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Why The Hate Towards Black Legion?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by XXLiberatorXX, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. Armaros the Subjugator Armaros Forum Beta Tester

    Considering they were used on numerous slaves on Nuceria, suggested the technology must have been simple if they had wasted it on such low lives who were bred to die. Plus the technology was duplicated and adapted for the World Eaters, suggesting they could be manufactured as easily as bolters. It's rather the placing of the Nails that is more complicated then the technology of the Nails themselves.
  2. Viktor Aramorae TheWarpsmith Well-Known Member

    It was said that the WE's recreations were not equal in effectiveness as the originals even though they managed to keep the victims alive. The originals were complicated and they used them on slaves because that was the planets entire idea of entertainment (arenas that it)
  3. Armaros the Subjugator Armaros Forum Beta Tester

    At least we agree on something, but still I do wish to know where you got this from:
    Of course the World Eaters' were less effective in order for them not to be killed by the device, so then how would the Black Legion's be even more less effective? Surely the butcher's nails implanted in the World Eaters would be on par with the Black legion's?
  4. Viktor Aramorae TheWarpsmith Well-Known Member

    The 40k rule of time>tech. The nuances of creating such things diminishes over time without a perfect blueprint because even a 10,000 year old scientist starts to lose their edge. Mainly it is just a blanket statement that describes the WE's method as better than all following attempts at replication
  5. Armaros the Subjugator Armaros Forum Beta Tester

    I've kind of already explained that it wasn't the World Eaters that implanted themselves with the Butcher's Nails. Dark Mechanicum retreated into the Eye of Terror, where time works differently. The Archmagos that had implanted the Nails on all those World Eaters might not be 10,000 standard years old, just like how many other Chaos Marines feel like it's only been a year or two since the Horus Heresy, even though it has been thousands of years (It mentions this in the opening chapter of "Dark Apostle"). Even so, it is highly possible for members of the original World Eaters to have joined Black Legion, as in the book " Black Legion - A Codex: Chaos Space Marines" it does mention Abaddon executing and purging the ranks of the Black Legion. Killing a Rynax the Unspoken, an ex-Word Bearer, Purgor the Putrescent, an ex-Death Guard and Hexagalimere, an ex-Emperor's children, there's possible others who have joined the Black Legion and ditched their original legion but there's little information about it.
  6. Viktor Aramorae TheWarpsmith Well-Known Member

    Well of course, there are a few OGs from the Legions in the BL (except the Alpha Legion, im pretty sure Abby doesnt have any ALs under his thumb) but the things about WEs is that they arent exactly know for their knowledge so even with their assistance and well as an observation of the Nails it doesnt mean it would be perfect. Also the Dark Mechanicus are never really mentioned much after the Heresy in terms of making the BL better. They are just kind of a rumour that plays tiny roles in many stories (like the WB Omnibus)
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  7. Quite the contrary. You're the one that keeps saying that we can't "judge" them cause there's limited information. I'm saying that there IS information about them, just not any recent one. We have information about them from before the Hersey, we have information about them from during the Heresy and they didn't have any sort of specialization. So unless we get some new information that this has changed, they remain what they used to be.

    All Legions that have some sort of specialty are known for it. ERven the White Scars are known to be fast attack experts and we have close to 0 info about them. From the first book of the Horus Heresy novels, you could get a good idea about what some Legions are experts at. But nothing at all is mentioned about the Luna Wolves specialty even though the first 3 books are focusing entirely on them. Isn't that weird? I'd say it's pretty safe to assume things with the info we already have, until we get new info about them although i doubt anything has changed.
  8. Sigvald Darthy Curator

    Pretty much the entire Black Legion codex and any book they have shown up in, more so as it became rapidly apparent that Chaos United isn't quite the same as Chaos Undivided, in fact I tend to consider the Word Bearers the most 'generic' Chaos Space Marine legion, even in the literal sense of the word.

    Come to think of it, the Chaos Sorcerer in the Word Bearers Omnibus is a pretty good example of what the Black Legion are like, a recruiter trying to tempt their Magos with promises of power and weapons to increase their ever larger and diverse host. They knew it too, but infuriatingly because of their power the Word Bearers dared not expel him.
  9. shinros shinros Subordinate

    Considering how they became the black legion its the fact that they never want to return to those days that is also what drives them since they were pretty much on the bottom rung after the Heresy. When the emperor's children were raiding everyone because they barely used up any of their strength.

    Now onto the whole specialty thing.

    Well its stated that their specialty is "flexibility" Abbadon has a council each of them a follower for one of the chaos gods and a human advisor who is also a seer (who was also the reason why he has a black fortress according to Honsou). He has these people around for a reason, if you want to attempt a large undertaking like destroying the imperium you need people of various expertise advise and combat specialties that each of them provide. Its commonly stated even during their luna wolves days they had a "one track mind" when it comes to objectives and always pushing to be the best and outdoing everyone else which still carries to this day.

    We all know what their main objective is and its that objective that drives them there is a reason why there is a common saying that the black legion are "United in hate". They hate the imperium and the emperor above all else and if you feel the same you are free to sign up. Hence why they have so many ex legion members.

    The other legions don't share this "flexibility" because majority of them are concerned with goals that limit them in a certain factor. The word bearers normally concern themselves with shrine worlds and converting and parading around their status. Plus the whole your not allowed to worship a single god thing. The night lords? Too fragmented and can't decide what to do with themselves. Iron warriors could of been on the same level but they need a strong character to unite the legions and drive them ahead. Problem is the daemon primachs are lazing up in the warp and requires a large amount of power to be summoned.

    I won't explain the emperor children or the world eaters they are pretty obvious its stated why they are pretty much fragmented. Heck its also said that many of the emperor's children joined the children of torment.

    You can say they lack background which they do honestly which is why I am excited for the book. To say they lack specialty when its pretty much known and confirmed they got where they are because of their flexibility and the strength of the leader which is a requirement if you want to get anything done with chaos. There is a reason why people call them chaos united instead of undivided.
  10. We don't disagree anywhere, except maybe the fact that their flexibility also comes from them being an all-around Legion having no primary focus on one certain style or strategy and you guys see that as a specialty where i see it as a lack of specialty. That too is a trait of course but i just find that it deprives them of the character that something more special would give them. It's a matter of perspective i guess. Kinda like saying
    "Black is a color"
    "No, black is the lack of color".

    Which book were you refering too btw?

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