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Why Power Fist Has Penetration Mod?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PerfectionistMind, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. Tyranid Warriors have more than 360 Toughness? Or Rhinos or Predators?
  2. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Fortress Doors are the only things affected by Fists ap mod as far as I know.
    It's basically a pointless mod like 50% of all the wargear in this game.
  3. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Because it makes content even tho its useless
  4. ap mod? Wow Fortress Doors have more penetration than 360?
    Which 50% of all the wargears are useless?
  5. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    which mods are useless?
    Well the one's people never use because there are better options or have ludicrously high LP costs that no one can fit them into a proper build of course.
    Take melee weapons for instance.
    You take an impact mod. all other mods for that slot are automatically useless because impact mod exists.
    Life steal mod is useless per default because it costs 100 LP for just 10%
    Repair mod is useless because it doesn't counter impact mod, only impact mod counters impact mod and MC weapons exist allowing you to have both rep and extra durability AND an impact mod.
    Damage mods for the left slot are mostly a waste of 50 LP because power weapons exists for CSM and LSM.
    And while on Eldar scorpions and Orks you have no access to these power weapons you still rather spend that 50 LP into something more useful like a poison sword or a burning blade.
    P fist has a pen mod that only affects doors on certain maps making it super situational and most likely a relic from a time that this game was supposed to be more planetside 2 like.
    Pistols have barrel mods to reduce horizontal and vertical recoil...
    LSM have 700 LP+ wargear.
    Eldar have tons of shit you can unlock but never use.
    etc etc.
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  6. Why the mods are being useless just because people never use them and just because there are better options? Just because people never use them doesn't mean no one would use them.
    Well only for PvP. Impact mod is useless in PvE. So for Tyranids you never use Impact mod.
    If you use it with Mark of Khorne it's being 40% and with Power Fist, it's good. For PvE at least.
    Well it would. While other guy lost durability on his weapon yours will get repaired faster, so when it completely repaired his weapon won't be and you would break his weapon. But I don't know if repairing is fast enough. Well it only works if your enemy has Standard weapon. Otherwise he gets same value on repair value too. And so what? You can have even faster repair value with repair mod.
    Power weapons cost higher LP though. And you can put damage mod on power weapons too or higher penetration.
    Wtf bro are you noob? On Orks you have access to these weapons. You have 120 penetration on Orks too.
    What does it has to do with it being a relic with this game was supposed to be more like planetside 2 like? And what do you mean by relic? Yes I think so too. Fuck doors.
    I remember you said you use Heavy Barrel on Pistol. Am I right? :p
    Holy shit, was it 700 LP? Yeah, they cost too fucking much. But we were talking about mods, not wargear.
    Like what?
  7. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    You need to learn what efficiency is.

    Anyways Orks can have 120 pen but not on swords which are very desirable.
    Because swords are still the Fastest melee weapon for a melee class.
    Hence why most Orks still prefer to use a sword type weapons regardless of them being power weapon or not.
    Which brings us back to why things are useless.
  8. Why?

    Well, they still have access to these weapons though. Fastest melee weapon for a melee class or not. Btw Knife is faster than Chainsword right? And Narthecium and Knife has same attack speed?
    Why? Why would they want to use fastest melee weapon? They are not easy to kill like Mark of Tzeentch. Using Chainsword was a reason you told me to use to don't stay anywhere long.
  9. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Yes Knife is faster than sword.
    Not sure about the narc.. can't remember if its knife or sword speed.
    People prefer sword on Oks still because being hard to kill and having a faster swinging weapon is still better than being hard to kill and having a slower swinging weapon.
    Plus they have a firedot sword.
    Other weapon types are nice and all for surprise kills and in group combat when there is a lot of distractions and role play but when is balls to walls time a sword is usually the better choice.

    And did i mention they have a firedot sword?
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  10. Hmm, nice.
    It's not as slow as Chainsword. It's faster.
    Why being hard to kill and having a faster swinging weapon is still better than being hard to kill and having a slower swinging weapon? Nope. Being hard to kill and having a weapon with higher impact value is better than being hard to kill and having a faster swinging weapon. If it broke you died.
    It's unique and doesn't justify that they prefer to use sword.
    What do you mean by "when is balls to walls time?" And why is it usually the better choice when is balls to walls time?

    Yes, YOU did!

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