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Why is this even something I have to bring up?

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Wrathchicken, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. Shiani Brujah Preacher


    ...were my MSPaint skills not up to scratch, Forj? :sadface:
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  2. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    I'm hoping that the more ways it is explained, the more likely it will be understood.
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  3. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    No, what IS stupid is if the bullets came out of your head like some call of duty or cs go. It's better this way, enhances the experience and if you aim your barrel into a solid wall and not notice the reticle going there because YOUR BARREL IS IN THE WALL then you should just get used to it.

    Again, this aint cod or cs go, bullets go out of your gun, not your camera!

    It's working perfectly as intended and exists in many third person shooters.

    Ugh people these days... use your brains
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  4. Its been explained several times now that this is not auto aim that is causing this. The only auto aim that exists in the game is the smart pistols.

    What is happening is that when your shooting down a corridor your crosshair is showing where your shot will land because its blocked by something (its still aiming to the center of your screen, but the shots coming from your weapons barrel and not the center of your screen)

    This is a regular issue in 3rd person shooters, as your camera placement, character you control and the weapon you are firing are all in different positions and thus different angels. You could see a clear path to your enemy from the camera but not have a clear shot due to the position of your character and their gun.

    Before they added the crosshair moving to terrain blocking your shot, you didnt know if firing your weapon would hit a wall or not. This is was really risky when firing rocket launchers or plasma cannons. Now the crosshair clearly communicates "HEY! YOUR GONNA SHOOT HERE!"
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  5. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    You can "turn off" the Aimbot by using the "Always Aim (Hold)" keybinding instead of "Aim/Lock (Hold)" keybinding.

    But to be honest, I am still annoyed that I can't "aim" with the Dumb Pistols and Aimbot with the Smart Pistols :(
  6. Wrathchicken Recruit

    Yes, I understand what it is supposed to do. However, what I am experiencing is instead that the game is detecting an obstacle where there is none, and is forcibly moving my crosshair to instead HIT the environment. I explained this earlier in the thread.
  7. Wrathchicken Recruit

    Thank you for this, however I can't find a comfortable way to play like this since I'm so used to melee being rmb :(
  8. Baelugor Bugz First Blood!

    I've seen this many times as well.. I stand with my left shoulder just inside of cover/wall so that only my gun is past the obstruction. As the game makes everyone pull the gun up to your right shoulder, I protect my body while being able to shoot out. Unfortunately the game decides to latch the cross hairs to the wall, when clearly on my screen the centre dot is well past it.

    I don't have any video footage, but I'm sure we have all seen this before.

    @BrentEllison Hey Brent, could this please be looked at and adjusted?

  9. HAXTC HAXTC First Blood!

    I'd really like this to be an option one can choose to disable. I don't want a 'feature' telling me where the fuck my shots are gonna hit. Because of this feature I can not get a decent enough feel for what might hit and what wouldn't. I understand the reasons why this was implented, I just don't agree with it, nothing more annoying than a games which is already/still running bad let alone it's gonna tell me where the fuck my shots wil land by moving the freakin' crosshair. CROSSHAIR. Leave that thing at the center of my screen and I'm good, I'll manage.
  10. You can aim with a normal pistol. If by aim you mean zoom it requires two button presses.

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