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(WIP) Lords of Arkhona musters - Heed our call, all to be Nostraman lords of the night

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by RJ77, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. Maximus Sevatarius RJ77 Arkhona Vanguard

    Lords of Arkhona
    Divisions Recruitment; OPEN

    Viris colratha dath sethicara tesh dasovallian. Solruthis veh za jass!
    Greetings all,

    This has been a long time coming, but we unrepentant night lords are hungry for new blood to fill our ranks. So, without further adieu, let's get down to it:

    Format to apply
    >>ROLES: <Ground Assault, Raptor, Havoc, Traitor, Sorcerer>
    >>ALIASES: <steam identities, ign, etc>
    >>PREFERENCE: <which #claw/division(s) interest you?>


    FACTS and Figures of the guild
    We promote cooperative and creative play. As such, we'll invariably play host to light RP events etc. In addition, we strive for good team play whilst balancing ultra competitive scene is not an end all be all. So, needless to say, we like to have it our way and cut up from time to time and get our creative shenanigans on! All the while, we're steadfast against bad apples who would be potential spoil sports and do not condone trolls and the like. Furthermore, we cannot read the auspices of your fate and all members should make sure to keep and contact and tell squad leaders and whomever if they'll not be able to attend certain key events. Lastly (for now at any rate) we're a mature guild and will only keep those who are +19 of age

    Last quickie primer facts:
    1) You shalt not sport any other tag other than -LoA- in game
    2) You may not have any other tags that would conflict with full allegiance (IE. No other guild tags of other EC related factions and 40k based ones)
    3) Zero tolerance policy for trolls and harassment of any kind. (Everyone should know what this means.)
    4) All members are expected to be present on our TS server when, "shit is going down." barring actual IRL readdress, you are expected to be active constituent to team play. 5) Upon joining, you are bound to for lack of a better term, an honor code which I will lay out in more detail when I can, but for now it is this: Do not spread any sensitive info nor go against directives of fair play and NEVER be made to be seen as any form of troll or agitator

    Our ALLIES and websites
    Having been one of, if not the first to recognize the need to create a strong coalition with all the great Chaos guilds currently at play; we have allied with virtually all the major warbands: SoL, SV, SoM, H13, HoD, CSM...etc

    Steam Page:
    Twitch: TBD

    Guild Hierarchy and Structure
    At present, our guild maintains a simple and yet elegant unilateral progression that features 5 ranks. Neophytes > Clawkin > Specialist > Shadowkin > Talonmasters

    Also, the general structure is as follows: 1st Raptorian Claw Division - Primarily US based. Considered the main vanguard of our strking force
    2nd Thurservor/Nostramo Born Claw Division - Primarily EU based, presently, it will serve as the hammer to our anvil in guild power composition. 3rd Claw - TBD special ops division that will be comprised of those who excel at our art of war and have a knack for fighting unconventionally.

    Vox Coms
    We currently use both Discord and TS, but our primary voice communication program is TS:

    That is all for now, but watch this space as I will elaborate on the rudimentary outlining of key details given above. The reasoning for this is twofold: First, because I feel that by hashing out the finer details by way of a piecemeal process we'll insure that this stays up to date as well as more accurate over time. Second, because it will give ample opportunity for newcomers and helpful community members alike to provide constructive feedback that will help us to better promote our guild for the future!

    Kosh'eth tay Jasha tosha, vylas! :)

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  2. Nostramo Born NostramoBorn Forum Beta Tester

    Join us! Come wear our (eventual) bat wing helmets with PRIDE!
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  3. I think you mean 'shalt not' yes?

    So is this clan ultimately, about respect, friendliness, and honorable gameplay?
  4. Korvadye Korvadye First Blood!

    US Central time zone
    Havoc, Ground Assault
    1st Claw
  5. LordOfPies Recruit

    this thread is significantly smaller than it should be, here is our updated member list with 50 members, We are still recruiting!
    Ave Dominus Nox!

    Talonmasters: RaptorJesus,Nostramo Born

    Officers: (3)


    Elites: (5)


    Warriors: (13)

    Brother Sssindri
    Rhynok Vosh
    MrMooshie (Mali)

    Recruits: (27)

    [LoA] the Mighty Kamina
    Viva Miriya
    The Shadow Lord
    Tiberion the Tantalising
  6. LordOfPies Recruit

    While we do pride respect and friendliness we are still a Night Lords guild. While they apply 100% to within guild matters, against Loyalist Scum the lines are a bit more blurred. Ultimately, its up to the user's discretion on what is RP-okay banter and what is just too far. Examples: "the last time you imperial fists tried to fight us Rogal Dorn was beaten to a bloody pulp "(good), "Im gunna to find u in real life and murder you" (WAY over the line).

    Honorable gameplay as defined by no hacking/cheating? yes, but we will fight tooth and nail for any advantage we can get without breaking any of Eternal Crusades Rules and Guidelines.
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  7. Harlok Recruit

    >>NAME: Harlok
    >>TIMEZONE: Australia east coast
    >>ROLES: Raptor, Sorcerer
    >>ALIASES: Steam: TheDarkApostle
    >>PREFERENCE: Any claw
  8. SonofBlood Forthewarmaster Steam Early Access

    Name: ForTheWarmaster
    Timezone: UK
    Roles: Traitor, Havok
    Aliases: Steam: LittleBigHorus
    preference: 2nd Claw
  9. Solarion Solarion Arkhona Vanguard

    Greetings brothers, good to see new Night Lords filling the ranks.
  10. The Alpha Legion look forward to fight side-by-side with you brothers...

    *coff *coff After all most of you are secretly Alpha Legionnaires in disguise *coff

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