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Wolves of Garmr: Space Wolves Clan

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Livy, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. [VI] Zeus zZeus Steam Early Access

    Hjolda to borthers Wolfrik Sturmfur, Vika Stormfang and Bjorn Jorgenson (aka Dermot), welcome to the Wolves.

    To the rest of the potential recruits, remember to go and fill a recruitment form on our website in addition to posting here as you'll have to submit the form before being part of the VI proper. And fear not, we have dedicated Wolf Priests scouting this comms channel too.
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  2. ZROCK Recruit

    hello all
  3. Hello Zrock,
    Also congrats to all who got promotions in yesterdays Moot. Especially Severos, always good having another Jarl to lead the men in the legion.
    I would also like to inform everyone that i have settled in now and will be retaking the mantle of Wolf Lord of the VI, and also thank Vegi and all of VI Leadership for doing an outstanding job in my absence.
    Time to sharpen my axe and load my storm bolter
  4. [VI] Zeus zZeus Steam Early Access

    As per Wolf Lord Ragnar Oathsworn's command, the VI Legion is no longer taking any new recruits. The only exception is for friends and family who wish to join.
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  5. CombatsWombats Recruit

    Steam Name:

    Ingame Name: FafnirGrimgar

    Class Specialization: Tactical/Assault

    How many hours of Eternal Crusade have you logged: 10

    Location/Time Zone: Lisbon/GMT

    Age: 36

    Do you have TeamSpeak? Yes

    Do you have a Microphone? (y/n) Yes

    I am a proud Legionnaire of the wolves, since our lord
    Leman Russ left for the Eye of terror for the eternal hunt I have been eager to do my part in protecting the imperium, but most of all the Vilka Fenrika.
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    The VI Legion recruitment section is now going to be closed for the summer. We will be spending the time working on a new direction for the legion. We will be looking for another crusade to embark on for awhile.
    While recruitment is closed atm, it will not remain so forever (depending on devs), and if any wolves would like to follow us into the warp you may join us, yet we dont know where the warp will take us right now.

    Only friends of the legion will still be let in, meaning you already have someone who is an official member of the VI Legion.

    For Russ & the Allfather

    Ragnar Oathsworn
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  7. Skywolf Bulvi Recruit

  8. Still active? Lone wolf hunting for a pack.
  9. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

    This is a message to ask for your aid in starting an event this Friday server wide! EC needs our help as a community to survive but we need to do our part! If you would join us Friday please leave a comment in the Rally Cry that has been posted by Katzu! Apologies if these messages start to appear a lot but the word needs to get out!
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