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Why The Hate Towards The Ultramarines?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by XXLiberatorXX, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. I posted a similar thread in the Chaos section, asking why there was so much animosity towards the Black Legion, an animosity I see towards the Ultramarines.

    Their nicknames are endless, I won't even attempt to put them into list, but I don't see what the hate is for.

    They're Romans/American's (arguable) in space, they even have electoral republics on the worlds they protect, how is that so bad? Well they did the last time I checked.

    They intrigue me more than the Imperial Fists or White Scars. Heck, they're more than likely than most chapters to refuse the tyranny of the Inquisition and the High Lords of Terra, save the Salamanders or the Celestial Lions. I do admit, they're not as magnificent as the Blood Angels, or as secretive/feudal as the Dark Angels, or barbaric as the Space Wolves, but they have character, resolve, a great story line, and a chapter master who is almost unstoppable, and doubly so if he and Dante charged into the fray together. Ah, that would be beautiful to see.

    So my erstwhile brothers, explain yourselves to this bitter heretic! Why the hatred to the supposed heirs of your precious Imperium?

    -Anguished Prophet
  2. XavierLight XavierLight Well-Known Member

    A lot of people hate the Ultramarines because they're "vanilla" and poster boys for the Astartes.

    Matt Ward didn't help matters.
  3. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus

    This does not really need a thread towards why.

    They are in one of the explanations in dictionaries when you look up the term "Poster boy", you will see a line saying "Ultramarines".

    In essence games workshop gave them loads of funk, turn your head around it is either Blood Ravens or Ultramarines.

    Ultramarines the movie, ultramarines squad command, ultramarines chaos gate, ultramarines winter assault, ultramarines in space marine, ultramarines come as back up for some other chapter, ultramarines best purity of all chapters, ultramarines made the most successor chapters.

    The Ultramarines players that actually existed before Matt Ward were rarely given much more than mild indifference from /tg/ in the past. There is thus no one who hates their fluff in the new edition more than those who were long-term fans and players of the Ultramarines. Matt Ward's fluff wasso bad, in fact, that it caused players to abandon the Ultras in favor of other Marine chapters, such as the Imperial Fists, Salamanders, and Raven Guard (the latter of which Matt Ward seems to have a personal vendetta against). Other players were so alienated that they either turned toChaos or stopped playing Marines entirely.

    Ultramarines with Matt Ward funk.

    Once they were this.

    There was a time where the Ultramarines were frankly more human, showing both the strengths and weaknesses of humanity all the stronger. They lost members to Chaos, and groups of their forces undertook penitence crusades. There was battles they lost, such as against the Necrons. They held Macragge against Hive Fleet Behemoth, but with a staggering toll in lives from which it took them centuries to build back up to full combat readiness. They defeated the Alpha Legion, but fell prey to the trap set by said legion and paid the price for Guilliman's hubris, something that Guilliman himself felt immense guilt for. They were fallible before Matt Ward got involved, and they were more characterful for it, as it made their victories that much more inspiring.

    Now they are this.

  4. Isaac Clarke Well-Known Member

    I don't hate the smurfs. :cool:
  5. Khanistrello Forum Beta Tester

    I personally do not hate them I just do not find them as interesting as some of the other chapters

    also this

  6. i like the ultra smurfs because the color scheme is pretty sweet but yeah they do sometimes get boring because they lack a certain uniqueness that other chapters has personally i like the space wolves ( kinda obvious i know ) dark angels and black templars and saying they are american is meh space marines should always have an accent from somewhere in the uk just seems right imo to me the only chapter that should have an american accent is my own that i made
  7. My opinion is very mixed for the Ultra/smurfs/blueberrys/waffles/marines

    1.They are incredibly iconic for the imperium and set the standard for what every space marine should aspire to
    2.Their chapter master was the one who held the imperium together after the Horus Heresy
    3.They managed to successfully defend their world from a tyranid hive fleet, though at a great cost
    4. By the time the emperor found Gulliman, the chapter master had himself an almost sizable stellar empire.
    5. They quickly learn from their mistakes and adapt to them, increasing their already efficient strategic power.
    1.They are incredibly stuck up and follow the Codekz Asstarteez with ridiculous zeal
    2. Matt Ward...just....Matt Ward....
    3.This crap...[​IMG]

    All I got atm. Long story short
    They are reliable sphess murheenz
    but they also act like stuck up know-it-alls.

    Only Ultramarines I actually like are Gulliman and


  8. I've read the Ultramarines series by Grahm Mcneil, which is where I look to for Ultramarines references. I thought he did a good job fleshing them out, giving them the characteristics they have, along with the Horus Heresy Novel Know No Fear.

    I found the Space Marine game to be a flop storyline wise, it was far too generic, not even close to the Warhammer I've come to love. I've also purchased the new Space Marine codex, and it really undo's most of the damage Matt Ward did to the Space Marines, though I don't see a reasoning for all.

    As for Calgar, I know some of his feats are a little "incredible", but humanity has hundreds of stories of mere mortals pulling off stunts of a similar nature, so why not have a space marine chapter master stand so tall?
  9. Bjorn Hardrada Bjorn_Hardrada Well-Known Member

    because Matt fucking Ward

    nuff said
  10. Gideon S3dition Preacher

    They get the codex instituted and forced onto the other chapters as a rigid combat doctrine and ostracize them for not adhering to it. Then they save their chapter by completely disregarding the codex that they so strongly forced on everyone else.

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