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Why Would You Charge Me Double To Make A Duplicate Char?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by XRuinX, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. XRuinX XRuinX Preacher

    Okay so I understand that we pay $10 for each character slot and the items have various costs. Why is it that I make a Word Bearer, give him his Khorne armor and holy chainblade and then create a Night Lord with the same armor and chainblade but I am charged again in Rogue Trader points?
    This seems extremely unfair considering that just making two possessed marines, even of the same legion but different usernames, will cost me $70!!!
    This leaves almost no room to experiment with/learn about the other

    Please tell me this is an error on the new site and not greed. If it is intentional, please, whoever decides these prices, reconsider! It's not BEing very fair to make us repurchase the same items for another character when we had to pay for that character as well.

    EDIT: Our concerns have been addressed and the items will be account wide. For full information look here:
  2. Zephon Zephon Subordinate

    And here I was wondering why Slaanesh had been left out yet again... But no! It appears that my Lord of Excess has been with us all along! How else would you explain such an atrocious greed? No, my Lord, I am willing to make sacrifices, but this is more than I can take...

    Seriously though - this really bumming me out as well. I would like some clarification considering stuff bought from RT store. If it is really as it sounds - meaning you get a single item for a single character then I'll be jumping back into the Eye of Terror, because it is starting to look like this Crusade is being directed by a certain arm-less Warmaster...
  3. Sounds like you guys are saying more points are needed to really be able to play with the features? or points are too high? Def when those official forums open the devs may find that information very helpful.
  4. I'm not trying to be flippant, but these are primarily cosmetic items or have off-setting performance characteristics meant to make them equivalent to regular unlockable items. I had the same concern as you initially, but then I caught myself going "Am I really going to roll multiple characters just to get a minor boost to a faction stat?" Given they have said the game is going to be predominantly more skill-based rather than stat-based, it should balance out in the long run. If a world eater has a +1 to knockback say... that's all well and good, but if he's gunned down before he gets to melee it won't matter. The only time where it would be a potential difference is if you have 2 equally skilled opponents dueling only with one another and say an ultramarine loses to the world eater due to the +1 whatever. There won't be too many honor duels if this plays out the way the devs plan... we're as likely to be shot in the back during a fortress being assaulted, if not moreso, than honor dueling.
  5. Zephon Zephon Subordinate

    I can't really argue about the prices right now as my motto has always been that in order to get some exclusive stuff - you have to pay big...
    But such nonsense is just romatism! What bothers me is that there is no information whether the item I purchase has a single use, meaning only one of my characters would be able to equip it, or would it be avaliable to all my future characters? I know there would be class restriction, but imagine I would for some reason create 2 Tactical CSMs - I would like to to know whether both of them would be able to equip that single Umbra Ferrox Bolter or not.
  6. I don't think that's the issue being discussed here. The point is that we pay (lots of) money for cosmetics and hero unlocks (etc), yet they're confined exclusively to one character. I am planning on joining the Black Legion, yet if I decide to play Iron Warriors I will not have any of the expensive items I purchased. It's an oversight that really should be fixed, especially with the trivial things like cosmetic bolters etc.

    Sadly, it looks like they'd rather try to get people to spend more getting multiples than letting us fully deck out a faction.

    Items obtained from the Founders Pack should be locked to an account & faction, not to a singular hero. Once the game starts, I'd be fine with each item earned or bought being confined to one hero.
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  7. I see the point of both sides... we as consumers want our goods without limitation to their use; Behavior wants to make a profit. I think this is one that probably (hopefully?) Behavior would be willing to share more information on as time passes and/or be willing to negotiate - the reality is, we don't know what system they'll be implementing. Would stand to reason they need some form of placeholder so they can go ahead and allow us to allocate the points we paid for. Perhaps this will be a good topic to bring to their attention on the founder's forum. Or perhaps a compromise if it is character specific... pre-purchasers get it account wide, folks who buy it retail after release, character specific. I don't have a problem with that, as its still not play to win... I just get my shinies at a discount because I ponied up and put my faith in an unfinished product.
  8. Frank FrankM Curator

    its all a gimmick that by the time you're on a second character, you lost interest in your founder stuff anyway
  9. XRuinX XRuinX Preacher

    like Marshal_Loss said, thats not the issue. I wont be playing other characters for tactical changes, I'll be playing them because I want to experience war from their perspective as well. I want to wage war as a Word Bearer, purging the unclean and later play as a Night Lord, striking fear into the enemy as we appear far behind the enemies lines.
    I also understand that this is all cosmetic and should be expensive.... but there's $8 DLC and you get a hero character to go anywhere in your game (like other games do) and then theres $25 and you can only assign the hero to one character account.

    Planetside 2 for example charges about $2 for armor upgrades and usually $10 for helmets. Almost all the players who havent devoted hundreds of hours dont have helmets. Correlation doesnt equal causation but I'm guessing that many players feel that $10 is too much for a helmet, no matter how awesome it looks. Also, anything you purchase is transferable to any characters you create in the game. Now compare this to $25 armor unlock, helmets I'll assume will be almost just as high and even though theres 4 different sub factions, you cant even create a duplicate of your first faction and assign it.

    If I want to create a Word Bearer named Eliphas and then create a Black Legionaire named Eliphas the Inhereitor then I have to repurchase everything I purchased for Bob! That's insane! (in case anyone missed it, Eliphas was in DOW1 as a word bearer and came back in DOW2 as a black legionaire )
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  10. Hosk Hosk Curator

    They did say that there was going to be some kind of trading system in game, so I don't see why they wouldn't let you hand your founder's stuff over to another character if you decide not to play the first one any more. Your characters can change over to any class you want at the drop of a hat, so i don't see why you would want two characters of the same faction. That's just me though, maybe some people would like to play night lords and iron warriors on alternating days or something.

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