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Why even use bolters?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Darkwulf, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. Scales Neuroactive Arkhona Vanguard

    Because bolters are not great and not terrible in any situation and has a decent amount of full auto.
    I prefer stalker bolter myself just cause it has zoom, get a couple of headshots on heavy weapons dudes and force them back into cover.
    also stalker bolter (single shot) doesn't have many downsides up close either since you can fire almost as fast as a bolter if you tap fire enough.
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  2. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    No, because:

    Jump pack fuel / stamina cells for Melee evasion counters the fact that Melee attacks dont have the complete freedom of movement that Ranged cross hair gets. Able to change the trajectory of their attacks in an instant due to immediate delivery of ranged attacks allowing to track your target easily compared to the fixed rigid slow moving trajectories of Melee attacks.

    Give Melee the same ability to adjust the trajectory of their attacks as fast as Ranged can and sure, Melee wont need as much maneuverability. Ranged get their maneuverability anywhere they can aim their cross hair, Melee get their maneuverability by being able to evade Ranged attacks, other then that Melee are fixed to 90 degree angles in a straight line directly in front of their target.
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  3. ACrispyTaco Recruit

    Ya but wont the melee be getting the same buffs when their weapon mods come out? The TTK on melee is insanely short atm. Probably 1-3 hits depending on the weapon and we all know those hits can be dealed out in just about 2 seconds flat. Bolter takes the whole mag for 1 kill with no misses, then you have to reload... I can't see how melee is considered "working as intended" for some people, they all probably play melee is why.
  4. I really gotta disagree here. Melee feels INSANELY slow to me. Unless it's a situation where you straight up ambush the guy or are striking a devastator class of course. 1 on 1 duels take -forever-. Constantly Dbashing and rolling around like wild animals. Personally think it needs a substantial polishing to make it much faster/more deadly.
  5. Deejay Deejay Arkhona Vanguard

    I'm the best melee havoc. PC double suicides for days.
  6. XavierLight XavierLight Well-Known Member

    I get the feeling that ranged weapons will have more stats to mod than melee, with melee probably getting more added effects like poison etc, but yeah, melee will get mods too.

    1-3 hits doesn't seem that bad IMO, because the TTK in SM was about the same. Most of my problem when it comes to melee is my frame rate hindering me and that D-bash feels slow and very telegraphed compared what it's supposed to counter.

    Bolters only take about 11 rounds, IIRC, to down a target, with MoN only increases that to about 15. If you're emptying a full clip into a target before it dies, without missing any shots, then it sounds like a hit detection or lag issue.
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  7. BaronXIII Arkhona Vanguard

    The main problem with the Bolter is that it's accuracy is still lacking a bit. It isn't horribly bad or anything, but the simple fact that it is as accurate as a Plasma Gun is kinda...questionable. We kinda have to wait until the balance passes start coming to really start making statements on the Bolter. Until that time, it isn't so bad that we really need to riot at this time.

    Seriously though, the accuracy on the Bolter isn't where it needs to be. It either needs to be able to put a longer burst downrange at mid range, accurately of course. Or it needs it's shell damage increased so a 3 round burst is more meaningful. I'm more of a fan for the prior as adding any more damage to the shell would start treading on the Plasma Gun's damage model.

    Before the opposing view train gets rolling let me just say this. I main a Bolter Tac, I have done so for quite a long time now (almost full time to top level). I get plenty of kills with it in the matches that my computer doesn't freak out on me. That being said, it isn't filling it's roll. The reason so many people are trying to drag their Bolter into short range combat isn't because they have no idea how to play, it's because it's accuracy still isn't good enough to stay at medium range. The only way I, or other very skilled players are pulling 30+ kills out of the weapon are by abusing map mechanics and acting like kill junkies. No one using the bolter currently is getting those kill numbers while actually playing the point objective, that is unless they are playing against complete vegetables. In an actual competitive environment against equally skilled opponents, taking a Bolter is like nerfing yourself.
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  8. ACrispyTaco Recruit

    It sounds like the 1 melee vs 1 melee is balanced because its a duel of sorts. If its melee vs ranged it's a very 1 sided and fast battle.
  9. Bolter needs love it got nerfed to being quite meh in most situation to the point where i cannot justify running a bolter over plasma in ANY situation this is not a good sign as it shows the bolter either is not performing its role or it doesnt have one currently beyond dirt cheap entry ranged weapon everyone can use which would be fine if it was a more common weapon.

    I found the balance between bolter and plasma was much better last patch where you ran plasma if you wanted to kill one or 2 people quickly or for fighting Mon and sheild bros but then would over heat where as the bolter could keep on firing killing more or even just being a treat for longer due to also being far more accurate at range than the plasma was due to hit detection issues with it.

    Its also worth saying that the bolter could probably use a buff to damage to give it the sustained DPS it used to have with its new 30 round mag as right now its a 11 shot kill to center mass, i would suggest buffing it to the range of 8 to 9 shots so it can have the 3 kill reload with accurate shooting while the plasma would be at 2 kills per over heat and melta one kill per over heat once they give the melta its teeth back as its in a really bad spot now.

    Id also suggest making the plasma less accurate at range than a bolter.

    Also while on the topic of tac weapons the storm bolter needs love its in a ruff spot of being kinda meh in the one area its good at CQC.
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  10. BaronXIII Arkhona Vanguard

    Pretty much this. The only difference I would say is that unless of making the Plasma Gun less accurate, I'd like to see the Bolter more accurate. To be exact, I'd like the bloom on the Bolter (Especially in ADS) much lower so a 6 round burst is accurate instead of a 3 round burst. Something along that line anyways.
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