offended on da over side of da screen, but since dey'll probably blow ya up some ovver time it all works isself out, yeah? Our boyz scream and act a fool when set on fire. Our vehicles drift and flip and make all manner of racket. If you wanna be ded 'Ard and not evah 'ave a laf, go be a 'Umie. Orks is da BESTEST, da BIGGEST, an da GREENEST cuz we gotz most uv da shinies of ovver races, PLUS we 'ave fun when we'z out krumpin'!

    (Or, as mentioned above, play a Space Wolf as they are as close to an Ork as a Marine can be without goin' full WAAAGH!)
  10. *Laughs in eldar* Oh my greenskined friend it gladdens me that your wanton butchering of the written word gives you such euphoria. I for one achieve such satisfaction from hewing down your misbegotten kin as if they were rabid Gryinxi, just remember that you will never feel the joys of rasing a child like my beloved Tahril or the feminine charmes of my beautiful wife Elenwë. While I would relish the opportunity to slay you in single combat I Have many bottles of good Iyadeni wine to saviour. If you see a man gliding along the battle field called Kornandris Ulthrain do not heisitate to contact me. For now I wish to drunk be seeing you ork.

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