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Wolves of Garmr: Space Wolves Clan

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Livy, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Pantheon Subordinate

    Name - Evil_Green_Demon_420

    Link -

    How many hours of Eternal Crusade have you logged?- 109 Hrs

    Location/Time Zone- San Diego, CA/Pacific Standard

    Age- 32

    Do you have a Microphone? (y/n)- Y

    Do you have TeamSpeak? (y/n)- Y
  2. [VI] Zeus zZeus Steam Early Access

    Defending the Alpha point on fortress Harkus at all costs (please imagine round shields).

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  3. Snaekoll_Gunni Gunni Subordinate

    Hey fellow wolves Ive just joined
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  4. Acainen Recruit

    None can match the wrath of the wolf
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  5. Demon0f1nsanity Recruit

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  6. Barkybark Recruit

    For the AllFather
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  7. DodjegerUlrich Recruit

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  8. Nice meeting with the newest Aspirants today



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