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wich chaos god likes havocs the most?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Khaernakov, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Eavydakka Khaernakov Subordinate

    Greetings fellow traitors, i came seeking the knowledge of the dark legions today, and i already thank whoever takes their time to read and time to share your dark secrets too

    So, i mostly play as a havoc and i was wondering wich god to pledge my allegiance to, at the moment i follow the god of pestilence nurgle for his mark is seems pretty straight foward for a havoc, although that being said khorne mark seems to award life steal, wich can be very usefull and tzeench banner gives 6% more ranged damage and his mark gives armor too, slaanesh gives speed bonus but... i dont think i would get it just for the speed (sound canons would be a go to though)

    As a matter of fact there is other threads talking about this, but all it says is that nurgle is the go to havoc, wich makes sense but at the same time there is for example havoc weapons that require khorne mark, and as said before tzeench banner giving a 6% bonus ranged damage, i can see slaanesh being usefull as well for flanking or getting good spots faster for laying waste on the xeno scum or the disgusting loyalists

    So, what are your thoughts?
  2. I fear that the Tzeench Banner can only be worn by the traitor marine class. If that helps you decide on what Mark to seek.

    Unless that was recently changed and I didn't notice it?
  3. Barkteef Barkteef Steam Early Access

    Generally you'll want to run mark of nurgle. The extra toughness helps to protect against pretty much all ranged fire, which is what you'll be facing the majority of the time.

    Mark of khorne is just bad. The lifesteal is minimal for ranged weapons and it won't allow sorcerers to heal you at all. It also has no downed state, so it's a no-go on most defensive maps.

    Mark of slaanesh is ok, I mostly use it on my multi-melta havoc to help me chase down tanks. Mark of nurgle outshines it for most other weapons though.

    Mark of tzeentch is more useful on tacticals, as they can peek out of cover to shoot far easier than a havoc. It's decent but I'd still run mark of nurgle over it. Also as Gravewalker said, you can't use that banner on havocs.
  4. Eavydakka Khaernakov Subordinate

    ah i see, thanks for all the information, now im sure that the plague god indeed is the best choice
  5. Nurgle or GTFO. Unless you are playing Traitor (tactical equiv) you only get access to Nurgle standard or the undivided standard (3% damage mitigation, forget the name). Either way, the banners don't buff you, they only work IF you are a squad leader AND they only buff your squad mates.
  6. desktop desktop Recruit

    MOS and MOT can work, they are not as good as MON because their strengths just dont synergise with the havoc very well.

    I played around with a MOT AC setup with armor regen as maxed out as much as i could. The idea was to duck away as soon as you got hit and soak up any of the damage with armor. Its not that effective in a strait up fight but its nice for ambushing. I found the playstyle to be a little more fun (but you could also say same same about challenge tokens).

    MOS plays to my sense of min maxing, instead of raising the maximum stats as high as possible i like to raise the worst stats to a more useable level. This doesnt work for all games and in this case wont make you any stronger at all. Only recomended for heavy meltas and plasma cannons even then you will be better off in a rhino.

    Teeth of khorne is a great heavy bolter, too bad it requires an near useless mark. I expect the downsides of the weapon to be completly ignored and the gun to be nerfed.
  7. Eavydakka Khaernakov Subordinate

    interesting idea for the MOT AC setup there, the slaanesh one since ive made this thread ive seen around ppl runnig with heavy meltas it seems to be very efective for that type of weaponry, thanks for the imput
  8. Warboss Sickytoof Karond Steam Early Access

    I favor Slaanesh, for the movement and ease of getting around to where you're needed the most. That extra speed helps to get back into position after you die or to chase down something, and most deaths I endure would have made the Mark of Nurgle irrelevant anyway since they're either melee or bolters sneaking up behind and killing you before you get to even unbrace properly. The armor regen can suck a bit sometimes, but the speed is worth it.
  9. MoS melta for pillar humping using the rhino as the pillar. It pisses off the driver that hopped out trying to kill you and save his ride. Meanwhile, you can burn away with a nice fat rhino sized shield!
  10. Aceryl Aceryl Menial

    I like Khorne flaked multi melta, Not the warp furnace, because recoil is real. It's doable, but, it's just easier with regular or Mc multimelta
    Just huntin down infantry like a bause...And dishing some Havoc rage into those pesky shieldbros, who always bully the chubby marines :(.

    Vs close range shooters, just keep them at range, while you regen from the sweet ailment.
    Here's a scorshed skull for you khorny boy.

    Also had loads of fun before, with Khorneflake's Plasma cannon. Getting those big chuks of health on the charged shots.

    But again, it's just fun real major bonus, or sense in beeing a khorne havoc

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