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Wolf Scouts First Pack //closed For Now//

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Cosmo Falconer, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. Cosmo Falconer New Member

    Wolf Scouts : First Pack
    Faction: Space Marines​
    Members: 4​
    Website: I'll get to this​
    Language: English​
    Timezone: GMT​
    Contact: Cosmo Falconer​

    In short we are a small group based on the back of another guild for another game (Mount and Blade) so no permanent website and we are very small, though like the name suggests (Guessed what chapter yet?) our strength will be in our following of the tactics of a Wolf Scout pack in which we strike fast, together and with a purpose of gathering the information before we strike.​
    In addition to our gaming background we are all studying Games Development so you might see a few Space Wolf random items hanging around the forum from us (Simple low level stuff :D)​

    From this section of the Vlka Fenryka its adieu then Drinks are on us next time.

    //We probably should have put this up a while ago but we only went "official" A few days ago, as such we are not yet open (If we do try) for recruitment this is purely a proof of existence post//

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